Hello You & Dry January

Welcome to 2021 and welcome to a LOCKDOWN upgrade.

We had said goodbye to the ‘worst year ever’ and embraced a return to hope and freedom in 2021. Everyone had resolved to adopt a ‘new year, new me’ attitude and Dry January swept our social media accounts. Then Boris announced another lockdown, and almost immediately everyone was back on the booze.

But what if you are in the minority and want to stick to Dry January? What are the benefits of punishing ourselves throughout the most miserable month of the year? From weight loss to better skin – what happens to your body when you give up booze?

Dry January is a campaign which involves cutting out alcohol for 31 days – in order to help people reset their relationship with alcohol after Christmas.

Ditching alcohol can have a hugely positive impact on your health. It will improve your skin, your liver function, your blood pressure, sleeping patterns and aid weight loss. 

Week one

Improved sleep

You’ll wake up feeling a lot less tired and more energised after a week away from alcohol.

This is because alcohol interrupts your normal sleep pattern and makes your miss the important rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.

We know one’s supposed to have between six and seven cycles of REM sleep a night, but you typically only have one or two when you’ve been drinking.

Similarly, one recent study found drinking before bed increases alpha wave patterns in the brain—a kind of cerebral activity that usually occurs when you’re awake but resting.

By cutting out alcohol you’ll avoid this and get an additional five to six REM cycles a night. Better sleep also comes with many benefits including being more productive and more effective at learning and problem solving.

Better hydrated

Everyone knows that horrible feeling of being completely dehydrated and headachey after a heavy night on the booze.

You feel like this because when you drink alcohol, you lose around four times as much liquid as what you actually drank.

And the headaches come from your organs taking water from the brain due to their own water loss. Giving up alcohol will cut this completely – which in turn is hugely beneficial for your brain.

Your mood and concentration will be more stable and the frequency of headaches will decrease.

Week two

No more acid reflux

After a fortnight without alcohol, you’ll see a reduction in symptoms such as reflux where the stomach acid burns your throat.

Weight loss

Alcohol has a sneaky way of increasing your daily calorie intake without you realising it.

One pint of beer contains an average of 208 calories while a glass of wine may contain 83 calories.

On top of this many people find themselves reaching for a pizza or a kebab after a night of heavy drinking – which will make your calorie intake go up even more.

Cutting out alcohol will therefore mean you’re consuming less unhealthy food and drink which in turn means weight loss.

Week three

Blood pressure reduces

Cutting out booze will see your blood pressure slowly reduce to a normal rate.

Reducing your blood pressure can be crucial as it can help to lessen the risk of health problems occurring in the future including Type 2 diabetes.

If you cut out alcohol you’ll not only reduce your chances of this happening to you but also have a healthier heart.

Week four

Better looking skin

Giving up alcohol will have a great impact on your skin due to you having better levels of hydration.

Alcohol is a toxin that makes you go to the loo more often. It also makes your kidneys work harder and your liver has to go into overtime to break it down.

This leads to dehydration, which can cause dry, flaky skin.

Improved liver function

Your liver function will dramatically increase when you remove alcohol from your diet for a month.

Given the liver plays a vital part in more than 500 processes, this will give your body a better chance of converting food nutrients, storing minerals and vitamins and removing contaminants.

Gucci & The North Face

This fascinating partnership plays on the combined heritage of two iconic brands, blending Gucci’s penchant for maximalist luxury with The North Face’s expertise in performance gear. And it is no small affair – there is everything you’ll need for some seriously extravagant outdoor adventures –fabulous logo down jackets, as well goose down skirts, bib dresses, shirts, and even a onesie that looks like it’s been lifted right off the retro slopes of the ‘70s. I absolutely love it all. I would genuinely wear everything in this collection.

Alongside the apparel, there are accessories including two retro-ish backpacks, waist bags, knitted bobble hats, bucket hats, a pair of luxurious leather hiking boots and, for the true camper there’s even a tent and sleeping bag. Can you imagine seeing this at Glastonbury?

