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September 22 2023

Welcome to this week’s rather packed instalment of Amanda Zips It Up.

And let’s kick things off with a rather disturbing lifestyle issue which affects us all.

Apparently, there’s a very good reason why you shouldn’t be keeping your toothbrush in your bathroom. Yes, it has something to do with ‘poo particles’. 

Turns out we’ve been keeping our toothbrushes in the wrong place since, like, forever. If you keep your toothbrush stored neatly in a little holder at the side of your sink, you’re not alone.

But according to dentists it’s actually pretty unhygienic, especially if you don’t live alone. There are a few reasons, all relating to bacteria, obvs.

So, what’s wrong with keeping your toothbrush in the bathroom? When you flush the toilet, especially with the lid open, tiny water droplets containing bacteria and other microorganisms can become aerosolized and settle on nearby surfaces, including your toothbrush.

This is obviously even worse if your toothbrush is placed in close proximity to your toilet. Yup, that means there’s a very high likelihood your toothbrush is covered in poo particles. Nice.

But that’s not the only issue – there’s also the fact that bathrooms get pretty humid and moist, you know, from all those long, hot showers. So, to add insult to injury, bathrooms tend to be humid environments, which can promote the growth of bacteria and mould on your toothbrush.

And, if you share your bathroom with others, there’s a higher likelihood of cross-contamination because, as Dr Payal says, ‘multiple people may be using the space and touching various surfaces.’

I’ve got to admit, it makes sense. You couldn’t be caught dead eating something in the bathroom, would you? But we put our toothbrushes in our mouths twice a day, everyday.

Where to store your toothbrush then?

Obviously anywhere but your bathroom, ideally in a dry area such as a bedroom or ‘dedicated toothbrush cabinet.

The solutions:

Flush with the lid down: Flushing with the lid up allows poo particles to spread around your bathroom and onto your toothbrush, so try not to do that.

Use a toothbrush cover: A ventilated toothbrush cover will help protect your toothbrush from all those nasty floating bacteria.

Store upright and separated: Store your toothbrush upright in a toothbrush holder or cup to allow it to air dry – and make sure it doesn’t touch other toothbrushes if you’re in a shared bathroom.

Regular cleaning: Make sure you clean your toothbrush holder regularly to avoid mould and bacteria building up

Always rinse toothbrush before using: This one is kind of self-explanatory.

Replace regularly: Toothbrushes should be replaced every 3-4 months or sooner if the bristles become frayedto 

Anyway, onto this week’s instalment, and we check out what Kanye West and Stormzy wore to LFW, the first black female Vogue Editor and gorgeous Sienna Miller at M&S.

Vogue’s First Black Female Editor

Edward Enninful has stepped down from his role of editor-in-chief at British Vogue.

The 51-year-old had held the role for six years, and is now taking up a newly-created role as editorial advisor at British Vogue, plus global creator and cultural advisor to Vogue.

Edward Enninful and Anna Wintour, previous Vogue Editors had ‘issues’

Although there were rumours that Enninful and Anna Wintour had issues behind the scenes, Edward’s efforts to make Vogue more diverse and representative of a wider range of society has been praised during his time at the helm.

So now, one of the most important editor positions in the fashion world has been filled by Chioma Nnadi. Chioma, who is currently editor of the US Vogue website, will take over as head of the British edition of the magazine once Edward leaves – his final issue will be March 2024. This will make Chioma British Vogue’s first Black female head.

Chioma is Swiss-German and Nigerian, and she grew up in London, working on indie titles and then the Evening Standard. She later moved to New York to work for Vogue.

The news comes as London Fashion Week winds down – stylish timing as ever.

Chioma said ‘As a Black woman, but also as a biracial woman, how I view the world is also how I see it – through a lens that is influenced by my background, by where I live, and by having parents from different cultures and having to move between these cultures.’

It’s said she will focus on music and culture, as well as fashion, once in-situ as head of the glossy magazine.

Kanye West at LFW

Kanye West and his rumoured ‘wife’ Bianca Censori appeared at London Fashion Week with yet another bizarre outfit choice.

The rapper, 46, and Bianca – who he is believed to have married in January – have made waves in recent months with their increasingly baffling choice of outfits.

Bianca has been wearing less and less recently (obviously trying to make Kim jealous)– at one point using just a cushion to hide her breasts and lower region at a restaurant in Italy, while Kanye tends to cover his entire bodyincluding his face.

Now, the duo have expanded their unique wardrobe choices, as they attended an exclusive event for LFW. Moving away from recent trends, Bianca was far more covered-up than usual. However, most of this cover-up was focused on her face, as she wore an enormous white, fluffy wig that completely obscured her head, face and shoulders.

Bianca’s gravity-defying wig led to an off-the-shoulder white leotard, covered only at the front and back with wide gaps on the side, showcasing her ribs, bum and legs.

