The Towelling Trend

If you haven’t seen the pictures by now (in which case, where have you been?), Rita Ora presented the MTV EMAs this week in London wearing a white Paloma Spain bathrobe, diamond jewels and sparkly stilettos.

Towell main

It was bound to get attention, and it certainly succeeded. I’m no fan of Rita Ora (except of course for her collab with DJ Fresh, “Hot Right Now”) and Rita’s MTV look propelled her onto a number of “worst dressed” lists. However, I actually don’t dislike what Rita wore. In fact it was amazing, if a tad bonkers, and as for all those diamonds? Love them.

towel 1

Obviously, I don’t automatically endorse wearing your dressing gown on the red carpet, but when it looks this good, why not? So why were people so shocked? After all, it’s Rita Ora and she was never going to turn up hosting the MTV EMA awards in a LBD, was she?

I’ve always felt slobby donning my cosy gown, but this changes everything. Little did I know, but I’ve been red carpet ready all along. Catch me channelling this look come Christmas season – it’s literally answered my prayers – wanting to look glam, but simultaneously keeping fireside warm.

towel 2

Don’t think you have to stick JUST to a white robe however, here at Zips It Up, we’re embracing the best the high street has to offer, in all colours.

  1. Satin

For an extra touch of glam, opt for a satin dressing gown with a lace finish.

towel 3

3. Rita’s Style

If you don’t want to stray too far from the original, here’s a high-street copy of Rita’s look. P.S., this towel has crystals, erm, yes please…

towel 5

Red Jeans

My Style Tips On How To Wear Red Jeans For Any Season

red 9 red 8

Red denim is a must-have for Winter 2017. While blue and black denim are classics, bright coloured jeans will spice up any wardrobe a whole lot more. Red jeans in particular are a stand-out choice. Not only does wearing red attract more attention, red is bright, happy, and just the mood antidote that’s so badly needed during the cold season.

I’ve never owned a pair of red jeans, but things are about to change as I just received my first pair of red Freddys from Left Bank Six, and I love them.

red 3 red 2

Although especially amazing in the autumn and winter, red jeans work for warmer weather too. They can be styled just like regular denim, but the combination with leopard print is the probably most flattering. Here are some key style tips on how to wear red jeans for this chilly season:

Pair them with a nude coloured top for a simple, classic look.

Don’t be afraid to try colour-blocking by pairing red jeans with a red shirt. Pick two different tones, and add something to break it up.

red 1red 6red 4

It doesn’t get much easier than this casual summer look: roll up your red jeans and wear them with a simple white tank and sandals.

Go for a classic American look and wear them with a spotty white blouse and a navy blue blazer.

My favourite: with leopard print.

Harry Styles Fashion Icon

      Harry 1 hARRY 12 HARRY 19

Since One Direction went on their so-called ‘hiatus’ in 2015, he’s carved out a successful and ubiquitous solo career. Last week, I experienced the ‘X Factor’ that is Harry Styles in concert, and as a fashion journalist, I felt compelled to write about him. After all, Harry oozes and epitomises men’s fashion.

The 23-year-old singer put on a typically quirky display in a slick metallic suit, as he took to the stage. He went on to wave a gay pride rainbow flag throughout the show, out west at Hammersmith Apollo.

Harry 4 harry 5 harry 7

I was with my daughter Phoebe, who didn’t gaze upon Harry on stage in the way that I did, preferring to watch the entire performance via her phone, filming him continuously (just like absolutely everyone else, it seemed). It was as if the whole crowd were viewing through a pair of glasses, meanwhile knowing every song word for word, the running order and costume changes. I was a little disheartened at how the younger iPhone generation had lost some of the magic and adrenalin that a live gig should give you. But then, big DJ dance music shows are now a sea of cameras too.

harry 10 HARRY 14 HARRY 15

Harry looked undeniably sharp in his ensemble, which was given a quirky spin thanks to Gucci. In other concerts, he has teamed the Gucci look with a white-buttoned shirt and lots of Gucci floral suits. And flares.

The former One Direction star has been on a world tour promoting his new album, with a combination of big arenas and more intimate stops. He has racked-up glowing reviews, which bodes well for industry credibility, and that full Gucci looked so “young Mick Jagger”.

It’s not like Harry Styles hasn’t already infiltrated the fashion world — that happened years ago, when he was still in One Direction — but with a solo tour and the focus now solely on Harry, his clothing holds real weight. Before, he wore Saint Laurent and won style awards. Now he’s inked a partnership with the big-deal design house Gucci, which announced in September that Styles will wear “a selection of one-of-a-kind pieces,” designed by Creative Director Alessandro Michele, for his 2017 tour dates.

I were 20 years younger, I wouldn’t be filming him through a phone – I’d be full-on screaming and losing my voice, Beatles style.

A young Jagger, maybe. A full-on fashion icon? Certainly.

… a word from the Editor & Blogger

Welcome to this week’s fashion instalment of Amanda Zips It Up.

