What Your Car Says About You

Here’s what the make of your car says about you…and which vehicle means you’re the rudest on road

A PSYCHOLOGIST who studied a poll of UK drivers has revealed what your choice of car says about your character – and which drivers tend to be rudest on the road.

The expert has revealed BMW owners as the most aggressive, whilst people behind the wheel of a Toyota Priusproved to be the most timid.

BMW fans are most likely to hog the middle lane, brake sharply, beep their horn and give other motorists the middle finger.

The behavioural psychologist highlighted what she called BMW owners’ “sense of entitlement” – as well as their desire to “show off”. Yet in stark contrast Toyota Prius owners are “calm, considered and measured.

Given that the BMW has been ranked as the UK’s safest and most reliable car, it might seem odd that they’re owned by Britain’s rudest drivers.

On a general level, the study revealed a link between wealth, careless driving and drivers of expensive vehicles – MERCEDES drivers consider themselves to be “kings of the road”.

HATCHBACKS are among the most common models – and those choosing them are “likely to rank practicality above looks and speed”. They don’t care about others’ opinions and are generally happy with their life. They’re likely to be easy-going and friendly.

Those opting for an SUV tend to have either large families or “simply a self-assured and dominant personality.

The psychologist added: “You’ll like the height of an SUV – it gives better road visibility but also confers a sense of power, authority and a dash of arrogance”.

Meanwhile, SPORTS CAR owners are “adrenaline junkies” who “enjoy being spontaneous and tend to be extrovert, outgoing individuals”. 

They like to be noticed – they also like to take risks, sometimes on the road, and are often considered to be show-offs or reckless by others. “On the plus side, you are likely to be a natural leader and successful in your chosen career.”

ESTATES are not the most exciting. You are highly practical, not overly extrovert and simply see a car as a means of getting from A to B with the least fuss.

As for CONVERTIBLES – these are definitely for the optimistic, given the inconsistency of the British weather.Convertible drivers prioritise fun over practicality and see driving as an experience rather than a means of getting from one place to another.

Some of these findings might be a tad obvious. But they’re food for thought nonetheless next time you hit the showroom.