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Greetings Zipsters.

As we enter the officially-acknowledged ‘most miserable week of the year’, rather than wallow, let’s cheer ourselves up with some light-hearted fashion, starting with a bit of ‘stupid denim 2019’.

I thought we’d left weird and ridiculous jeans behind in 2018. But no. Designers intent on creating denim nightmares are continuing to create all manner of jean-related evil in 2019.

Unfortunately, bootcut and low-rise jeans are making a return, but that isn’t the half of it. Brace yourself for something that may be even more unsettling: asymmetrical jeans.  They are jeans that are straight cut on one leg, and a wide leg on the other. Asymmetrical jeans available for pre-order for around £300. A truly wonky price.

Welcome to designer brand Ksenia Schnaider, run by husband and wife team Ksenia and Anton. They’re responsible for this unusual take on standard trousers. If you aren’t able to pay designer prices in order to experiment with what may be a blink-of-the-eye passing trend, do not fear. Simply buy one pair of wide leg jeans, one pair of standard skinnies, cut them in half, and tack a leg of each together. Congratulations, you have created Frankenstein’s fashion monster, and just saved the best part of £300.

Onto this weekly instalment, and we check out Nike’s Self Lacing Trainers, Spring 2019 Trends and the world’s 10th No Trousers Tube Day, from NYC to Berlin to Amsterdam to London, everyone stripped off to celebrate this insane day.


Trending This Spring ’19

If you’ve had enough of your winter scarf, gloves and jumpers. If you can take no more of accessorising every outfit with a pair of thermal tights or dressing down in snug trackies (like me, which my other half HATES), then welcome to these upcoming trends for Spring 2019. Start planning now.

The way the fashion industry functions, designers show their collections months before they hit the shops. So, we already know what we’ll be wearing in spring 2019.

At the recent London, Paris and New York Fashion Weeks, the biggest looks were baby blue, clashing prints and the pink tuxedo – which I absolutely adore. And just in time for our Balearic holidays – tie dye.

Baby blue

Last spring’s pastel of choice was lavender, but this time around its a flattering baby blue shade.

Alice + Olivia came out on top with their New York Fashion Week show, mixing baby blue and white with prints.

Elsewhere, Givenchy teamed the trend with another spring 2019 fashion staple – ruched fabrics.

And whilst the colour was mostly spotted on dresses on the runway, fashion houses weren’t afraid to experiment with floaty blouses and skirts.

As seen at: Alice + Olivia, Marc Jacobs, Ph5, Givenchy, Alexa Chung, Roland Mouret, Rejina Pyo.

Clashing prints

I can forgive you for hating this trend, as clashing prints like spots and stripes aren’t for everyone.

Dolce & Gabbana and Versace’s looks would probably raise a few eyebrows down the high street, due to their bold colours and out-there accessories but I love them.

Diane von Furstenberg and Self-Portrait show how to work the trend in everyday life, with more subtle colour combinations.

As seen at: Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Preen by Thornton Bregazzi, Paco Rabanne, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera, Self-Portrait and Diane von Furstenberg.

Pink tuxedos

It looks like the evening dress has a new rival for spring 2019 – the pink tuxedo. This is a personal Fave as I am very partial to a Tux.

I like pastel pinks and shocking pink but combined with this super tailored look, pink was extremely popular on the catwalks.

It’s also one of the season’s most wearable outfits, with Gabriela Hearst and Boss’s flattering suits standing out with their delicate blush tones.

As seen at: Escada, Sies Marjan, Gabriela Hearst, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Balenciaga, Roksanda, Peter Pilotto and Boss.

Tie dye

Forget the hippy market ‘Tie dye’, 2019 Tie Dye is popping up on the feeds of our favourite Instagram influencers and in loads of high street stores.

And in 2019 you will once again be able to hark back to your childhood days of bleaching T-shirts in your back garden.

MSGM provided one of the best tie dye looks, pairing a dreamy pink sweater with a matching ruched skirt.

Calvin Klein mixed and matched their hippy prints, whilst Christian Dior went for the kaleidoscopic approach.

As seen at: Calvin Klein, No. 21, Prada, MSGM, Prabal Gurung, R13, Christian Dior and Stella McCartney.

10 Years Of No Trousers On The Tube

The World united for the 10th annual No Trousers Tube Ride this week, as commuters got half naked on the tube networks all around the globe. If you weren’t aware of 2019’s instalment – make sure you strip off next year.

The London Underground was part of the action. Crowds met outside the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square before heading underground, boarding trains on different Tube lines across the capital. More than 100 people piled on to the Piccadilly Line, where they struggled to remove their trousers due to the large crowds.

