Welcome back to Amanda Zips It Up…

Welcome back to Amanda Zips It Up and Autumn 2021.

It’s good to be back.

I had a glorious summer in the Balearics although it is still a very different place following the pandemic with curfews and closures. Ibiza – the former party capital of the world is by day – pretty normal, with busy beaches, bars and restaurants – but as the clock strikes midnight, the island becomes an actual ghost town. A world away from everything we used to love about the white island. But I am happy (and old enough) to appreciate day time parties and accept we live in a new world now.

What is happening next week is the Ibiza Fashion Festival.

The Ibiza Fashion Festival is a showcase for sustainable and environmentally conscious brands. If you’re on the island, you simply MUST see this.

This year my friend and organiser Karen has chosen ten of the best designers who work with innovative materials derived from recycled plastic waste and organic fabrics.

EdwardRenner, Oforigin, NaturezaBrazileriabyJosh, Dancing Leopard, Cary Fraguerio, Caridad Rojas, Bikimi, Lookslikecool, Plastic lab Jewellery Disfructa la vida..



CLOSE 22.30

IBIZA FASHION FESTIVAL on Wednesday 15 September, from 18:00 to 22:30. A unique fashion event at the gorgeous Kazamor venue in Cala Vadella, where the real Ibiza spirit lives.

A limited number of standard entries available by way of donation to Plastic Free Ibiza. Donations will allow a beach clean-up to be organised after the show in the following days, all guests will be invited to participate on the beach and share on social channels to raise awareness.

A VIP enclosure will be situated under an elevated canopy where you can enjoy an authentic three course tapas menu, with a bottomless drinks package. Here you will be hosted continuously throughout the runway show.

All VIPs will be gifted a complimentary goodie bag filled with well-known sustainable designer and beauty products as part of the experience.

Advance Tickets and VIP packages


RSVP hello@ibizafashionfestival.com for list and €20 donation on door for Plastic Free Ibiza.

Enjoy this week’s instalment.

Autumn Fashion Trends 2021


Crochet & Patchwork

Thanks to Lockdown, we have become quite DIY creative at home with our own projects and this has materialised on the catwalk with high end designers featuring plenty of these styles.

The Mega Tote or tiny purse.

The bigger the better and must be slung over your shoulder, Santa style.

Or go tiny with an itty-bitty purse, just big enough for your lipstick.

Preppy Punk

Kilt mini-skirts, berets, safety pin badges, leather and big stompy boots.

Think Gossip Girl meets The Adams Family.


Red Hearts on your chest or accessorise with hearts.


The ready for anything superhero trend, in knits and retro prints.


Canary yellow gloves are not just for scrubbing. Seen everywhere with rolled up sleeves at all the shows – but mostly in pink.

£395 Calvinklein.com

Yeti Boots

Snow boots worn with your slinkiest slip dress for evening wear is my favourite trend ever.

The Cape

This season’s coat silhouette is the thigh length cape. Must have puffy volume shoulders, worn with a minidress and boots or slimline trousers to create the belle shape.

Knitted Bonnets

Not just for babies, the bonnet is the must-have headwear this Autumn. Go for the Miu Miu knitted bonnet complete with chin strap. Wear with GOGGLES.


OUT: Skinny jeans are out. Point blank, period. If you’re wearing skinny jeans for men in 2021, we hate to say it, but we’re judging you. … Honestly, nowadays you’ll probably have a harder time finding skinny jeans than you would any other pair since retailers have even caught on to the dying trend.

Sports Sunglasses like OAKLEYS.

  • IN: Good Vibe T-Shirts. The path to positivity begins in your T-shirt drawer. 
  • Stuff with Good Pockets.
  • Long-Sleeved Polos. …
  • Bright Yellow. …
  • Patchwork Shirts. …
  • Jeans. … Wide, cropped and dark 

Stüssy and Birkenstock have crafted another variation of the perfect seasonless shoe. The iconic Boston, a staple since 1979, is crafted from single piece of suede with a rounded toe and set on a signature moulded beige suede and cork footbed. The slide-on suede silhouette comes in three distinct colours like pink and camel, and features the Stüssy logo on the edge. Ready for the sand, grass, or concrete, any time of year.

They must be worn with woolly socks, especially the pastel shades.

