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Welcome to this week’s fashion instalment of Amanda Zips It Up.

Firstly, thanks to Danielle Windsor at House Of Windsor for these beautiful stars earrings. Very me.

Now, I was going to make a feature of this, but I feel that everyone in existence will be overloaded with Royal Wedding info.

There’s no escaping it this side of Europe and although I have chosen to ‘escape’ to Mallorca for the weekend, I can almost guarantee the appearance of ‘flag-wavers’ there too.

Whether or not you’re a flag waver, you can’t fail to be ‘sort’ of interested in Meghan Markle and her new sparky input into the somewhat dull Royal family.

A beautiful, Feminist, mixed race, Hollywood actress. She certainly isn’t some aristocrat’s daughter whose role is to be seen and not heard. As far as fashion goes, she is rocking every British label and knocking Kate Middleton out of the park. I know that Megan will feature in Zips It Upin the future. I can’t say that about Kate, I’m afraid.

What has got me excited is this amazing Limited Edition collection of very British Union Jack handbags by Louis Vuitton, called ‘The Royal Wedding Collection’. I’d much rather carry one of these than a flag, that’s for sure.

I’ll say it once and once only, Congratulations Harry & Meg.

Onto this week’s round up and we check out who is behind Kate Moss’ infamous rock chick skinny scarves and who’ll be stocking them right here very soon. Plus, an insane new nail art trend guaranteed to get your teeth clenching.

Thanks to my Guest Ed Mira Manley for the LV Bags & nail story this week. x

Rocking Skinny Scarf At Left Bank Six

Tim Rockins is an artist and musician who’s worked with Gorillaz.  Jess Morris is a PR maven at Vivienne Westwood and Agent Provocateur. The pair share a love of vintage fashion, and collectively produced a batch of twenties-inspired bias-cut silk scarves as Christmas gifts for a handful of pals.

It just so happens that among those pals were my style icon Kate Moss, her then husband Jamie Hince, and rock star Bobby Gillespie. We’ve all witnessed their skinny scarf look, perfectly embellishing the rock chick / star image.

Last year, after demand exploded, the duo launched www.Rockins.co.uk Their timing could scarcely have been better: long, lean scarves have come back in a big way. Morris and Rockins count icons like Marc Bolan and Syd Barrett amongst their influences.

Blending exquisitely crafted silk skinny scarves with edgy and beautiful designs, the brand quickly amassed a loyal following and press attention. Amongst others, you’ll see them draped around the necks of Keith Richards, Harry Styles and any wannabe rock-star.

And guess who’s stocking them in her boutique this summer? My very own rock-chick pal Nicole Ivison-Hatch at her store Left Bank Six.

Look out for a selection of prints and my favourites, the leopard print and stars.

Contact Nicole for your orders and wear yours all summer long.

Facebook: Nicole Ivison-Hatch

Instagram: Left Bank Six

55 Elm Road


Essex ss9 1SP 

+44 1702 716113


The GC Swimwear Collections At BooHoo.com

Due to popular demand Gemma Collins is collaborating once again with www.Boohoo.com to release a swim and beachwear collection. The GC’s first collab with Boohoo, GC x Boohoo.com, proved to be a sell-out.

As the pin-up for curvy girls, it’s no surprise she’s created a line of size-inclusive beach and swimwear, just in time for summer. The collection will be available from 23 May and includes a selection of slogan swimsuits, glamorous maxi kaftans and relaxed knot tie shirts, aiming to ‘take you from pool to party’.

In true Gemma Collins style, the campaign was photographed in Essex-on-Med, i.e. Marbella, where Gemma was spotted looking fabulous in a red swimsuit, giving Pamela Anderson a run for her money. Gemma comments: ‘What I love most about Boohoo is that they go up to a size 24, they are always on trend – it fits amazing and makes you feel amazing!’

On the subject of swimwear, I thought this was taking the royal wedding a little too far with these Harry & Meg swimsuits. Harry’s ginger beard is in the wrong place, obviously.

Plus, we all know Millennials love Avocados and Rainbows. Their instagram feeds are full of them.

Now Generation Z can take them to the beach with these ridiculous towels.

Look out Marbs, Ibiza and Magaluf… it’s going to be an insane summer.

Teeth Nail Art

Here at Zips It Up, my guest Eds and I collectively look out each week for all that’s wacky. From Crazy Brow trends to wild nail art, and everything in between. And nail art is back in force, in the form of “teeth-shaped” nails.

You read that right: nails that look like teeth, specifically molars.

Russian-based nail art chain ‘Nail Sunny’ created this toothy look. If you’re wondering how they did it, and would like to reproduce it at home, here’s how.

Similar to the start of any acrylic nail look, a nail artist uses brush skills to mould the acrylic into the desired shape — which, in this case, is a tooth. On one nail, the artist even added black polish to create the look of a cavity. Nice.