Regular Sunday passengers were left wondering WTF, as men and women sat in their bold underwear, talking, reading and taking pictures of each other. After changing to the Jubilee Line at Green Park, the group got off at Canary Wharf to do some aerobics on the platform (like you do) before jumping on another train. Other groups set off for London landmarks, including  an almost obligatory visit to Parliament.

One participant said “I quite like the sentiment behind it, instead of a stiff upper lip, it’s having a bit of a laugh. I did especially pick out my pants, you have got to pick out a nice opaque pair. You don’t want to provide too much of a spectacle.”

The event is part of the worldwide No Pants Subway Ride, which began in New York in 2002 and has since spread to over 60 cities around the globe, including Tokyo, Jerusalem, Berlin, Amsterdam and Moscow. The London event was organised by the Stiff Upper Lip Society, who instructed participants to ‘avoid thongs/budgie-smugglers/anything see-through though, as we aim to amuse, not offend, fellow Underground users’.

Is it in aid of charity, I hear you ask? Nope.

One of the organisers commented: ‘There is no point to it, we are not campaigning or raising awareness of anything. People just have fun doing it, it’s a bit of a nonsense day out. You very rarely get people who are offended..’

With the shitshow that is Brexit right now, what a breath of fresh air for Londoners.

Nike Self Lacing Trainers

I think I missed this last time, but Nike are “back” with these self -lacing trainers for 2019.

The new Nike Adapt BB shoes combine Nike’s power-lacing system with a custom fit, to create the best basketball shoes possible and a futuristic take on fashion.

Nike picked basketball as the first sport for the Nike Adapt because of the demands that basketball’s athletes put on their shoes.

During a normal basketball game the athlete’s foot changes, and the ability to adjust change fit by loosening shoes to increase blood flow, and then tighten again for performance, is a key element that will improve the athlete’s experience. So say the brand’s scientists.

Nike has put out a few versions of its self-lacing trainers in the past, but I’ve been late to the table. Apparently, there was the Marty McFly-inspired kicks that were sold in collaboration with the Michael J. Fox Foundation, a Parkinson’s charity set up by the actor, and raised $6.7 million for research into the disease. Then in 2016, the company released Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 shoes, priced at a cool £620.

The Nike Adapt BB is the next stage in this quest for the perfect self-lacing shoe. How does it work? Well, when someone places their foot into the trainer, a custom motor and gear train gauges the tension needed by the foot and adjusts itself accordingly.

Then, using the Nike Adapt smartphone app, or the buttons on the side of the trainer, the wearer can input different fit settings so the shoe adapts to different environments. You can customise the lights on the side of the shoes in the app too, going from blues to pinks, yellows to greens.

The new trainers are supposedly the most tested shoe in the history of Nike. The company says testing included 300 miles of running, 30,000 impact pulses at 780 pounds of force, 2,900 continuous lacing cycles from tight to loose, and 5,000 cycles of flexing from left to right, to ensure the tech could withstand constant usage.

Just don’t forget to charge them, which you can do with the wireless charging mat, otherwise you’ll have to go barefoot, just like your old PE days.

The new shoes will be available to buy in February.

Happy New Year From The Editor

Welcome to my first instalment of 2019. I hope you had a lovely festive break.

Besides feeling fat and STILL hungover following Hogmanay celebrations north of the border, like (I suspect) many of you, I am using January as well-needed recovery period. All socialising is strictly off the agenda.

But if you do fancy venturing out to something safe and interesting, 2019 sees the launch of a brand-new art exhibition by Newcastle artist Davey Brown.Titled ‘The History Of House’, it’s an art exhibition with a cool and unique twist. Covering the early US DJs such as Frankie Knuckles and Tony Humphries, the iconic clubs/parties; Space, The Hacienda, etc;  the legendary UK DJs and producers like Judge Jules, Graeme Park, Danny Rampling, Altern8 and Slipmatt, the whole Ibiza scene from the beginning, including DJ Alfredo and the magical Cafe Mambo, this exhibition takes you on a journey.

The exhibition will be held in the very cool Barca Art Bar in Tynemouth near Newcastle, on Sunday, 26th May, at 93 Feet East, Shoreditch, London, on April 18th and also in Ibiza, Glasgow and Manchester with dates and venues to be confirmed. Each leg of the exhibition will begin with a VIP launch from 1pm to 6pm, followed by the general viewing between 7pm and midnight. There will be DJs playing at each venue and footage of Old Skool raves and festivals etc, showing on screens throughout the event. Davey is doing an extra painting for each venue which will be auctioned during the VIP launch. with all proceeds going to a charity local to each venue.