£100 Birkenstock.com

Tank Tops or Sweater Vests

Woolly sweater tank tops are going to be huge for men and women this Autumn. Wear over a shirt featuring a slogan like this one from Hades, who are celebrating their fifth birthday with their ‘Hunky Dory’ collection in honour of David Bowie. I’ll wear mine with bare arms.



Tie-dye Fleece Sweatshirts

I never thought I’d be typing these words but fleeces are IN for Autumn. I’m not talking about the average OAP fleece from Sports Direct either. These are called MEGA FLEECES and they have to be in a tie-dye design, like this one by GOODBOY. Wear with flared dark denim jeans.



Beyoncé At Tiffany’s

Not only has Grammy and Oscar award winner Beyoncé just turned 40 (looking half her age whilst launching her new Ivy Park collection with Adidas) but she has recently been rocking one of the world’s most expensive diamonds too.

Beyoncé and Jay Z are the new faces of Tiffany’s. The Carters get to wear a 128.54-carat stone in a recently launched ad campaign – the jeweller’s latest attempt to rebrand itself.

The musician sports the “priceless” 128.54-carat stone alongside husband Jay-Z for Tiffany & Co. Beyoncé only the fourth woman, and the first Black woman, to wear the unique diamond in more than a century.

The campaign will last a year and include a short film in which Beyoncé will sing Moon River, a nod to Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 hit movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Beyoncé follows in the footsteps of Audrey Hepburn and Lady Gaga in wearing the famous jewellery piece, which was obtained by Charles Tiffany after being discovered in South Africa in 1877. Lady Gaga was the third woman to wear the stone at the 2019 Academy Awards.

The new campaign will take over digital billboards in New York’s Time Square. Some of the campaign’s photos also show the Carters posing in front of rare 1982 artwork that has rarely been seen before in public, according to Tiffany.

The adverts are part of an overarching campaign from Tiffany’s new owners, the French super conglomerate LVMH, to modernise its appeal for a younger crowd.

Welcome to a younger, more funky Tiffany’s.

The Louis Vuitton 20k Bike


Louis Vuitton has launched a £20,200 shopping bike, manufactured in collaboration with Paris-based bicycle-maker, Maison Tamboite, featuring a decorated frame emblazoned with the famous LV logo in a range of colours.

The wheel rims are made of tinted wood and labelled with the brand name.

The bike comes in options of traditional brown and yellow, as well as red and black – my favourite. Most are equipped with a shopping basket at the front.

To justify the £20k price tag they feature a GPS hidden under the saddle so owners can locate their bike WHEN it gets stolen, I would suggest, as opposed to IF.

The hand-made bikes are a symbol of “Parisian chic” and perfect for a two wheeled adventure in the city or countryside – or to go and pick up your brie and baguettes (whilst carrying the obligatory onions).

Sarah Harding – A Tribute

In my eyes, Sarah Harding stood out from the rest of Girls Aloud, not just for being the loudest, the most charismatic, honest and real, but also for her 60’s rock chick image and general sense of style. Whilst many people assume Girls Aloud was all about Cheryl – not for me. I only really noticed Sarah. It’s fair to say I was never exactly a Girls Aloud fan, but Sarah Harding had something special.

She died this week following diagnosis with terminal cancer only last year, and I had literally just finished reading her book “Hear Me Out” this summer. With dark humour, Harding described it as ‘my first and only book’. And in its closing pages, she said she hoped to “go out with a bang”.

Now I didn’t know Sarah directly. We had mutual friends, and I’m pretty sure we’d have been in the same places at the same time, but we never crossed paths. So, I base a lot of this piece on her book, which I thoroughly recommend.

She wrote: ‘What I would really like to do is to see everyone, all my friends all together, one last time and then I would throw a great big fuck off party to say thank you and good bye. Wouldn’t that be amazing?’

That wasn’t to be. The ‘hard reality’, as she described it, was that she was already far too ill for a gathering of any sort. Unsteady on her feet due to lesions on her brain, she was devastated at her loss of independence, which had forced her to move back in with her mum.

When Sarah had discovered a lump under her arm early last year, she’d dismissed it as a cyst, perhaps caused by the strap of her guitar. She had her first appointment in March last year and was diagnosed with breast cancer in July. Obviously, she had put off seeing a doctor due to the Pandemic.

Then followed a mastectomy, that ‘broke her heart’, chemotherapy and radiotherapy – all endured during lockdown. If there is a legacy Sarah can leave us it checking ourselves regularly and NEVER EVER leaving it if you suspect something is wrong.