From the back, fans at the event could see the giant wig trailing all the way down her back to past her bum, with Bianca pairing the outfit with see-through heels showing off her toes.

Kanye, meanwhile, kept up the trend of covering every inch of his body, and decided to forego shoes, instead wearing black socks to match the black baggy jumper and trousers. He also wore a wrap of black material around his face, with only a sliver of his neck, nose and hands visible.

I say fair play to them. At least it was something exciting to watch, other than the usual demonstrations and protests going on outside.

Sienna Miller at M&S

These are the items going straight in my basket from Sienna Miller’s killer M&S collection.

Summer is now over (says she, crying) and this is the perfect transitional wardrobe for Autumn 2023. Sienna was the perfect choice for this range, so respect to M&S.

The new season is a great excuse for a fashion refresh and Sienna’s ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY curation with M&S has tons of outfit inspiration for the cooler temperatures, containing flawless transitional pieces that will see you through from Autumn into Winter.

Besides Kate Moss, Sienna’s been a style icon of mine for decades. Ever since she wore THAT gypsy skirt with boho belt and red Rayban wayfarers at Glastonbury – which influenced an entire generation – I’ve loved her.

And the best news about this collection? Prices start at just £15!

With many items such as jumpers and luxe shirts coming in at £29.50, plus chic bags for £35, it’s great to see an A-List range without the A-List price tag.

These are my favourite pieces, curated by the star – including her ‘favourite’ item – the £75 tweed blazer – and I have my eye on the acid yellow knits, including trending buys and bestsellers from the brand.

Stormzy at LFW

Stormzy attended the very glitzy Vogue World bash at London Fashion week, looking extremely dapper in his finery as he mingled with some of the biggest names in showbiz.

He was styled in an asymmetric suit with white satin detailing, joining the likes of Jared Leto, Anna Wintour, James McAvoy and Sienna Miller on the red carpet at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

Billed as a ‘multi-act celebration of the British performing arts’, the extravaganza marked the start of London Fashion Week. It turned out to be a boozy affair, and Stormzy chose to end the night in the only acceptable way… with a McDonalds of course! We’ve all been there.

Sharing some snaps on his Instagram, the grime star documented the stark contrast between how his evening started and how it finished, beginning with a paparazzi shot from the gala. He ended his night by ordering his Maccie Ds on the self-service machine, by this point out of his fancy suit and instead wearing jeans and a tee.

A smiling Stormzy – real name Michael Ebenezer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr – looked in his element, joined by pals Little Simz and Letitia Wright, who were still kitted out in elaborate gowns.

‘Imagine going to get a McFlurry and seeing Stormzy, Little Simz and Letitia Wright’, noted one commentator.

There was one person missing in the pictures Stormzy posted, however, and it didn’t go unnoticed. Stormzy and Love Island host Maya have had the internet in a spin lately after rekindling their romance.

Maya – who recently landed a gig as the face of Dolce & Gabbana – enjoyed a romantic getaway to Greece with Stormzy last month, as pap pictures caught them in Greece.

Neither Maya, 29, nor Stormzy – who first split in 2019 after four years of dating – have publicly commented on this new romance. 

However, sources reckon they’re pretty serious.

Hello from Amanda

Welcome to Amanda Zips It Up as we hit mid-September… The heatwave is over and Autumn is coming. For some, it’s a new academic year, new term, new chapter. But for me, September is all about London Fashion Week.

LFW SS24 is almost here

So, listen up, fashionistas – it’s time to slide into that Miu Miu cashmere and Zara slip dress and march yourself down to 180 The Strand, iced matcha latte in hand. Because London Fashion Week (LFW) is almost here, where all the latest looks for Spring/Summer 2024 (SS24) will be strutting the catwalks. Here’s all the information you need.

When is London Fashion Week 2023?

LFW takes place twice a year: in February and September. This instalment will be from Friday September 15 to Tuesday September 19 2023.

Where is London Fashion Week held?

London Fashion Week usually takes place at 180 The Strand and Somerset House in central London. The closest tubes are Holborn and Temple.

How do I get tickets to London Fashion Week 2023?

Unfortunately, most of the LFW shows are invite-only, so you can’t buy tickets. However, there’s a huge amount of online coverage. 

What designers should I be watching out for?

As well as the big names like Burberry, Simone Rocha, Roksanda and JW Anderson, there are also a ton of exciting newer designers putting on shows. 

LFW events that you can actually attend

Thankfully, LFW also puts on a ‘City Wide Celebration’ with free events and shows staged by brands and designers that the public can attend. The events include designer Q&A sessions, workshops around zero-waste Craftsmanship and upcycling, live music performances, and limited edition product drops. 

You can see the full schedule on the LFW website.