In true Gucci style, the colour palette is packed with vivid colours that make the collection distinctly more runway-able than most high fashion x high performance jaunts. So, if you were reckless enough to wear the collection to hike a mountain, you’d be hard to lose in a snowstorm.

While the North Face is no stranger to collabs, the partnership marks the first time that Gucci has partnered with another brand while under the tenure of the ‘environmentally aware and woke’ Alessandro Michele.

The North Face has been taking strides in reducing its impact on the environment too, as their accessories make heavy use of ECONYL®, a nylon fabric made from regenerated materials.

The Mullet Shag

Damon Albarn’s new mullet hairdo may look like he’s cut it himself – in the dark – but Damon could be onto something.

In LOCKDOWN 1, searches for “how to cut a mullet” shot up 124%, largely driven by Joe Exotic from Netflix series Tiger King. Although he has zero influence on me, I might add.

It is now the hottest new haircut of 2020 / 2021 and as all hairdressers are currently closed, you may as well ‘do it yourself’ at home during LOCKDOWN 3. The great thing is, it really doesn’t matter if you cock it up, because the mullet is meant to look like a total balls-up.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’ mullet says “business” at the front and “party” at the back.

Her country star dad Billy Ray Cyrus, was a dedicated follower of the mullet for years, so it seems only fitting that “now-rock-chick, was-country-chick” Miley would follow in his cowboy bootsteps.

She has gone from wholesome, swishy hair during her Hannah Montana TV days to an edgy crop. The bisexual Wrecking Ball singer likes to have a bit of both – business at the front, party at the back.

Zac Efron

Efron starred in the 2007 movie Hairspray but the ‘partial to some razzle dazzle’ actor’s latest trip to the barbers wasn’t for his usual slick style.

Zac was given the slightest hint of a mullet for the reboot of Eighties comedy Three Men And A Baby, which sounds dreadful. He had the cut in Australia, and the barbers posted on Instagram: “@zacefron dropped in for a tidy up, so we gave him a mullet.”


Rihanna is a mullet veteran – it was her look as long ago as 2013. CELEB make-up artist Hector Espinal posted a video to Instagram this week, featuring RiRi advertising the launch of her new skincare line.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock

THE girl band singer certainly likes a Little Mix of hair-cuts – spiky and sophisticated on top, wispy and straight at the back.

However, it turns out Leigh-Anne actually isn’t brave enough to have a real mullet and hadn’t taken the lockdown ­scissors to her crowning glory. Instead, she wore a convincing wig for a promo photo for the band’s 1980s-themed Break Up Song.

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish has hailed a new era of hair-dos with a mullet, albeit green. The James Bond/No Time To Die singer has developed a coiffure style as unique as her voice. If it wasn’t for her long, dark hair snaking round her shoulders, she might end up looking like Sesame Street’s Oscar the Grouch.

Billie defended the style that she has sported since she was 13, but has promised a reinvention this year. She said: “It’ll be the end of an era, I’m gonna give you a new era.”

… a Xmas word from the Ed Amanda

Welcome back to Zips It Up , after my brief holiday in ‘the reef’ last week. It was much needed, considering the current cold conditions. And of course, an escape from lockdown.

A week away from Christmas, I‘m sure I speak for the majority when I say we just want to put this year well and truly behind us. Not that anything will change immediately on the stroke of midnight on 31st December.  

New year is always a great time to start-over, and Vogue’s January 2021 issue features my style queen, Mossy. It’s great inspo for getting back in the gym and being the best one can – as Kate Moss continues to defy age, looking as timeless as ever.

Moss, 46, parades ageless beauty in a plunging  Grecian dress for the stunning cover shoot.

In the cover photograph, Mossy sits cross-legged wearing a lace green gown, with gold hoop earrings, while the headline declares she’s ‘better than ever’.

And in another shot, she gazes into the distance in a low cut strappy black dress, with a red rose choker. You know chokers are SO BACK for 2021

It’s been 28 years since Kate Moss first graced the cover of the famous mag, and what a way to kick off a brand-new year. Vogue has been a constant comfort for me during this crazy 12 months. It recently made history with its first ever solo male cover star, in the shape of former One Direction singer Harry Styles.