There were two Sarah Hardings, each as real as the other. One was the party girl, wild and risk-taking –which I resonate with completely – but also prone to anxiety and self-doubt even though she was tall blonde and stunning, she always considered herself the ‘ugly duckling’ of the band.

The other Sarah was a quieter person who was happy cooking, spending time with family and pets, and reading a book.

She wrote that in her Girls Aloud years, she became a caricature – a ‘rock chick, blonde bombshell, party girl, the caner of the band’. She added: ‘For me it was like, ‘Oh that’s who I am then. I’ve been looking for my role so this must be it.’ It became easy for me. I liked a drink, I was a bit rebellious, I liked to go out partying so it was a win/win. Until it wasn’t.’

She added: ‘Somewhere among the nightclubs, the frocks and hairdos, the big chart hits and the glamour of being a pop star, the other Sarah Harding got utterly lost… there most definitely is that fun crazy party girl in me, there always was. I can see a little of myself in that statement too.

Her great love was DJ Tom Crane and they were together for four years. He proposed to her in the Maldives in 2011 – but they split a few months later.

This seems to have been the cue for her to press a self-destruct button. She wrote of a ‘dark, difficult period’ when she was ‘on a treadmill of booze, sleeping pills and drugs’. 

And in recent years she had been hoping to go back to singing and working on a new direction as a blues singer.

At the time of her diagnosis, she had signed up to take part in a Girls Aloud reunion and tour in 2022 – the 20th anniversary of the band’s inception. It wasn’t to be.

She did reunite with the girls at Soho Farmhouse last year for a last weekend though – and it was the first time they had all met for years.

Typically, Sarah worried about not looking glamorous enough, about being bloated due to steroids and losing her eyelashes to chemotherapy.

The fact is she was beautiful, wild, rebellious, sweet, fun, loving and vulnerable. She didn’t believe she was good enough and ‘winging it’ at every step. But who doesn’t feel like that? I know I do sometimes.

She had a stand-out eye for fashion with an edge. I loved her short peroxide blonde pixie hair-cut and 60s style make-up, so Twiggy with a dash of Bardot. Her structured dresses for the red carpet were always glamorous yet edgy and she was definitely influenced by a bit of Kate Moss, Debbie Harry and Courtney Love. Here are my favourite Sarah Harding images. 

Gone but never forgotten.

… an ADIOS from Amanda until September…

So here we are, the end of July and possibly the beginning of the end of lockdown and the pandemic.

It has been a tough year or so but I’m so pleased I have managed to continue to bring you all the latest fashion and lifestyle pieces every week to keep us all sane during these insane times.

I am off to the Balearics for August but I shall be back, refreshed and ready to rock & roll in September.

Whilst on the subject of the Balearics, I wanted to mention the Ibiza Fashion Festival which is being held on 15th September at Kazamor Ibiza and the runway will be a live broadcast with amazing international designers showcasing their stunning collections. They will be raising money for Plastic Free Ibiza, who with the Ibiza Preservation Fund are on a mission to rid Ibiza of plastic by 2023 and all info can be found on www.ibizafashionfestival.com

Entry will be by donation and there will be VIP dinner packages available with goody bags.

Ibiza Fashion Festival is now in its 5th year and 2021’s event is shaping up to be the best year ever. with details coming soon.

Have a wonderful summer and see you all in SEPTEMBER.

Peace & Love, Amanda xxxx

How To Cure A Holiday Hangover

It’s summer, and you may be on a Balearic beach, a Croatian boat or in your back garden, but if you’re in ‘holiday mode’ it’s probably safe to say there are a few late nights and hangovers on the horizon.

Aged 21 – 35, we could party until 6am and still get up at 8am and go to work. But post- 40 comes the devastating realisation that you’re definitely not immune to hangovers anymore.

Yes, feeling shocking the morning after is a dead cert. Once you’ve taken up full residency on your couch, how do you cure a hangover?

It’s better to use natural remedies, as popping Neurofen on an empty stomach after a large alcohol intake can lead to ulcers and other liver damage. Plus, it takes time for the booze to clear your system. Sadly, the only way to guarantee your hangover goes away is to wait it out.

Let’s start by understanding why you feel like sh*t in the first place.

