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We’re in the middle of August and as much as I love spending a chunk of my summers on the Balearics, this month, and this week in particular, it’s so busy it’s actually annoying.

The negatives.

The Ibiza traffic is so heavy that a simple 20-minute trip to the airport now takes an hour.

intro 8

Getting off a plane takes longer than flying from Gatwick to Ibiza, because it seems as if there are only 2 or 3 buses available to lug all the passengers from 20 or more planes from tarmac to terminal. And trying to get out of the airport is like leaving Wembley stadium after the Cup Final at full time.

intro 3

Tables are full in restaurants, car park spaces are few, and there’s the usual complaint about Italian male tourists pinching the bottoms of English girls in front of their boyfriends.

Mallorca isn’t as bad – mainly because it’s a larger island and its infrastructure can better accommodate the masses. But you’ll be hard pressed to find a space on beaches, whichever you go to.

The positives.

The crap mid July-mid August weather in the UK means last-minute tourism to Spain has increased by 150%. Plus Love Island’s massive popularity and lasting legacy means Mallorca is perhaps overriding Ibiza in the young tourism stakes.

intro 5

The ‘Love Island’ look is everywhere too. It’s my job to spot trends and the ‘Boobs & Bum’ with ‘Lips & Sunnies’ and ‘buff bods with smart hairdos’ image is to be seen all-over the streets of San Antonio and Magaluf.

I don’t mind this at all. It means we’re all a little more health and body conscious and less ‘lager lout’ and beer-belly tolerant.

So from my summer observations to this weeks blog, we check out autumn /winter ’17 trends, Oriental fashion and a must-have for girls with large bosoms.


Autumn / Winter ’17 Trends

Autumn / winter 2017 fashion trends: Style notes for the season ahead

Just as you are lying by the pool with your summer head still on, the A/W’17 fashion trends are already landing in stores… so put down the trashy novel and start making notes.

From futuristic fabrics, to tonal dressing, fashion’s throwing some frivolous and occasionally revolutionary ideas our way next season. There’s nothing to stop you from getting ahead of the pack and working a few of these into your wardrobe right now. These are the trends worth noting…

Hi, Shine

When Karl Lagerfeld built a Chanel rocket launch pad in the middle of the Grand Palais at Paris Fashion Week, the trend for space-age fabrics was confirmed. Fluid silver lamé is used for evening dresses at Paco Rabanne, while Christopher Kane uses iridescent foil and J.W. Anderson declares chainmail to be the unexpected new party fabric.

aw 3

Get the gloss

Raf Simons made his debut at Calvin Klein, coating every outerwear option in his collection in clear plastic. Elsewhere, Miu Miu, Roksanda and Fendi are also going big on the patent and PVC.

aw 4

Tonal time

Roksanda, Preen and more of the big names in London have declared that it is time to brush up on our colour coordination, championing top-to-toe tonal dressing for all. The key to getting it right for now, it seems, is to offset with one accessory in a contrasting hue.

aw 5

Corduroy comeback

Prada, Mulberry and Lemaire lead the charge for a cord revival, reimagined in new, feminine silhouettes. The new corduroys come in blush, terracotta or teal – a far cry from the geography professors of yesteryear.

aw 2

Sharp suiting

The top takeaway from the latest round of shows? Get yourself some decent tailoring. For the new season, jackets are more fitted and less shoulder-padded than the last. Celine, Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein and more, say that looking the part is as good as being the part.

aw 1

Granny knits

If Christopher Kane says the cardigan is back, who are we to argue? His come readily pilled with shiny buttons, while Gucci even team theirs with Nanna’s pearls.

aw 6

Oriental Fashion

The Oriental trend has been everywhere since springtime.

Exotic floral prints and grown-up kimonos are just a few ways the high street is offering up Eastern styles. And they’re surprisingly easy to work into your everyday wardrobe.

Dame Helen Mirren, 71, looked gorgeous in an eastern flowing wrap style dress recently, while Celine Dion, 49, is continuing to ‘have fun’ with fashion, stepping out in Paris wearing a silk purple Oriental style dress and an embroidered Gucci bag.

oriental main

Actress Naomi Watts, 48, opted for a sequin beaded midi dress with a cherry blossom printed skirt and ankle strap heels.

The point being, these celebs (and many youngers ones too) demonstrate that you can wear the trend, wherever you are and whatever your age.

Here are a few simple ways you can taste the Orient…

oriental 9 oriental 8 oriental 7 oriental 6 oriental 5 oriental 4 oriental 3 oriental 2 oriental 1

The Ta Ta Towel

This feature doesn’t apply to me in the slightest, but every woman with big boobs has been there, apparently.

You get out the shower clean and fresh but as soon as you start drying your hair and getting ready, the boob sweat begins. Within ten minutes it sometimes feels like you actually need another shower.

But thankfully there finally might be a solution in the form of a new style of bra.

bra 1

Admittedly, the Ta Ta Towel looks bizarre, ugly and far from a pretty lace number. And it would slip off me in seconds. But it could spell the end of one of the most annoying parts of bigger girls’ going out routines.