Other men have graced the cover before, but only alongside female “other halves”, such as Kanye West, who appeared with Kim just before they tied the knot in 2014.

Ben Stiller also got a cover shoot, with his Zoolander 2 co-star Penelope Cruz. And Cindy Crawford was joined by then hubby Richard Gere during their 90s heyday.

Harry’s shoot saw him dress up in a number of dresses and skirts, as he shattered stereotypes about which gender can wear what. He’s definitely my Male Style Crush for 2020.

So, I want to thank Vogue for maintaining fashion in our lives during a year when everything else has been cancelled.

In this last Zips It Up instalment of the 2020, we check out the top ten fashion predictions for men and women in 2021. We can all start planning our wardrobes, and pray that we will get to wear them out and about at some point in the new year. Hey, we might even get to hug in 2021 too.

Thanks so much for reading the blog this year, I appreciate your loyalty and look forward to bringing you more fashion and lifestyle news in 2021 – albeit seeming more and more ‘Stranger Things’ and less ‘Emily In Paris’.

Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for the new year. See you on January 8th.


Women’s Fashion Predictions 2021


While it’s been a quiet year in general for the fashion world, 2020 has nevertheless unveiled some seriously bold and stylish designs arriving next year. Large and in-charge blazers, bold blue bags, and sleek face masks dominated Fashion Weeks. Here’s what us girlies should be investing in during 2021. 

1. Oversized Shoulder pad Boyfriend Jackets

Create a long line silhouette and play with shapes with an 80s-inspired oversized boyfriend blazer. With the help of shoulder pads, this outerwear cinches in your waist and elongates your legs. Rock this look with a pair of straight-leg trousers or leather shorts for an ultra-modern style – colours that suit this trend are powder blue, charcoal, and neutrals. You can easily dress this up or down for an effortlessly chic aesthetic.

2. Black Face Masks

When it comes to protecting yourself, you may as well do it beautifully. Sleek black face masks match almost any outfit you wear, and they offer great coverage for your nose and mouth. Opt for a silky fabric for easier breathing or choose something with embellishments if you’re feeling fancy. The beauty behind this face-covering is the limitless styling opportunities that come along with it. Wear anything from a red trench coat to a colour-blocking suit and look exceptionally stylish. 

3. Head Scarves

Taking inspiration from the 50s and the 60s, this sleek fashion trend is coming back in a big way. Headscarves protect your hair and add a finishing touch to your outfit without overdoing it. Choose from a silky design with floral motifs or intricate patterns, or keep it simple with bold colours and block letters. When styling this accessory, you can wrap the fabric under your chin in a loose knot, or have it hanging off the back of your head – mix things up by wrapping it around your neck or let it dangle from your bag. Channelling your inner Grace Kelly has never been easier with this classic go-to item.

4. Sorbet Pastel Tones

Another trend that has continued to dominate has been pastel tones. These sorbet-inspired colours are the perfect option for summer and they suit a wide variety of skin tones. Choose from a boiler suit in cool mint green or an oversized trench coat in soft lavender – better yet, try them both simultaneously. Suits and separates in the soft and buttery hues elevate your overall aesthetic and will remain one of the chicest styles for seasons to come.

5. Yellow Bags

This season, yellow bags have taken over the runways and the streets. This trend is easy to replicate and it is timeless – choose a small clutch to spice up an outfit or find a mustard tote for your daily needs. There are so many shades to choose from that suit your taste, and they look incredible when paired with other vibrant hues or a monochromatic ensemble. 

6. Folk Inspired Coats

Go all-out this season, with beautiful and intricate folk-inspired coats. When the temperature starts to drop, add some layers of delicate embroidery and lace to keep your outfit hot. The intricate tapestry on each piece of outerwear looks great with a monochrome black or brown ensemble, or choose it in a series of other colours for a bright and interesting choice. This trend is easy to style and looks fantastic on every body type. Think Ibiza’s Hippy markets.