Davey is also running a competition to win a VIP trip to the Ibiza leg of the exhibition. Full details will be released soon. For this and updates about the exhibition, get Davey on:

Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/davey.brown.188 and Instagram, DaveyBrownArt. The coolest exhibition of the year is happening. Be there. www.daveybrownart.com

Onto this new instalment – we venture into Men’s London Fashion Week and pick out some of the more bizarre looks predicted for 2019.

Plus, the first ever Vegan Fashion Week – it had to happen – and also are we all supporting not just Dry January but also Janu hairy?

Thanks to my Guest Editor Mira Manley for the stories this week. xx


Men have “Movember,” during which they allow facial hair to grow to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues.  So welcome to one for the girls – Januhairy– a reason to skip shaving and grow body hair with pride. Unless you do that already.

A drama student at the University of Exeter started the movement, having grown her own body hair for a performance and witnessing the reaction to it. “After a few weeks of getting used to it, I started to like my natural hair,” she commented on Instagram.

Januhairy encourages women to let the hair on their bodies grow in support of the charity Body Gossip, which empowers people to be the best version of themselves through arts and education.

Society seems to be behaving as if the natural hair we grow on our bodies is unattractive and distasteful. We are so used to removing our body hair that we are losing touch with our authentic selves.

So, let’s quit shaving everything for the month of January all in the aid of charity. If men can do it, then we can too.

Are you brave enough to go full 70s though?

Men’s London Fashion week 2019

Kicking off the year in fashion, Men’s LFW commenced on the first weekend of 2019, proving that while many of us had been lazing over the Christmas period, it was a different story for the designers behind some of the industry’s most exciting menswear labels.

To cut a long story short, when it comes to men’s fashion, it’s either the Peaky Blinders Soho Farmhouse look, Gareth Southgate suits or (yawn) chinos, mundane jeans and tees.

But it is 2019 and it’s London Fashion Week, so here are 4 trends you guys may not have expected to see, prompting thoughts about how my fashion heartlands of London, Ibiza and Mallorca will be looking this summer.

Open Flies At Cottweiler

Models took to the catwalk at Cottweilerwith their flies purposely undone making way for shirt bottoms and neon underwear to flash through. Luckily, the flash ended there. Not a wink in sight.

The Return Of The Muff At Per Götesson

Feeling chilly in 2019? There’s only one way to fight the freeze in style: by tucking hands into a muff, as per the message on the Per Götessoncatwalk. Less than practical for those on the go, could the reintroduction of the muff be the way once and for all to keep us from constantly checking our phones?

The Return Of ’00s It Girl “Out Out” Dresses

Seeing dresses appear on the menswear catwalks is becoming the norm – come on, people it’s 2019. But what we weren’t expecting from Fashion Eastnewcomer Mowalolawas the championing of those itsy bitsy party dresses that 00s It Girlsfell out of nightclubs wearing. Less is definitely more fun.

Animal Talons At Charles Jeffrey Loverboy

Thought your Triple S Balenciaga trainers were edgy?

(I still love mine). Thought that your penchant for socks and sandals were a little too radical for the mainstream? Wait until you’ve seen Charles Jeffrey’s latest shoe adornment, taking inspiration straight out of Where The Wild Things Are. Boots in all forms, sizes and heels came with claws sticking out over toes.

So, there you have it Guys. He who dares…

Vegan Fashion Week 2019

Welcome to 2019 and welcome to a new event to add to the fashion calendar: Vegan Fashion Week.

It takes place in Los Angeles, which is fitting, given that it’s the biggest city in the United States to ban the use of fur. It has more than 150 vegan-friendly establishments and was named by Peta as America’s most vegan city 2018.

California is also the first state to demand that pet shops sell only rescue animals.

From February 1 to 4, Vegan Fashion Week promises to bring cruelty-free options to the fashion crowd. Set up by animal-rights activists and vegan fashion stylists, the aim is to raise awareness of the ethical, social and environmental issues that surround the fashion industry, as well as offer sustainable alternatives.

The opening night will be held at the Museum of Natural History with a catwalk show of collections by cruelty-free labels.

Leather and fur are still rife within fashion, with customers often blissfully unaware of the cruelty behind both materials. By relying on new technologies or simply by altering supply chains, cruelty-free alternatives are becoming readily available.

The number of vegans is at an all-time high and many are questioning how and where goods are being produced. The full impact fast fashion is having on the planet is becoming obvious too, too, so there is growing pressure on brands to be accountable for every stage of the manufacturing process, and the backlash to the wear-once culture is beginning to gain traction.

The world’s first Vegan Fashion Week looks like it’s here to stay.

… last word from the Editor 2018

In a year that has seen the Government imploding, Kate Moss giving up partying and KIM Kardashian revealing she might run for President, 2018 certainly has been an “interesting” year.