Buyers are going crazy for the new bra – with many designs listed as sold out on the official social media pages.

But this feature would definitely have applied to me; Pregnant women have also been praising the new bra, which costs £35, saying it is good on sensitive nipples and absorbs leaking breast milk.

The woman behind the new design, Erin Robertson, came up with the idea after having a nightmare getting ready for a date.

Writing on her website, she says: “I tried everything. I tucked tea towels under my breasts, I tried dumping baby powder all over me, I even put a t-shirt on and tucked it under my boobs.

bra 2

“I kept thinking: “There HAS to be a better way to keep the beads of sweat from dripping down my stomach.”

She kept thinking about it for the whole date (I can only assume it wasn’t the most exciting evening…) and the idea finally hit her when she got home. Soon her prototype was ready and she started handing them out to her friends.

They became a big hit and are now being sold online to people across the world.

So goodbye sweaty boobs – you won’t be missed (apparently).

… a word from the Editor & Blogger

intro me

Welcome to this weeks Balearic instalment of Amanda Zips It Up.

The blog is doing so brilliantly, I have expanded. I’m proud to introduce my team of contributing writers in this weeks post.

We’re slap bang in the middle of a heatwave right here in the southern Med, whilst the UK and northern Europe shivers (she types, with a smug smile on her face) during what should be our summer holiday period.

As a fashion blogger, my job is to inform you how to be seasonally in touch with current trends, and this ‘trend’ is particularly relevant to being ‘beach body / bikini ready’. Let call it ‘The V Area’. No prizes for guessing what we’re talking about.

Intro 5

Enter: V Highlighter. A product, which dares to suggest your vagina needs perfecting. A cream, which is infused with Vitamin E and elderflower, placed on your genitals and removes that shaving rash. Its official use is for what the brand has coined “the V” (the pubis, vulva, and bikini-line triangle).

intro V 2Intro V 1

V Highlighter isn’t suggesting that your vagina needed fixing but promises to soothe and smooth, the visible skin in sensitive areas that are commonly waxed, shaved, and stripped of hair.

Intro 6

It promises to minimize razor bumps, eradicated ingrown hairs, and reduced irritation almost entirely.

All bodies deserve to be comfortable and cared for. V Highlighter will ensure your V feels better when it’s highlighted and if anyone has used this product, all feedback is welcome.

Onto this weeks blog and we check out how to travel in absolute fashionista style, my Guest Fashion Editor Channelle Clark Bruccoleri reports on how to survive the summer fashionably, whilst being pregnant, Victoria Beckham sues a chip shop, and Holly Reed reviews Pete Tong’s Classical night at Destino Ibiza. .

With thanks to Contributing Editor, Mira Manley  – who brings me the best hair raising stories every week.

It’s all here. Enjoy. x

Victoria Beckham Sues Chippy

One of Victoria Beckham’s key features is that she has always been very slim.

VB is now suing a takeaway over a “thoughtless” advert boasting that its pizza crusts are thinner than her. The slogan on the back of their pizza delivery van is emblazoned with a skeletal caricature of the fashion queen.

Sidhu Golden Fish and Chips in North Tyneside proudly declares its pizza crusts are thinner than VB.

VB 1

A spokesperson for the former Spice Girl branded the images, which consist of a skeletal caricature of her eating an apple, “thoughtless” and “inappropriate”. The slogan on the back of their pizza delivery van is emblazoned with the caricature of the famous WAG wearing a sash which reads “Anorexic Fashion Icon”.

Ouch. That’s got to hurt.

VB 2

The fashion designer’s spokesperson said: “It is highly inappropriate to trivialise such a disorder, and defamatory to be so thoughtless with a person’s reputation in this way, sadly this is now a legal matter.”

Manager Soni Sidhu said that he never meant to offend anyone with the advert – and that his customers see it in context. He said: “As the manger and on the behalf of all our staff and owners I would like to state we recognise how serious eating disorders are and would never make light the seriousness of people with eating disorders.

VB 3

VB’s people in response commented, “To trivialise anorexia in a pizza advert is appalling. There has been a lot of good work done around mental health recently, especially by the royals, in reducing the stigma attached to eating disorders. This is a step in the wrong direction. The people responsible for this should hang their heads in shame”.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 15.59.28

Over to you. What do you think?

Summer Pregnancy Fashion

By Chanelle Clark Bruccoleri

Guest Fashion Editor

preg 5

Once the incredulous news of my pregnancy was delivered, ”Congratulations ”were offered, swiftly to be followed by sympathy for carrying throughout summer. Not entirely surprising when you consider that heat and humidity can take their toll on anyone, naturally even more so when with child. However I viewed this as a positive; not only is summer my favourite season but the clothing options for my baby bump seemed endless; kaftans, tunics, maxi and T shirt dresses aplenty being the order of the day for a laid back, boho- luxe vibe. All chosen in lightweight, floaty, breathable fabrics such as chiffon, cotton, linen and silk for extra comfort. Left Bank Six being the ideal fashion emporium to fulfill said needs.

