Katie from The Ting Tings

They call me Hell. They call me Stacey. They call me Her. They call me Jane. That’s not my name. That’s not my name. That’s not my name. That’s not my name. 

If you don’t recognise these iconic vocals – where have you been?

The Ting Tingsare a major 21stcentury band, making a huge name for themselves on the indie stag since the noughties. From Ibiza Rocks to Jools Holland live, The Ting Tings have put a stamp on our musical history. Meet Katie and Jules, a genuine couple and the band.

After a three-year break from the music industry, plus following that massive hit ‘That’s Not My Name’, the couple have returned with a brand-new album. I met Katie – lead vocalist – whilst I was at London Fashion Week earlier this year, and quizzed her on her love of fashion, LA and Ibiza.

AZIPU. Katie, firstly tell us what you have been up to since we last heard from the Ting Tings, and your future plans?

Well, we have been travelling a lot and we wrote and recorded most of this album between Spain and LA. We are now back in the UK, always on the move and suffer from itchy feet! We have just put the album out and are now getting stuck into rehearsals for live shows next year. We wanted to put our music out independently so it’s been really hectic.

AZIU.Where are your favourite hangouts in Ibiza?

I tend to dodge the places that are full on. I much prefer hippy markets and Pilates near the beach.  If we do make it out to Pacha or Amnesia or whatnot it’s because someone we know is playing. So it’s more about who is performing than the choice of club. I love getting a boat over to Formentera, I bought an epic fishermen’s basket beach bag on the market there. Espalmador beach holds so many beautiful memories for me. Its only accessible by boat so you pretty much have it to yourself!

AZIU. Where do you shop for fashion in London, LA and Ibiza?

I’m still working out London, since I recently got back here after 10 years of touring and living in various parts of the world. My fave designers are Yohji Yamamoto, Y3, I have always been a fan of adidas.  Sacai, Maison Margiela, I love Opening Ceramony in New York, think they have a little one now in London, full of emerging designers, I love hats and always would go hat shopping at CA4LA in Tokyo. I’m super excited because they have opened a shop in Hoxton that I’m going to go raid. I’m constantly scanning online as I am thinking about finally starting to design my own. I’ve wanted to do it for years so I am mood boarding the shit out of my front room at the moment!

AZIU.Describe your signature style and your general fashion influencers / icons.

I change my style per album but I would say my natural style is 25% mod 25% punk 25% girly and 25% Minimal. I love Patti smith, Debbie Harry, Karen O, Alexa Chung, Susie style bubble. I love layering. I love interesting cuts and use of fabric and I’m obsessed with Japanese designers.

AZIU. How important is fashion to you and how much do you spend per month?

I love fashion. But I think I have really changed my stance on it over the past couple of years. I was recently sorting out all my clothes after 10 years of touring and amassing copious amount of clothes. The amount of fast fashion I had that meant absolutely nothing to me and was totally unnecessary shocked and disgusted me. I sorted through it and gave it all away-but as a result I am only interested in clothing that means something personally. Clothes that have thought and passion in them.. Its working for me. I have less choice, so it’s less stressful!

Moschino at H&M

The Moschino X H&M collection lands this week. I don’t expect to touch any of it, but if you’re willing to camp out on Regents Street this week, make sure you fill your basket.

Of course, we all know that those who manage to buy anything from a H&M designer collaboration, simply sell it on eBay.


Parking the likelihood of an actual purchase in an H&M store, make no mistake, this collaboration with Moschino is going to be the collection of the season.  The likes of Naomi, Winnie, Gigi and Bella took to the catwalk to show off Jeremy Scott’s latest collection in all its glory recently. Here are some of my faves.

Fourteen years after their first designer collaboration, H&M announced that the collection was here in an Instagram post, saying: “We told you there would be a lot of patterns, gold and sparkle in this collection, didn’t we?” The entire collection has been revealed in advance in full.

Moschino x H&M prints

A whole host of emblazonment. Think cartoons, think graffiti and think fake-gold-chains galore.

Moschino Creative Director, Jeremy Scott, is about as unafraid of bold colour combos as he is an Avant Garde print.

Cultural references

Jeremy Scott’s Moschino archive includes unashamedly-inspired ranges by the likes of Barbie, McDonald’s and prescription drugs, and I don’t expect his H&M collection to steer clear of even more nostalgic references.

Judging by the collection, which features new prints starring Jeremy’s favourite Disney characters and pumped-up Italian glamour, every piece pays homage to Moschino’s heritage, as well as the pop energy he’s brought to the brand since he started as creative director in 2013.

Spice Girls

So, this week, The Spice Girlshave announced a brand-new tour, which some people have cynically dubbed the ‘Menopause Tour ‘or ‘The Skint Tour’.

I don’t care, because I am of the original Girl Power generation. I was there when we all understood what ‘Zig A Zig Ahh’ truly meant. Which was sex,by the way.