In this final instalment of the year, we have a brief look at the most googled people of 2018.  Plus a couple of enormous fashion failures which rocked the industry.

Following 2018’s massive #MeToo movement and the resulting female awakening, it’s been refreshing to end the year with an unlikely heroine. A heroine that many of you probably hadn’t heard of a year ago. No – not Meghan (yet).

I’ve always been a secret X Factor girl. But it was all change in 2018 as I fully embraced all the glitz, glamour and scandal of Strictly Come Dancing. Andthe star of 2018 was Stacey Dooley.

The documentary maker not only won the competition, but also accidentally revealed her beige underwear during a wardrobe malfunction performing the Paso doble in Saturday night’s show. Fans were left questioning whether she was naked. Stacey was the top trending hashtag on Twitter all week.

She admits she didn’t realise the faux pas had occurred – but she kept her cool and shrugged it off. I genuinely thought she was naked underneath that dress as she pulled up to the camera.

One person tweeted: “In Stacey’s last dance, when she’s waving her skirt towards the end, I’m pretty sure she flashed to millions #strictly.”

Stacey, 31, beat fellow finalists Ashley Roberts, Faye Tozer and Joe Sugg to claim the glitterball trophy. She’s a working-class girl from Luton, growing up with her mum on a council estate and dropping out of school to work on a makeup counter at Luton Airport. She answered an advert for youngsters to visit the sweatshops of India for a BBC documentary and she never looked back. I recently wrote about her insightful investigation into Fast Fashion and the effects of cheap clothing on the environment.

If there’s one to watch in 2019 – it’s Stacey.

 And I predict Holly will become the queen of ITV and LEAVE This Morning to go solo.

And it’s goodbye to Ferne Cotton on Celebrity Juice after 10 years. I’ll miss her fashion fixtures, but there’s always Claudia Winkleman to look forward to.

Predictions for next year? Brexit Hell, Political Chaos, Royal Baby Harry & Meghan mania, the Beckhams announcing their separation and 70s fashion back in full force.

Here’s hoping you all have a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous new year.

I’m back on 5thJanuary 2019.

Most Googled in 2018

De­spite the Brexit stalemate we cur­rently find our­selves in, it was­n’t ac­tu­ally pol­i­tics that topped the UK Google search polls in 2018. Quite the opposite actually – it was es­capism from the relentlessly de­press­ing daily political news cy­cle. Programmes such as Love Island and I’m A Celeb were the escapist ‘chill pill’ we turned to.

But what else were we Googling in 2019?

Com­ing in at num­ber one was, of course, World Cup, Gareth Southgate and that waistcoat.

Who can for­get those glo­ri­ous weeks at the be­gin­ning of the sum­mer when the sun mirac­u­lously shone every day, and some­how the Eng­lish foot­ball team seemed, well, like a football team. From googling silly world cup trivia to pub open­ing times, we were a na­tion hooked.

Sec­ond to ‘world cup’ in our 2018 search engine league table was two royal-re­lated matters. Surprise surprise, Meghan Markle was num­ber two and ‘royal wed­ding’ came in at three, as most searched-for queries over­all. Ironically, the backlash against Megan has already started, and it isn’t even 2019 yet.

Be­sides our early summer ob­ses­sion with foot­ball and our on-­go­ing ob­ses­sion with the royals, unsurpringly it was celebrity scan­dal that piqued in­ter­est too.

Roxanne Pallet was one of the most-searched for names in 2018. The for­mer Em­merdale ac­tor was caught up in con­tro­versy fol­low­ing her Celebrity Big Brother ap­pear­ance in which she ac­cused house­mate Ryan Thomas of punch­ing her. This led to her quit­ting her York-based Min­ster FM ra­dio show and call­ing her­self “the most hated girl in Britain.”

Also high on the list were Demi Lo­vato,who made head­lines fol­low­ing a heroin over­dose, plus Ant McPartlin,

who has strug­gled with drug and al­co­hol abuse. Oth­ers in the top ten most-searched in­clude the perennially talked-about Kar­dashians (YAWN), Alex Fer­gu­son and most recently Jose Mourinho.

The Inbetweeners comeback and Balenciaga’s big chunky trainers were big news.

Gucci won designer of the year and used Harry Styles munching chips in a chip shop for their advertising campaign.

The Queen sat on the FROW at London Fashion Week and Sustainability (fast fashion) and Inclusivity were the two most popular words on the fashion agenda.

Diversity has become the new norm, with 2018 witnessing models of different shapes and sizes and all ethnicities and abilities on the catwalks.

Borderline-insane political correctness regarding gender has perhaps occupied a little too much space in 2018 but all in all, it certainly hasn’t been a boring year.

Roll on ’19.