Hangovers are typically a three-in-one suck fest that include dehydration, hormone dysfunction, and a run-down immune system. As a result, you experience the classic headache, nausea, dizziness, and indigestion trilogy.

Sadly though, there’s really no singular “best” way to treat hangovers. But before you throw in the towel and make yourself a Bloody Mary (which definitely does help that hangover headache), consider the following helpful info regarding natural and healthier options.

Water & Full Fat Coke

Alcohol decreases the production of the anti-diuretic hormone that helps the body reabsorb and retain water. Increasing water intake in general will help with this. By virtue of being liquid, full fat coke may also help alleviate the dehydration that stems from drinking.


Alcohol is a potent inhibitor of the sleep hormone melatonin. When you go to sleep hammered, alcohol inhibits your melatonin, and you can wake up tired even after eight hours of sleep.

That said, sleep can be particularly restorative for hangover symptoms – even after *technically* getting a full night’s sleep — do yourself a favour and grab a mid-afternoon nap.

Electrolyte Powder

That blackcurrant Dioralyte sachet your mum gave you when you were home sick as a kid worked wonders on your stomach bug recovery. Fun fact, it can still work now you’re a big bad grownup. Pro-tip: drink it as soon as you get home, instead of immediately passing out for the night.

Electrolyte powder is a good option for hydrating before bed and throughout the next day after waking up with a hangover. 

Bagels with Everything

Alcohol impairs the kidneys’ ability to concentrate urine, so you end up losing extra sodium and potassium—aka electrolytes or substances that conduct electrical impulses—every time you hit the toilet. The resulting imbalance contributes to next-day symptoms like shaky hands and feet—but bagels, which tend to be super salty and also contain potassium, help replenish lost stores to make you feel better, according to Strang. Add cream cheese and bacon and you’ll get a dose of protein, which neutralizes the irritating acids alcohol leaves in your stomach.

Tomato Juice / Bloody Mary

If last night’s indiscretions left your stomach irritated, hair of the dog may cause more trouble, but it’s not a terrible choice. The Bloody Mary is an electrolyte solution with nice and healthy complex carbohydrates. Vodka may prolong your hangover long-term but tomatoes deliver complex carbohydrates that improve blood sugar with longer-lasting results than simple sugars in coke. The celery, lemon, salt & pepper and spicy Worcester sauce will perk you up too.

At the end of the day (or a very, very late night), plain tomato juice beats the Bloody Mary.

Bananas & Honey

Bananas deliver potassium, an electrolyte you lose when you sweat or pee. The fruit also contains vitamins C and B6 which help neutralise free radicals that negatively affect the liver after drinking. The antioxidant Vitamin C specifically prevents the conversion of alcohol to aldehyde, the organic compound that’s generated when your body breaks down booze and contributes to hangover symptoms.

Honey plays a role, too. Fructose is a natural sugar that helps to metabolize alcohol, the sugars in this snack send glucose to the blood stream quickly so you feel less irritable.

Coconut Water & Lime Juice

I use this as my hangover cure – as well a normal water, coconut water gets extra credit since it contains electrolytes. Replacing the sodium and potassium you lost last night helps your body perform functions that bring you back to baseline.

Also, the addition of lime juice doesn’t just make the drink taste better, it adds extra sugar that can moderate your moodiness once it hits the bloodstream.

How To Stop Shoes Ruining Your Holiday

How to stop shoes rubbing is something we’ve all Googled after a cute new pair (very annoyingly) leaves us with blisters. Breaking in new shoes can be a painful affair, so how do you go about stopping it?

Flip flops, sandals and strappy heels – all these favourites can wreak havoc on the condition of our feet – and that can sometimes be enough to cut short a fun night out. I know because I’ve been there many times. And a night cut short is the last thing we want, now that restrictions are finally lifting.

Thankfully, with these footwear hacks, where I’ve dealt with rubbing and many other every-day footwear problems, you and your toes can be in a happy place… especially if you’re off on your holidays.

1. Men in closed shoes – if they get hot or sweaty, put them into a carrier bag and in the freezer overnight. This will kill all bacteria that can cause problems such as fungal infections.

2. Girls, choose wedges or block heels over stilettos where possible… as these offer more support under foot.

3. If you do insist on wearing six inch heels… try spraying some deodorant or applying some Vaseline to the inside of the heel area to help avoid blisters, Or, pick up a Compeed Anti-Blister Stick. For just £3.80, you get a small, purse-friendly stick that applies an invisible lubricant to stop painful rubbing.