These teeth (sorry, nails) are both amazing and weird. However, I wouldn’t be seen out with such ridiculous talons unless A, it was Halloween, or B, I was a nut-case Dentist by profession.

But I’m sure there will be plenty of demand. Definitely something to sink/dig your nails into.

By Mira Manley

… a word from the Editor & Blogger

Hey Zipsters.

One word: WOW!

London has officially been hotter than the Balearics, and in the UK we are sporting those rarest of things – “made in Britain” suntans.

Yes, summer is now within touching distance, as is festival season. So, from now on in, Zips It Upwill bring you every summer-related trend – good or bad.

And this festival fashion recently caught my eye, to be filed under ‘Bad Taste’ for sure. Most of us know about the recent ‘fruit’ trend, in particular soooo much stuff on sale right now being pineapple-themed.

Add ‘frutiness’ to the fact that, for some, when the sun comes out, so does the glitter. And what do you get if you put fruit, glitter, sunshine and festivals together? I’ll tell you – glitter fruit-inspired body art over boobs and bums.

Definitely not one for the faint hearted, this bold beauty trend requires plenty confidence to pull off.

Coachella’s coolest festival revellers showed their devotion to the peach emoji by walking round with the design decorated on their bums, leaving little to the imagination. Thank goodness festivals are mostly standing room only.

It’s a true millennial fashion, with one exhibitionist professing her love of avocados by brandishing them on her boobs for all to see.

Glitter pineapple boobs,stretching up to the collarbone, with the gold and green glitter, have strong enough adhesive to stay on all day.

While skimpy shorts and crop tops are the staple uniform of most British festival-goers (see more in this issue), we might just have to wait for the next heatwave to see if this fruity trend hits our shores.

So expect more insane summer trends in this issue, as well as the annual Met Gala costumes, including who won and lost, plus a worrying new lifestyle twist on the ridiculous Unicorn fashion that has swept Europe over the past couple of years.

Met Gala 2018 – Heavenly Bodies

It is, quite simply, the most important night on the fashion calendar. The New York Met Gala showcases the very best in style and design, plus it is also known as the backdrop to many red carpet catastrophes – and this year was certainly no exception.

Fashion and religion don’t usually go hand in hand, but the theme for this year’s star studded event was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.


Vogue editor Anna Wintoursomehow managed to win over Pope Francis, having had ‘her people’ try to make the connection for years. Clearly, he isn’t a Vogue reader, because many of the costumes on show screamed ‘Blasphemy!’


The venue was the NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art and with a theme paying tribute to religious influence in fashion, there was plenty of thematic room for the stars to experiment with their looks.

On show were plenty of Angel white lace, halos and shimmering golds, plus devil reds and fuchsia, with crowns and crosses, and even a pair of giant wings.

Winner of the night was Rhianna(again) who turned up in a jewel encrusted Pope’s hat and gown.

Kate Mossattended, (which surprised me because she’s way too cool for this) and chose a traditional little black dress with black wings.

Katy Perry’smassive feathered wings looked incredible as did the angelic Lana Del Rey with Jesus Christ himself Jared Leto.

SJPlooked utterly ridiculous in an enormous tower headpiece showing the nativity scene and Rita Oralooked simply terrifying.

Meanwhile, model Cara Delevingne, 25, and Oscar winner Frances McDormand, 60, chose to use their headdresses for a rather different reason: obscuring their faces altogether.

Forget Halloween, celebrities dressing up time happens six months early in May.

Madonna performed ‘Like A Prayer’ dressed as a monk. Obviously.

Dripping in gold, Kim Kardashianshowed off her much talked-about body in a skin-tight Versace sheath, while Jennifer Lopezhit the night in a bedazzled jewelled Balmain gown.

But it was Rihanna, always one to push the boundaries of fashion, who took over the carpet at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in THAT jaw-dropping Pope inspired mini dress and jacket with a matching hat by Maison Margiela.

Can’t wait for 2019’s instalment.

Lace Up Festival Shorts

It’s well-known that when the sun comes out and the temperatures soar, we all become a little giddy and lose all sense of normality.

And in the spirit of madness in the midday sun, recent summer temperatures in the UK have brought a bizarre creation to my attention. But I can’t see them making appearances at festivals everywhere soon.

And while you’d be forgiven for wanting to slip on a pair of shorts during any heatwave, this particular pair of shorts – which leave very little to the imagination – leave me feel a little uneasy.

The Wild One Lace Up Shorts by www.FashionNova.comare high waisted but, apart from the strip up the middle, are mostly made from LACE.

They come in faux black leather and cost £24.40 ($32.99) and they are selling like hot cakes (or should I say, ice creams).

One (insane) reviewer wrote: “Money well spent! I love them so much”.

 But I am truly baffled by the near-naked look. Firstly you’d have to have minimal body fat or zero love handles, and the tan marks will be shocking.