Amanda blog pic

As early as it might seem, the big build up to Christmas has begun, and already I hear rumblings of that perennial seasonal question, “What to wear to the office Xmas party”.

Forget the LBD, how about this little number? Moschino is selling a bizarre dry cleaner bag ‘dress’ for a whopping £560. The plastic bag, officially called a Cape Sheer Overlay Dress, is on sale at the “bargain” price of 600 Euros, despite its ridiculous design.

intro 1

Inspiration for this wacky laundry bag style dress didn’t come out of the blue. It’s part of designer Jeremy Scott’s rubbish-inspired “Cardboard Couture” autumn collection. Jeremy’s passion is taking everyday stuff and turning it into high (ish) fashion, which is why Moschino has put its name to this sleeveless laundry bag. Previously, he’s cooked up designs based on McDonald’s chips and discarded Barbies, but this dress is pretty out-there even for him.

intro 3

The newest clothes in Jeremy’s collection take his love of waste more literally, and include garments made from actual rubbish, such as packing boxes, bubble wrap and tissues. His latest product, which is literally just a laundry bag, is designed to be worn over another, less see-through item of clothing.

Red text on the bag screams: “FREE PICK UP & DELIVERY”, while the label around the neck states: “WE [HEART] OUR CUSTOMERS.”

intro 2

Over the silly season, somehow I can’t see this attracting any drunken office party snogs. In fact it might even permanently damage your career prospects. Expect a call from HR the morning after.

Onto some serious fashion, and in this week’s instalment we show you how to reboot your Ibiza dresses for the winter, check out the mesh bodysuit seen on THE GC and discover Kate Middleton’s favourite beauty products.

The Mesh Bodysuit

The Mesh Bodysuit

The GC gave us all an awesome eyeful recently, in a black body that was so sheer it was practically see-through. This, folks, is the mesh bodysuit.

mesh 9 mesh 8 mesh 7

Yes, Gemma Collins made me feel proud when she stepped out on holiday in Tenerife, rocking that back mesh swimsuit that was so seriously revealing.

I salute you Gemma.

Decorated with only embroidered flowers on the chest, the saucy swimwear gave an eye-popping flash of her cleavage, before cutting off high at her hip to leave just about everything on show. Never without a touch of her Essex glamour however, the blonde tied her look together with towering gold wedges and a trendy fedora hat.

mesh 10mesh 13

Addressing people who had given her grief about such a bold choice of swimwear, Gemma defiantly commented that she would never justify her sense of style, and that plus size women should wear whatever the hell they want.


I personally love a mesh bodysuit but I would wear it with shorts, skirt or trousers, under a suit and with underwear worn underneath. Certainly not as my only public attire. But huge respect to the GC, who has to be one of the funniest and boldest reality stars in the UK right now.

So where can we get our hands on a mesh bodysuit?

mesh 12mesh 14 have a purple mesh bodysuit going for £5, although their garment is meant to worn under a skirt – but there’s nothing stopping you from rocking it on the beach.

mesh 11mesh 3

mesh 6Mesh 1

There’s also similar black versions from for under £15.

Reboot Your Ibiza Dresses For Winter

How to reboot your summer dresses for winters in Ibiza

Ibiza main

Midi-dresses have taken over for the cold season. In my wardrobe, anyway, they’ve vanquished all challengers and their dominion is complete. It was a gentle conquest, to be sure – lots of swishing – but the outcome is that my Balearic closet space is now dominated by floaty, floral-print chiffon. Not far off summer attire, but addressed for winter with mix and match polo-necks and zero tights.

This is definitely the trend for Ibiza in winter 2017/18.

These are dresses that are more accustomed to being worn with open-toed sandals in a summer breeze on the White Isle. But I’ve discovered the smart dresser’s way to winterise Balearic garments. And it has nothing to do with tights. Repeat after me: Knee. High. Boots.

Ibiza 3

Beaufille yellow ruffled chiffon midi dress, £610, Red leather boot, £565, Joseph.

Wear a midi-dress with a pair of 
knee-highs, and you’ll be the beneficiary 
of a meet-in-the-middle effect that delivers full coverage, yet with no need to resort to another day in frumpy black tights.

The key is finding the right boots, the ones that’ll work with every dress. Too low and you’re in Goldilocks territory (i.e. too tall to be an ankle boots, too short to offer any real calf coverage). Too high and you get into the thigh-high boots zone, which is another thing entirely.

Ibiza 1

Long printed dress, £315, Maje.  Studded boots, £249, Carvela Kurt Geiger.

Look for a style that stops just over or under the knee-cap, with a heel you trust yourself to stride around in all day. On the optimistic side of that calculus are Joseph’s lipstick-red showstoppers. If you’re not so sure, try Stuart Weitzman.

Ibiza 2

Floral dress, £69.99, Zara. Flat black knee high 50/50 boot, £495, Stuart Weitzman.