4. Learn how to walk PROPERLY in high heels… and I don’t mean just perfecting walking without falling over. One of the main reasons high heels are painful on the balls of the feet is because all of our body weight is thrown onto the small joints of our toes. Standing up straight and concentrating on putting the weight through your heels will give you immediate relief from the balls of your feet.

5. Men in trainers – if rubbing does occur… make sure you have some surgical tape with you to apply to any areas that begin to rub – it’ll prevent blisters and won’t cost you an arm and a leg,

6. Choose well-supported sandals over flip flops… flip flops can have a negative impact on your feet, posture and body so ditch them in favour of a more supportive, well-fitting sandal to avoid longer-term problems.

7. But if you’re a flip flop fanatic… look for styles which contour towards the bottom of the foot with a thicker strap to hold the foot in place, and avoid thin soles.

8. Hairspray can help your flip flops from sliding… it won’t completely prevent slippages from occurring, but will help your grip.

9. Use an old toothbrush to clean the flip flop grooves… bacteria and sweat can build up on the bed of your flip flops and begin to smell, beat this with some water mixed with alcohol and an old tooth brush.

10. If your feet are naturally pongy… SOCKS WITH SANDALS are SOOO IN right now. Make the most of it.

11. If your sandals do get damp… sprinkle some baby powder into your shoes and let them soak up all that horrible moisture. If the weather’s nice, leave them outside in the fresh air for added circulation.

12. If your stilettos give you dry or cracked heels… try rubbing them twice a week with a foot file and apply Vaseline after a bath. Follow by putting on a pair of cotton socks to allow the Vaseline to soak in.

13. Wear in your shoes before you wear them… by heating up some thick socks with a hairdryer, putting them on inside the shoes and walking around the house in them.

14. Brand new shoes? Use some sandpaper on the soles to give you a better grip.

Stan & Frankie Jewellery

As regular readers will be aware, I absolutely adore gold “rock star” style jewellery, especially stars and Ziggy Stardust lightning bolts. Think Kate Moss meets Debbie Harry with a dash of Courtney Love in between.

There’s nothing more spectacular than a simple black slip dress with a light tan, hair up, showcasing this ultimate eye-catching rock chick accessory.

I constantly trawl through Insta, checking out the latest edgy, unique and quirky jewellery designers in the UK. Stuff you don’t find easily and isn’t copied en masse for the high street.

Introducing you to one of the best collections I have ever seen. I love absolutely everything, from the earrings to the necklaces. And if you’re not a gold star fan like me, silver feathers or vintage lion heads could be more up your street.

Introducing Donna and her beautiful handmade cult collection Stan & Frankie.

I spoke to Donna about her inspirations and experience

“Having worked in the fashion industry since graduating I then had my first 2 boys Stan&Frankie, I have always wanted to make sterling silver and gold jewellery, so this was the perfect time it was just a hobby at first while I was learning the skills, but friends kept asking for pieces and so it began and consequently because of this that’s why I named the brand after them!

I have always been inspired by Alexander McQueen since university in 1994 and the amazing Shaun Leane his jewellery is beautifully crafted.

Exciting times ahead! I will be opening my first shop close to home in Warwickshire with my workshop in there too, at the end of this year. I may even design some clothing to complement my jewellery too!”

These pieces are truly special and the prices reflect the individuality, quality and workmanship which goes into all of S&F’s beautiful jewellery range.

I have the Ziggy flash in gold which I will wear throughout summer 2021 in the Balearics. Here are my favourites from the Stan & Frankie website:


… a word from Amanda

Welcome to this weeks instalment of Amanda Zips It Up.

Last weekend was utterly glorious in the Balearics and I came back to an even more glorious day – FREEDOM DAY.

It kicked off with my hubby Judge Jules appearing on Good Morning Britain and Sky News discussing the fact that Nightclubs are now open and we were allowed to dance in large numbers. Happiness overload.

Later that day, Mi-Soul Radio hosted their long awaited ‘End Of Lockdown’ party at Boisdale Canary Wharf. It was magical to meet up with so many friends we hadn’t seen for months in the beautiful warm sunshine and boy did we all DANCE our arses off.

It has been a great week. Next Friday will be my last blog before taking August off to holiday with my family in the Balearics.

So enjoy this ‘penultimate’ issue and catch you again next week. x