7. White Knee-High Boots

Swing it back to the ’60s with this classic go-go dancer inspired item of footwear. Taking its inspiration from the Youth Revolution in the mid-century, this Nancy Sinatra-approved look is a chic way to elevate your outfit. Wear with a patterned mini dress or skirt, a roll neck, or a funky pair of leggings. In 2021, opt for a slouchy style for an effortless feel or keep it sleek and tight for a sexy touch.

8. Yellow and Camel Colour Styling

Keep it neutral with yellow and camel colour styling – the trend taken from the 70s has had a serious facelift. Mixing and matching these shades adds dimension and depth to your ensembles, no matter the clothes you prefer to wear. Try a light brown suit or coat with a mustard turtleneck for the cooler months or a sleek tan T-shirt and camel pair of flared trousers. 

9. Pop Blue Accessories

BLUE IS HUGE FOR 2021. Add a pop of blue to your monochrome outfit to update your go-to outfits. The beauty behind this trend is the unlimited amount of options you can try throughout the season – from a duck egg blue handbag to a chic bucket hat, you can try it all. When styling these items, opt for all black or grey outfits. The bright hue will stand out amongst the deeper shades. 

10. Fringing on Bags

When it’s time to make a statement, let your handbag do the talking. Next year, one of the biggest looks you’ll see is fringing on bags. Let the tassels dangle close to the fabric or watch them almost hit the floor for maximum impact – the over-the-top design is sure to turn some heads and keep you oozing chic. For a classic feel, choose dark hues like brown or black, but if you want to stand out from the others, take a dip into bold shades like red or green.

Men’s Fashion Predictions 2021

It’s been a funny old season. With a mere handful of physical men’s fashion shows taking place during June and July – and the vast majority of presentations banished to the digital realm – observing the ways in which designers have tackled the brave new post-pandemic world has been fascinating.  But with a limited schedule and fewer brands than usual in the marketplace, it’s been a challenge to cover. However, I have literally managed to ‘scrape together’ the forthcoming guide to what guys will be wearing in 2021. Here’s hoping you’ll enjoy some of these.

1. Nautical

Perhaps more of a micro-trend, nautical notes appeared at a number of shows, including the anchor-covered intarsia-knit sweaters at Gucci, exaggerated Breton-style tops at D&G (where they were teamed with tailored separates in holiday-ready hues) and sailor sweaters. I do love an anchor.

2. The bomber jacket

Bomber jackets are going to be big for Spring/Summer 2021. And though this may not sound like news, there were more takes on the classic aviator jacket at the SS21 shows than one could count on two hands. From the 1970s-style cropped bomber jackets in functional nylon at Gucci to the classic high-shine flight jackets and the cropped minimalist bombers at both Prada and Hermes.

3. The oversized trench coat

Everyone knows that a trench is a springtime staple, but for Spring/Summer 2021 the look has been updated with a voluminous twist. Papery trenches in shades of stone and caramel have a 1970s flavour, while trenches in hues of dusty rose and midnight blue will dominate. The key to wearing your own oversized trench coat next season is to team it with unexpected accessories. A pair of shorts on your legs and pool slides on your feet, with socks!

4. Big and bold Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts have started making more of an appearance on the world’s catwalks of late, but for SS21 the look really comes into its own, with the general mood being almost over the top in its soft-hued summery-ness. You must wear tailored shorts in shades of sea foam, lilac and candyfloss and the key to wearing your own Bermuda’s next summer is to pick a pair that finish just above the knee, and to make a statement with your footwear. Some white running sneakers worn with tube socks, for instance, or a pair of this season’s strongest dad sandals.

5. The 1970s redux

Thanks to the likes of Alessandro Michele at Gucci (not to mention the every day wardrobe of Harry Styles), much has been made of the 1970s style resurgence in the past few years. And it showed no sign of slowing at this season’s menswear shows. From the wide array of high-colour flared corduroys and jeans at Gucci to the flocked safari suits and the cropped caramel leather bombers (worn with open-neck shirts – very Starsky), you’d be well advised not to throw away your oversized aviator shades just yet.