I’m buying tickets. I am intrigued to see the girls who shaped my 90s, albeit without Posh. Because of course, Posh isn’t skint, or (as far as I can tell) going through her change in life.

When I was in my early 20s I bloody loved the Spice Girls. They couldn’t sing a note and were amateur to say the least, but what I loved most was the storybook “characters” that the girls engraved into popular culture. Every girl could relate to one of them.

If you were sweet blonde bunchesand into pink and Buffalo platforms, then you were ‘Baby’. If you were all fierce animal printsplus afro and abs, then you were ‘Scary’.If you were Jessica Rabbit Red hair, voluptuous hour-glass shaped body and all union jack mini dress, then you were ‘Ginger’.If you were athletic,muscular build, slightly tomboy frame, all trackies and trainers, then you were ‘Sporty’.

And onto my favourite – if you loved Gucci,the little black dress, the pout, the bob, legs and the two-finger peace sign, then you were Posh.

Like them or loathe them – they shaped my youth, and I say ‘long live the Spice Girls’ – because if you wanna be my lover, then you gotta get with my friends. Simple.

… a word from the Editor & Blogger

Welcome to November. Brrrr.

The beginning of this past week was the first occasion when I’ve felt cold for months and months. Typically, a head cold soon followed the temperature drop.

Despite feeling a little under the weather, with the summer well and truly over, I’m also trying to be as healthy as possible, watching what I eat and use on my skin.

I’m not sure whether I could go Vegan but I’m intrigued by vegan cosmetics and beauty products storming the market right now.

I’ve just discovered the new beauty range Splash Cosmeticsfrom a friend of mine Hannah Wild, who has set up the business from the seaside town of Margate, where I spent many a childhood summer holiday. Hannah is extremely conscious of the environment and vegan issues.

Splash Cosmetics carefully source the best ingredients for their products with no harsh chemicals like SLS. All essential oils are carefully blended to create amazing scents and have great benefits.

There is no plastic in any of the products or packaging, and pouches and labels are biodegradable plus tins are reusable or recyclable. She never tests her products on animals nor uses any ingredients that have been tested on animals and all of her products are Vegan too.

If you’re looking for Christmas present ideas to make someone you love feel good about themselves, then check out the website.


In this instalment, as the temperatures plummet, a good friend of ours Danny Rampling flagged up a great winter fashion range, guaranteed to keep you warm, and belly laughing. Also in this issue, we check out Movember and the big push to support Men’s health during November.

Plus, my beauty Ed Ask Aurora checks out some cult beauty buys at Clinique. More Christmas inspiration.

The Nose Warmer

Do you suffer with a cold nose? Well, no longer…. Here is the answer! As the temperature drops, we all reach for the de-rigeur coat, hat and scarf, but there’s a new woolly wonder out there designed to deal with the one thing we all struggle to temperature control – our noses.

The Nose Warmer Companyis a global business selling handmade nose warmers, scarves and hand muffs. They design, make and ship from the UK.

Their nose warmers are famous too. In addition to our friend, DJ Danny Rampling, posting them (in shock) on his socials, TV Personalities Lorraine Kelly, Dr Hilary, Alan Titchmarsh, Matthew Wright, Phillip Schofield and Christine Bleakley have all featured the nose warmers on TV this week.

A possible Christmas present idea for kids, especially to give to their doting Grandparents, who will be too soft to say no. There’s even a high fashion animal print option.

Postage is free within UK. Anywhere else in the world is just £3.00.

Don’t suffer a cold nose any longer, grab yourself a nose warmer and look vaguely ridiculous but carefree this winter.




Guys, It’s that time of the year again.

No matter the shape or style of your Mo this Movember, your top lip coiffure can inspire donations, conversations and real change. It’s time to grow that moustache and raise money in aid of awareness of Men’s physical and mental health.

Men sometimes have difficulty asking for any kind of help when it comes to their health and male suicide figures are soaring, so it’s a big deal. Another focus of Movember is prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

As well as being sponsored to grow your mo, you can also commit to walking or running 60 kilometres over the month. That’s 60 kilometres for the 60 men lost to suicide each hour.

Movember challenges men to grow a moustache for the 30 days of November, thereby changing their appearance and the face of men’s health. For the entire month of Movember, these selfless and generous men known as Mo Bros become walking, talking billboards for 30 days. … The women of Movember, are known as Mo Sistas.

Raise funds by doing what you already get a kick out of. Get your mates together for a Mo-ment.


Ask Aurora

 Clinique Even Better Skin

Dark spots, dark circles, yellow tones, blackheads, acne, pores Tiger Woods could get a putt down…it’s literally the stuff of nightmares, and here at Amanda Zips It Up we are inundated with divas in distress over these issues. Personally, I never thought it would be possible to find a solution I could use at home, without having to take up residence at my local dermatologist.

Boy, was I wrong!