PLUS, big news this week is the EXCLUSIVE teaser on Insta featuring the new RITA ORA collab with PRIMARK, which has been two years in the making. Check out my socials for a sneaky peak. Expect plenty of black lace, denim and plenty of Rita’s quirky style coming to a Primark store near you on TUESDAY 19th SEPT 2023.

In this week’s instalment we’re talking super juices, Naomi Campbell at Pretty Little Thing plus Pammie’s iconic red swimsuit.

Naomi Campbell For Pretty Little Thing

Love them or loathe them,  PrettyLittleThing have produced a ground-breaking collaboration between the most globally recognized supermodel of all time, Naomi Campbell, and young emerging fashion designers Victor Anate from Nigeria and Jamaica-born Edvin Thompson (now based in New York City). 

The exclusive collection features the elegance of Naomi’s timeless style, taking it bang up to date for 2023/4. From figure-worshipping dresses to statement faux fur coats and dreamy knitted co-ords, you’ll be spoilt for choice with a range that will have you showing off your confident side. 

Inspired by Naomi’s looks from the 90s, this collection brings all the attitude and provides all the statement pieces that will take your wardrobe to a whole new level. Got a big event to attend? Why not opt for the black tailored satin lapel blazer dress (my favourite piece) paired with your highest heels and bold accessories for the ultimate fierce finish. Ready to stand out from the crowd? The black mesh seam detail toe thong jumpsuit is just what you need to flatter your l figure and create endless dreamy Naomi vibes. 

“This collaboration is an extension of my commitment to create and promote opportunities for young, emerging designers”, said Campbell. “Within my collection, it was important to recognize and include some of the amazing talent that’s out there,” she said. “I’m very intentional about using my platform to create opportunities for the next generation of creatives from around the world,” she added.

However, her decision to collaborate has sparked some criticism, due to PLT’s low sustainability rating. In a new interview with W magazine, the 53-year-old responded to the criticism, initially stating that she hadn’t been fully aware of the backlash because of her busy schedule caring for her two children.

When the interviewer probed further, given the fashion industry’s current emphasis on sustainability, Campbell stated that she understood the concerns. However, she questioned whether double standards were at play, pointing out that other models, particularly white models, have collaborated with fast fashion brands without facing similar scrutiny or criticism.

“I understand people’s criticism,” she said. “I understand what people are going to say, but I took it from a standpoint of getting to know the audience of the younger generation and being able to share my platform”.

The PrettyLittleThing Designed By Naomi Campbell Collection is available exclusively on PrettyLittleThing’s RIGHT NOW;

Size range – 4-30 UK  
Price range – £10 – £120 GBP 

Pamela Anderson Auctions Off Her Red Swimsuit

Iconic 90s actress and Hollywood blonde bombshell Pamela Anderson is making waves once again, by auctioning off her legendary red Baywatch swimsuit. The decision has not only captured the attention of nostalgic superfans but is also set to mark a significant moment in pop culture history.

The red one-piece, worn by Anderson during her portrayal of lifeguard C.J. Parker in the hit television series, is a symbol of the era and a huge part of her own legacy. Its high-cut design, low neckline, and vibrant red colour were synonymous with the show’s eye-catching aesthetic. The iconic swimwear turned Pamela Anderson into a household name and an enduring sex symbol, cementing her status as an international star.

Now, decades later, Anderson has decided to part ways with her iconic piece of television history. “I don’t like to waste, it’s better to clear my mind, clear my closet.”

Sorry, but that’s BONKERS! If I was Pammie, there’s no way I’d part ways with THAT swimsuit – which basically made her a worldwide superstar!

Attempting to explain herself, as of late, Pammie has adopted a more demure approach to dressing, commenting: “My style has undoubtedly changed over the years, and it thrills me to think others will find the joy I did. There’s no reason to hang on to it. These memories are made to share.”

The decision to auction off her Baywatch swimsuit has sparked curiosity and excitement among fans who grew up watching the show. Although there isn’t a specific date scheduled for Pamela to begin selling her archives, she intends to gradually release her entire collection of clothes. Her plan is to showcase these items on her website in a manner that is “thoughtful,” and “sentimental.”

Pamela Anderson is the new poster girl for jewellery brand PANDORA. The Pandora campaign sees Pamela explain what she loves about the collection, sharing: “I like the fact that these are lab grown, I’m not really a jewellery person, you don’t really see me out and about wearing jewellery, so this is new for me. 

Anyway… maybe I’ll bid for the red cozzie…

Healthy Juicing

Top 8 Healthiest Juices

Does your busy routine prevent you from following a nutritious diet daily? If you want to keep up with your schedule and still maintain good health, incorporating healthy juices into your diet is a great and easy way to start.