Surely one can simply walk around in underwear, which would serve the same purpose?

If you like the ‘exposed look’ but want something longer, there is a full-length version called The Wild Thang Lace Up Pants. But,be warned, they don’t cover up much more than the hot pants.

Unicorn Sex Toys

Firstly, let me point out that I have no comprehension of the recent ‘trend’ of all things Unicorn-related. From Pyjamas to sweatshirts to phone cases, I assumed it was all rather sweet and innocent.

 But look who jumped on the unicorn’s back. The sex-toy industry has caught the unicorn craze and created a weird adult toy.

www.geekysextoys.com now sell a vibrator moulded in the shape of the mythical creature’s spiral horn, in three sparkling colours.

Who the hell gets turned on by this is another story altogether. Horned horses for courses, I suppose.

The seven-and-a-half inch sex toy delivers “magical orgasms” with a “fairy tale ending” for those looking to inject a little magic – or memories of a warped childhood – into their sex life.

The dildos come in pearlescent pink, purple and white, are made from silicone and have a suction cup for ‘more adventurous role play’.

The toys will set you back £47.20and thetrend of taking supposedly innocent things and tarnishing them doesn’t stop there.

If unicorns don’t get you going, there are other things you can try – such as Avengers-themed toys, including a lookalike to Thor’s hammer.


… a word from the Editor & Blogger

Welcome to this week’s instalment of Amanda Zips It Up.

It has been a long winter. But it’s now May. It’s a Bank Holiday weekend. And, finally, this blog is all about the summer.

That “love it or hate it” style – espadrilles – make a comeback this year, and they’re more exclusive and expensive than ever.

I have come across probably the best Espadrille designer in Europe – Alice X– who sent me my very own custom-made pair, ready for the Balearic summer.

They are more expensive than one would assume, on account of being made of leather. So perhaps not to be worn on the beach or those long treks through the airport.

As we start thinking about summer, thoughts turn to suntans, sunburn and how to protect our skin. I have the best beauty range of serums on the market to help prevent that inevitable sun damage and premature ageing.

Also – I wanted to let you all know that the Ibiza Fashion Festival 2018 is happening from June 7 – 12th2018, starting on the 7thwith a swimwear catwalk show at Nikki Beach Ibiza at 1- 3pm. The following day features a pop-up runway show at the Es Vive rooftop terrace. And the festival finishes at Hotel Wiki Woo. Expect lots of labels, DJs, models and cocktails. Well worth a visit if you are a fashion lover like me.


Finally, we inject a little bit of glow-in-the-dark lingerie; perfect if you’re still experiencing dull days, to promise of light at the end of the tunnel.



Alice X Leather Espadrilles

Alice X Global is a footwear brand based around these beautiful leather multi-coloured espadrilles, which are just perfect for that Balearic holiday. And here’s an exclusive interview with the designers behind the label.

The brand was born out of a love for shoes, sun, fun and style on the part of founders Monica and Stephen Peacock.

They met through their love of fashion, having spent much of their early twenties hanging out at Vivienne Westwood’s store, World’s End, and clubbing at late 80s superclub Shoom .

The idea for Alice X was formed when a pair of striking leather espadrilles caught Stephen’s eye during a journey into work one morning.  “Those canary yellow shoes really stood out from the blacks and browns of the daily commute, but I thought nothing more of it until a few days later as I was putting my young daughter’s (Alice) patchwork trainers onto her feet. A light bulb went off in my head and I told Monica, she thought that they were a great idea and we wondered if there was a multi coloured espadrille on the market”.

No one was producing this type of design, so they decided to do it for themselves. Monica and Stephen covertly spoke to customers in the shoe departments of Liberty, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Harrods and asked them what they liked. “Every time it came back to the same things – style, comfort, originality, quality, raised soles and the ability to wear in and out of work”. More ideas followed, and they set about creating a collection in a range of colours. The first Alex X collection was born.

Each shoe needed five separate hides, creating additional work that just wasn’t viable for a low volume order.  They took a gamble and bought a small stand at Pure London and told me “It was the winter show and we had summer shoes, but we thought that it would be a great opportunity to talk to people in the industry and learn as much as possible”. “We did exactly that. We talked to everyone that would listen, taking in every piece of information to see how we could develop the business. The reaction from the trade was amazing. We took orders and got all set for a launch in 2017”.

Then disaster struck. Production issues delayed delivery of the first collection, making it too late for summer 2017. This was a major setback, but it enabled Stephen and Monica to focus on SS18. “We’ve been working hard to get the brand ready, building relationships ready for the launch in 2018.” And here we are… a range of beautiful shoes, of the highest quality, in an amazing assortment of colours, all true to the timeless classic and iconic espadrille but with a clear USP.

Alice X asked me for my colour preference and this is the result. I absolutely love them. I’ll wear them non-stop in Ibiza and Mallorca all summer.

Visit their website and instagram page for more information.