Welcome To Amanda Zips It Up

I’ve had my first Polycleocide Salmon DNA Treatment with Kat Jackowska

Welcome to this week’s instalment of Amanda Zips It Up brought to you from our Balearic bolthole – where I decamp every summer.

However, I’ll be in the Mi-Soul studio in London this week for my fashion radio show as usual – flying in and out of London for the day. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? Carting around one’s whole working life on and off planes and trains during one busy 10-hour period.

Where do you put everything if you’re travelling “hand luggage only”? Especially if, like me, you need make-up, music, change of footwear, reading material, laptops, hair accessories and plenty of moisturisers etc? And you’re trying to avoid the cost and inconvenience of checking a bag in.

I have it covered in this instalment. Read on…

Also, following my recent feature on my POLYNUCLEOCIDE facial treatment – the Salmon Sperm DNA undereye procedure – I have had the first session with KAT JACKOWSKA at FOREVER SKIN in Croxley Green. All went well and the whole experience has been professionally filmed for our socials. I am due in for another couple of sessions over the coming weeks and will keep you posted. 

If you’re interested in any cosmetic facial asthetic treatments – do please contact KAT on: hello@foreverskin.co.uk 07946 491440

And, finally this week, you may remember that a while back I featured BLACK SHEEP CLOTHING– the streetwear brand created by the legendary Drum & Bass DJ JUMPING JACK FROST and his team.

Well, just in time for the upcoming heatwave (rumoured to hit the UK next week), BLACKSHEEP have launched this super stylish Shirt & Shorts set, emblazoned with a monochrome graffiti design and the two piece matches perfectly to suit all ages, shapes and sizes – which still seems to be the trend for men’s summer fashion over the past couple of summers.

Here he is modelling the look.

Jumping Jack Frost Rocking His Brand Blacksheep Clothing

Check out the rest of the collection at: blacksheepclothing.co.uk

Also in this instalment of Zips It Up, we discuss the Zero Alcohol Prosseco created by model Cara Delevigne and her sister Poppy, if you’re planning a “sober summer” of festivities.