6. Neo-neon

NEON, perhaps unsurprisingly, is not the easiest colour trend in the world to pull off. That being said, if you get it right, it can really work. For inspiration, look for neon-flecked worker jackets and fluorescent-yellow romper suits or bright neon separates teamed with muted tailoring – which is exactly the way you should be wearing this trend.

7. Pastel splash

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: pastels for spring actually work. And for SS21 it’ll be easier than ever to get your hands on pastel pieces you’ll want to wear again and again. Check out the candyfloss-hued two-piece suits at Gucci and sea-foam-tinted knitted separates at Prada.

8. Acid pops

In addition to the softness of pastels and the punch of neon, pops of acid hue were shown on many of the catwalks in London, Paris and Milan. From the rich injections of haemoglobin at Fendi to shades of chartreuse at Versace and traffic-cone-orange at Burberry, hardcore colour was the order of the month – which, if nothing else, helped the looks stand out on screen, where they were predominantly seen.

9. Vests under suits

In addition to oversized ’80s suits and tailoring, roomy two pieces in muted shades came worn with V-neck sweaters, vests and wrap-around kimono-style shirts, all of which were designed expressly to show as much model chest as possible. An off white ‘dirty vest’ is a look you should go for.

10. Fresh florals

Florals? For Spring? You know the drill. For Spring/Summer ’21, however, the look is more masculine than floaty. With digitised takes on Hawaiian prints, florals have never looked fresher. 

Chanelle’s Final Xmas Gift Guide

On the gift front, one person we should never overlook is the person who hosts us at Christmas. With all the conflicting reports regarding permissible “hosting” arrangements and all the government dictats, it is difficult to know quite where we stand this Christmas. However, forewarned is forearmed, so it’s worthwhile having a tasteful, thoughtful “host gift” at the ready. I like to treat people to items they might not indulge in themselves, and here are a few suggestions.

Diptyque – Sapin de Nuit Candle

Beautifully painted with festive illustrations, this forest pine scented candle is sure to evoke the scent of the season. Being Diptyque, the quality is of course superlative.


Hotel Chocolat Wreath

This large chocolate wreath made of 50% milk chocolate,cookies and florentines is just made for sharing. Any host would be delighted to receive this impeccably packaged gift.


8knots Oyster Bottle Opener

This truly is an Objet d’art, a rare, unique piece. A little decadent perhaps, yet there is no better time to be that way than Christmas. This is a real-deal oyster shell set in a bronze wax. To be treasured for life.


Sloane Stationary Guest Book No9

“Distinguished Guests”

Handmade in England by this eponymous stationer. The paper is luxurious and gilt edged, the card black and lizard embossed. A humorous twist on the formality of such books, and to be used for years to come.


Disaronno Wears Liqueur

As our hosts are of course fellow fashionistas, these Iconic bottles of the World’s favourite Italian Liqueur will be highly covetable. You can choose the designer – Missoni, Diesel, Trussardi, Versace to name but a few. Being so aesthetically pleasing, the Missoni one I received last Christmas (once its contents were enjoyed) is still in use as an ornament.


Wishing all AZIP readers a Joyous, Merry Christmas. One full of cheer, love and laughter.

Chanelle Clark Bruccoleri xxx

… a word from the Editor Amanda

Welcome to the end of November, 11 months down, one to go, and it’s also BLACK FRIDAY.

If it’s any consolation whatsoever, although 2020 has been the worst year EVER, it has been a good year for wellies. And I have reason to embrace this choice of footwear as I live next to Hampstead Heath, which is so muddy right now, it makes a wet Glastonbury look like the Sahara. I’ve spent all of lockdown on trudging across the Heath guarded against the elements. Not surprising, since there’s been little else to do this year apart from walk. And walk. And walk some more.

Remember how Hunter wellies became the wellies of choice, after Kate Moss wore them to Glasto a few years back? Then Bottega Veneta‘s Puddle Boots and Prada‘s tread sole stompers made designer wellies equally cool for muddy situations.

