Welcome to Amanda Zips It Up and the end of footy season (ish)

Welcome to Amanda Zips It Up and the end of the premiership season (before the Euros kick-off in a month’s time).

Unless you live under a rock, or have ZERO interest in football whatsoever, you’ll know that last Sunday was the huge Premier League title race finalé.

Those of you who know about my immediate family members will be aware I live in a 100% Arsenal household. So, this is purely from my perspective – and I totally respect that many of you support own (different) teams. Look away now, if you must!

I can’t say I am as avid a fan as the rest of the family, but I am quite interested in the fashion perspective – the kit, the shirts and sports brands in general. The new Arsenal kit for forthcoming season 2024/5 landed this week, and it has had a mixed response from fans in the UK.

Adidas have responded to claims that the new Arsenal home shirt for the 2024-25 season is shaped like a bottle.

The German sportswear brand unveiled Arsenal’s new kit last Thursday, and many fans are saying the same thing about the design.

The red of the shirt against the white makes it look like the outline of a bottle -which rival supporters are laughing about on social media – obviously. (FYI: The term ‘bottling’ is used in football to describe when a team throws away a good chance of winning something).

Since someone showed me that bottle shape, I can’t unsee it. Anyway – I’m sure they’ll be hanging in multiple North London wardrobes imminently.

Crest is replaced with the cannon

Onto this week’s instalment, in which I tell you what to wear and what NOT to wear this summer, and (to be fair) some of you may end up thinking I’ve got it wrong.

Plus, how to double your hair growth in just 5 weeks.