Boots are what we in fashion politely refer to as ‘a commitment’.  But a good pair is worth 
it. The hardest-working footwear in my wardrobe must be the boots I splashed out on by Kate Moss at Topshop. Red or black are the colours to go for and make sure you have a few simple black polo-necks to wear as a base layer under the dresses. Focus on that ‘70s vibe’.

Zara is the place to go for the simple polo-neck. Remember to hand wash them though.

Beuti Skincare

You may or may not have heard of Beuti products, but just to put you firmly in the know, this is one of the Kate Middleton’s favourite beauty ranges.

Beuti 1jpeg

Beuti is a mother and daughter company, with both generations having professional beauty and wellbeing backgrounds. Leila the daughter, being a qualified and experienced Beauty Therapist, and Jo, as a Holistic Therapist, a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Spiritual Life Coach.

Beuti was inspired by Leila, after using an expensive eye cream that caused a nasty rash.

She searched for more natural, clean products on the market but couldn’t find anything to suit her, due to their ingredients and the retail cost for anything suitable. So she decided to formulate her own.

Beuti Sleep Elixir was formed, which is made from plant oils, 98% organic and free from chemicals and irritants.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 15.18.24

Beuti future plans are to expand on the range, having recently launched their Pomegranate Glow Enzyme Cleanser and their next product; an Over Night Eye Balm, being formulated at the moment.

beuiti 5

Beuti’s core principles are to use nutritional , natural ingredients that allow skin to truly glow, without chemicals that cause skin to inflame, causing inflammaging, a key cause of skin ageing.

Their ingredients are hand picked for super power benefits to skin, and their anti inflammatory abilities to reduce inflammaging and in turn heal and protect skin from long term damage.

If it’s good enough for the future Queen of England, we’re all over it, here at Zips It Up.

… a word from the Editor & Blogger

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 10.52.53

Welcome to November Zipsters, and as the last pumpkins get cruelly binned, Xmas decorations go up in shopping malls all around the world.

My local mall already had a full-on nativity scene on November 1st, and the fragrances and cosmetics gift ideas are in full force from Boots to John Lewis.

Yawn, I hear some of you say. But this year, perfumes and make-up have taken on a racy new image, to spice up Xmas ’17.

Tom Ford’s new perfume is called ‘FUCKING FABULOUS’. It’s a gear change for the designer, who has previously favoured more literal fragrance names – Tobacco Vanille, Tuscan Leather, Venetian Bergamot. FF is maybe not one for your in-laws.

intro 9 intro 10

And there’s more. Nars has created Orgasm – a blush colour that makes you look like, well, I think you can guess. Plus there’s Threesome, Sex Appeal and the pigmentally similar Deep Throat.

intro 7intro 3intro 2

The high street has also embraced provocative and “rude” cosmetics, with brands such as Soap & Glory marketing innuendo-laden products, from Sexy Mother Pucker lip shine to Glow Job tinted foundation. Too Faced’s Boudoir Eyes palette skipped the puns entirely, with shadows titled Fuzzy Handcuffs and French Tickler.

intro 5 intro 4

Urban Decay has its own selection of suggestive cosmetics, including a blusher in Fetish (a name shared with a lipstick by Mac) and a lip-gloss in ‘Rule 34’ (meaning internet porn). Illamasqua takes a more straightforward approach, with its rubber-finish nail varnish Kink and an eye shadow simply called Sex.

intro 6

So, take your pick this festive season, and expect plenty of blushes under the Xmas tree. Perhaps two sittings of present-giving might be in order.

Onto this week’s instalment, and as the temperature drops we check out Winter Coats, we explore the new H&M Erdem collection and take a look at the weirdest winter fashions right now.

The Winter Coat 2017

If there’s one reason to look forward to the temperature dropping, it’s the chance to shop for some stylish outerwear.

Timeless faux furs in bright colours are great for the transitional season, while this season’s Must Have puffa jacket (worn off the shoulders) will take you straight through to winter.

You’re thinking about getting a new coat, but where do you start? Here, that’s where. Because I’ve rounded up the best buys on the high street, mostly under £100.

Puffa parade

coats 1

If you hate leaving your duvet in the morning, you can almost take it with you. The puffa is back and better than ever. Choose from pretty pastels, evening-worthy velvets, or block brights, depending on your puffy padding of choice.

Furry friends

coats 2

All the big designers are dropping the use of real fur since Gucci decided enough was enough. From snug shearling to full-on faux fur, texture is a key trend this season and will keep you warm and cosy when the temperature drops. No need for real fur. It doesn’t represent wealth anymore. Just plain cruelty.

Red alert

coats 3

Red is the colour to be seen in – simple. Whether you wear it head to toe, or break it up with other autumnal hues, I recommend you snap it up ASAP.

Hip to be square

coats 4

There’s a square to satisfy all tastes. Classic Prince of Wales check will polish up your day-to-day look, while country tweeds are weekend-worthy.