Now San Laurent has got in on the action with a new addition to its Rive Droite collection.  Teaming up with Hunter, they have designed a pair of wellies that would add some rock-and-roll swagger to those laps around the park. The knee-high black style come embellished with silver studs and straps and with a price-tag of £475 (definitely not your average welly price, but you’ll get much more mileage out of the rubber stuff right now). 

Another reason to hope Glastonbury 2021 goes ahead.

Onto this week’s Zips It Up and we discover the top three SNEAKERS 2020, discover a new luxury activewear collection out of Liverpool as gyms reopen and it’s Black Friday at Boots with cut-price MAC products.

Be Jupo Activewear

As UK gyms re-open their doors next week, I have discovered a new luxury activewear brand straight out of Liverpool, which can be worn on the treadmill, in the studio or even with the girls for lunch in town. Check out the star print leggings.

Jupo are a premium activewear fashion outfit, offering ladies the hottest labels from around the globe, working only with exclusive and sustainable brands, based on their fit and feel first and foremost.

I spoke to Lucy Nesbitt, one of Jupo’s ambassadors about this fabulous collection.

“Having worked in the world of corporate sales and marketing for over 15 years, I found myself on furlough during the global pandemic for 7 months. I have always had a passion for training and lived in my activewear during this strange time. I realised the world we live in may never go back to the its former self and I decided to use the time I may never get back and use it for something productive. This is where the idea of Jupo was formed. Around me, all I could see were ladies living in activewear and I wanted to bring the best brands from around the globe together in one place.

“It all happened very quickly once I had my vision, but there was and still is lots to learn along the way. My dream is to manufacture my own label in the near future bringing together all the best bits of the brands I love! Watch this space.”


Koral is a high fashion luxury brand resining in LA, from Brazilian fitness finatic Ilana Kugel. Their signature look is high shine fitted fabrics that would fit just as well on a dance floor as they would in gym! Loved and regularly worn by A list celebs we love everything about this brand!

Lorna Jane

When it comes to active wear Australian brand Lorna Jane know just what to do. Their buttery soft fabrics hold you in all the right places and feel like they are made to last a lifetime.  Renowned for their quality, we guarantee once you try this brand you won’t ever leave.

Alala (arriving in the next 2 weeks)

From their flagship Bleeker street store in the heart NYC, Alala brings us timeless classic activewear fashion that crosses over into catwalk. We love their seasonal velvet fabrics and their classic heroine leggings that are constantly selling out online.

Varley (arriving in the New Year)

The most classic of all our brands. Soft pastel colour ways and floaty soft fabrics which are made to make you feel like a goddess. Layer up their pieces and they will take you anywhere from Pilates to the Swiss alps.


Black Friday At Boots

In more good news, which (at long last) there seems to be more of right now, Boots have released a whole host of new Black Friday offers, running from today (Friday 27th Nov) until December 1st. Customers can find a selection of the new offers in stores and online at www.boots.com

 These include savings of almost £50 on a MAC gift set, 50% off YSL fragrances and £250 off selected Oral B electric toothbrushes.

Makeup fans won’t want to miss out on the BEST OF MAC GIFT SET which saves you nearly £50 on some of MAC’s cult favourites. I hope my husband is reading this because I would love to get this in my Christmas stocking.

It comes with the Fix+ setting spray, Velvet Teddy lipstick, Strobe Cream, ‘Amber lights’ eyeshadow and MAC in extreme mascara – all for just £35 (was £87.50).

If you’re looking for a gift for your favourite skincare junkie, Boots now sells the LIZ EARL DAILY REVIVAL COLLECTION for £40 (was £68).

While the JULIEN MACDONALD ILLUMINATIONS down to £30 (was £70) – saving shoppers 50%.

And the SILK ‘N’ FACETITE anti-ageing device which tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles and restores collagen, is down from £199 to £99.

The early Boots Black Friday sale is running until December 1st, with offers running both in stores and online.

Boots stores have been allowed to remain open during the latest national lockdown – here are some other beauty essentials you need to grab ASAP.

Oral B iO7™ Electric Toothbrush White Alabaster Designed by Braun


Huda Beauty Coral Obsessions Eye Kit


Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Palette