preg 6

Personally I have opted to stick to bikinis as I found that the maternity swimwear available just doesn’t remotely cut it. Accessories are also paramount and I got decorative and added colour to my typically monochromatic wardrobe with hats, sunglasses, embellished fringed beach bags and cute sandals of every description. Note to self, flats rule during pregnancy in the heat as swollen ankles are never a good look.

preg 4

On a health and beauty vibe, heightened attention is needed with your SPF’s (min 30) as the hormonal changes wreak havoc with your skin’s sensitivity and brunettes are particularly susceptible to brown spots. The Flipside of this is that sunshine equals vitamin D something that people are commonly deficient in when expecting. I’d highly recommend swimming as it’s cooling and takes the weight off temporarily whilst keeping you trim in the process. Pile long hair up in a messy bun so it’s manageable and away from your neck and always have an atomiser of Caudalie Beauty Elixir or the like to refresh and add radiance to your skin.

preg 3

Overall when expecting stay true to the look you usually opt for; You can never have enough of the ubiquitous Missoni stripes in every form and Nine in the Mirror is your one-stop online shop for every occasion offering non- maternity designer wear to take you through every trimester. Pregnancy shouldn’t stand in the way of great style!

How To Travel In Style

So you’re finally leaving the gloomy UK for warmer climes on summer hols. As if arriving five hours before your flight takes off, so that security can force you to go through check-in again because somehow you’ve exceeded your liquid allowance, isn’t annoying enough, there’s the Gigi Hadid consideration.

travel 2

Yes, Instagram has raised the bar, even in that bastion of slob dressing, for some: the British airport. Long gone are the days when you wore your pristine Sunday best to fly. However, it’s still nice to dress up a little for travelling. It’s part of the holiday, in my book.

Obviously, one wants to be comfortable but stylish. Maybe you are flying to Ibiza on that Easyjet 10pm red eye and heading straight to Pacha from the airport? Or maybe you’re going hand luggage only, which means wearing your best outfit on the plane instead of packing (and creasing) it? What about how cold it gets on the plane with the air-con cranked up to the max, even though it’s 40 degrees when you touch down?

Well here’s the answer to your travelling fashion conundrums. Jogging Suits and funky jumpers.

Designer Zoe Jordan has seen her business boom thanks to two new travel-related categories: soft knitwear with interesting details, and cashmere-mix jogging suits with trims that are stylish rather than fussy. You could easily wear them off the plane and out to dinner or clubbing, if you’re pushed for time. Simply accessorise with heels, clutch and hoops to go from that sleepy flight to the dance floor.

travel 1

Hubble knit, £325, Zoe Jordan. Striped track pants, £149, Me+Em

Pete Tong’s Ibiza Classical Night At Destino

On Saturday night I ventured out of the safety of a quiet and remote villa in San Jose to mingle with the Ibiza glitterati at my favourite outdoor music venue on the white isle, Pacha’s Destino resort.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 10.44.04
The night began for me with a grand welcome from Pacha press who invited me along to celebrate their 50th anniversary and Pete Tong’s Ibiza Classics Night..We were met with Brazilian style carnival girls at the door, one I know very well, the talented dancer Lucy Yasmin. Began to feel at home almost instantly.
Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 10.42.51
Destino itself is a spectacle but Pacha’s production and animation/events team that night didn’t miss a trick, with dancers around the pool area and performances from the best drag opera singer I have ever seen and heard, and in my network that says a lot! I’ll never listen to ‘Part of your World’ the same way again and there’s nothing more camp than a falsetto drag queen diving in full mermaid costume with custom fish tail (I want it) into the most beautiful swimming pool in Ibiza.
Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 10.43.06
Moving through to the sunset session we were in the presence of Ibiza DJ legends. Firstly there was DJ Pipi with a quality house and disco set who made way for the great Alfredo who took us on a musical journey of classics including Mora Cante’s ‘Yeke Yeke’. Performance wise, two male gymnastics stopped the bustling crowd with their amazing display of human strength with gladiator like presence and atmospheric background music I felt like I was in a Blockbuster movie..

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 10.43.34
Moving swiftly on from that flashback, the main event was Mr Pete Tong’s Ibiza Classics show, starring the man himself. He arrives with great aplomb and rapturous applause and the 65 piece London based Heritage Orchestra rustle in their seats and I got that ‘this is going to be an epic Ibiza night feeling’..
Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 10.43.18
The Concert began with the rousing Fatboy Slim anthemic ‘Right here Right now’ and the crowd’s appetite was wettened, the temperature dropped and so did the tracks, including the almighty ‘Lola’s Theme’, ‘Insomnia’ and ‘Born Slippy.’

The climax for me was the finale when the 3 amazing house vocalists sang Candi Staton’s  ‘You’ve got the love’.

The whole night was produced and executed very well and I would hasten to say the real Ibiza locals, ex pats, entertainment industry professionals and even the Ibiza music purists (thank you DJ James Reid for humouring me with my singalong moments) had a night to very much remember, well I certainly did.

By Holly Reed, Guest Features Editor

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 09.57.37