Juicing fruit and veg is super nourishing and full of vitamins and minerals. Among the many benefits that they have, juices assist with detoxifying our body, improving skin and helping with weight reduction. Best of all, you can easily make these at home to ensure you consume the best ingredients.

Here are the 8 healthiest juices for your Ninja Juice Bullet.

1.         Black Grape Juice

Preventing diabetes and supporting sound hair development is only a couple of advantages of having black grape juice. They are one of healthiest fruits known to man and are known to enable cancer prevention plus improve your eyesight as well. Black grapes are additionally used to make wine, so that’s a brilliant excuse to reach for the Merlot.

2.         Carrot Juice

Carrots contain plenty of beta-carotene – a cancer prevention agent that may assist with oxygenating your blood, mind, and body tissues. You will require 5-10 carrots, relying upon their size for a full glass of juice. Just add them one by one in your juicer and blend the carrots to make healthiest juice of life.

3.         Avocado and Papaya Juice

Sweet papaya is a healthy fruit that acts as a replacement for a sweetener. As a superfood, Avocado gives you a wide cluster of nutrients, including nutrients B5, B6, K, C, and E. Eating avocados reduces cholesterol and fatty substances. At the same time, papaya infuses a decent dose of the cell reinforcement, lycopene. Papaya is enriched with carotenoids that assist with battling free radicals, thus aids heart well-being and preventing cancer.

4.         Pineapple and Kale Juice

Pineapple juices are wonderfully sweet to taste and blended with the goodness of kale, this will actually taste good. Take a large portion of fresh ripe pineapple, one green apple and six leaves of kale with stems. Blend them all and serve the juice. The addition of apples helps battle irritation and boosts heart health.

5.         The Apple Juice smoothie

Apple juice is a fantastic and healthy ingredient as it adds a sweet flavour and assists with gelling the other ingredients together. Simply take two apples, one lemon, three stems of celery, two carrots (peeled), and five fresh parsley stems and blend. Celery is low in calories and a decent catalyst of fibre, nutrient A, C, and K. The health benefits of lemons are also widely acknowledged as they are a purifying agent which makes this juice even better.

6.         Cucumber, Kale and Pear Juice

Pears are generally not very well known for being a juicing element, yet this invigorating mix is going to make you realise how yummy they are in a fruit smoothie. Pears contain a gelatine fibre which brings down cholesterol and boosts general wellbeing. The fibre content makes sure you stay more fuller for a longer and keep ‘regular’.

7.         Orange Juice

Add thick kale to this blend, which contains every one of the fundamental nutrients and a few cancer-fighting compounds like sulforaphane and indole-3-carbinol pls some cool cucumber. This mix is filled with silica, a component used to repair connective tissues and makes it a perfect juice for glowing skin.

The ultimate juice of life.  Fresh OJ ticks all the boxes.

8.         Watermelon and Lychee Juice

This is a highly nourishing, refreshing and healthy fruit juice perfect for the hot summer months. Not only does it beat the heat but is also very easy on the stomach if you add in a few mint leaves and a small piece of ginger gives it a kick. Simply deseed the watermelon, add a few lychees and blend with ice.

A Word From Amanda

Welcome back to Amanda Zips It Up for Autumn 2023. 

Just when you thought Summer was over September brings us a glorious heatwave with temperatures in the 30s right here in London. So with this Indian summer, with plenty of late summer warmth, we need to think of ways to keep cool.

Yes, just as we thought it was time to pack away the skimpy summer wardrobe, I have a brilliant garment for the guys – to help you keep extra cool during the current late heatwave.


Men – which side do you ‘dress’ when you’re wearing trousers?

These new Japanese pants store your balls in a pouch and your penis pointing upwards to let it ‘breathe’

This stylish underwear came to everyone’s attention thanks to a random TWEET highlighting a badly worded ad for the pants, which has been retweeted thousands of times. The ad includes such gems as ‘non abrasion scrotum’ (sounds pleasant), ‘scrotum cooling’, and ‘does not bend’.

The pants advertise ‘independent space’ for your penis, with breathable fabric and special designated sections for your shaft and balls.

They’re made by Yiwa, who claim their unique ‘scrotum and penis separation design’ makes you feel more comfortable, while also ensuring the genitals don’t sit in their own sweat. 


If you fancy buying your own, the pants range in price from £5 to £11 on Amazon

Onto this week’s instalment, and we celebrate the return of the final series of Top Boy – out today. We take a look at all your favourite Top Boy fashion and where to buy your fave outfits as seen on Sully and Dushane. Also this week, we discover how to create your own avatar so you can see what you look like in an outfit before you buy it. And finally, after the Lionesses went all the way to the World Cup Finals, Goalkeeper Mary Earps launches own clothing line after Nike snubbed her shirt (which created a huge storm).

It’s all here – enjoy and welcome back to Amanda Zips It Up.