For as long as I can remember, there was a fear attached to using Clinique products on your face – on the grounds that they were “too clinical,” “too tough on skin” and full of harsh chemicals. FORGET THAT! I am here to tell you that the new skin clearing solutions from Clinique are the best in the business. And I am selecting a bundle of my absolute “can’t live withouts” which I have stacked on repeat in my bathroom at home, at work, and at my boyfriend’s house. So clear your mind and let Ask Aurora clear your skin!


Thermal Active Technology sounds all very scientific. But this little genius will warm on the skin with water and open the pores whilst the activated exfoliating tip dusts off the debris. The Salicylic Acid and Glucosamine blend packs a punch but skin is clear and comfortable soon after.


Teenage kicks are one thing. Teenage skin is another. But breakouts will wish they’d never been born with this oil-absorbing and controlling comforter. A clever double action lightly hydrates the skin whilst the anti-irritant clearing treatment works its magic.


Yes, it tingles. But totally without drama. With its clever use of Vitamin C particles, your skin is immediately unified and uneven zones look instantly corrected. It actively hinders the formation of new discolorations. And its almost perfumeless scent makes it ideal for men also!


Want to up the anti? Prime your skin with this ultra high SPF50 which will prohibit unwanted pigmentation and immediately brighten the skin. Great under make-up with immaculate hold.


Foundation has almost become a dirty word in the make up business, but this hits back hard at all the “glow-hungry naturalistas” out there who dare to bare. Suitable for all skin types, giving a moderate, luminizing coverage and available in a tantalizing 30 shades, it’s a make up to break up dullness and dark spots into the dust.


Losing grip and firmness? Now you can literally contour in your sleep. And awake to the skin of your dreams. Actively sculpts fine lines, jawlines and necklines with a supple gel-cream hydration whilst regenerating against the daytime elements.

Go on, what are you waiting for? GO GLOW, WITHOUT THE DARK!!!



… a word from the Editor

Welcome to this Halloween issue of Amanda Zips It Up.

In this issue we check out some costumes that made headlines last year amongst A List celebrities, as a possible hint of inspiration for this year’s festivities.

Halloween has evolved into an ‘anything goes’ free-for-all, and if you want to shock your neighbours while out trick or treating this Wednesday evening then check out these little numbers.


Fashion Nova has launched a pair of ‘Show ‘Em Off Leggings’ which leave NOTHING to the imagination – a pair of £15.30 leggings which boast a front cut-out, exposing virtually everything.

From mid-thigh down they are quite nice and normal. But, around the pelvic area they take an unexpected – and dare we say it, unwanted – turn. Let’s just say, underwear would be an impossibility.

They cost £15.30, and they can be shipped to the UK.

It’s not the first time that Fashion Nova has surprised us with their bold looks. Earlier this year we revealed their pair of jeans which appear normal from the front, but totally bonkers from behind.

The denims had a cut out BUM – we can’t imagine anyone actually wearing them!

  • Party in the Back Skinny Jeans, £27, Fashion Nova

Whatever you wear, make it spooky. In this instalment we also discuss the return of stockings and suspenders.

Hey Big Suspender

According to recent statistics, Brits can’t get enough of sexy lingerie and suspender sales have rocketed in 2018.

So, if you want to assemble an early wish list for Santa, here’s high street’s hottest hosiery. They can look classy, elegant and glamourous, so it’s no surprise nylon stockings were an instant hit when they first went on sale in the US in 1939. However, sales started to decline after nylon tights hit the market in the 1950s

I find suspenders fiddly, impractical and a little old-fashioned. By rights, stockings and suspenders should be relegated to the back of the underwear drawer. But it turns out we just can’t get enough of them.

  • Blue bra, £22.50 and suspender brief, £18, both from Hunkemoller at Asos
  • Nude lace stockings, £5 from M&S

John Lewis has reported a massive 132 per cent sales boost of the sexy lingerie in a consumer trends report.As more and more women adopt the vintage look, stockings and suspenders are pinging off the shelves. Of course, they are not for everyday wear, mainly because they take too long to get on and they’re not as comfy or resilient as good old trusty tights. But stockings aren’t designed to be practical. No one throws them on with a pair of trainers to browse the aisles of Tesco. Well, most of us anyway…

  • Red bra, £8.99 from H&M
  • Briefs, £18 from H&M
  • Suspender belt, £9.99 from H&M
  • Black stockings, £3.50 from Primark

  • White bra, £22.50 from Asos —
  • Suspender brief, £18 from Asos
  • Suspender brief, £18 from Asos

  • Black bra, £14.99 from New Look
  • Briefs, £4.99 from New Look
  • Suspender belt, £12.99 from New look
  • Black stockings, £9 from Ann Summers

  • Green bra, £34 from Ann Summers
  • Thong, £14 from Ann Summers
  • Suspender belt, £25 from Ann Summers — bu
  • Stockings, £5 from M&S —