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Since the last issue, I have been decoding Amber Heard’s courtroom looks.

What exactly do her outfits mean?

Eagle-eyed viewers of the courtroom livestream have been glued to the drama, obsessing over every detail – including both Amber and Johnny’s fashion choices.

Social media users have picked up on some hard-to-ignore moments from the Virginia courtroom, with some even claiming that Amber has been deliberately copying certain details from Johnny’s outfits.

Let’s just say…it’s slightly weird. On the first day of the trial, Johnny wore a grey suit paired with a Gucci tie, featuring the embroidered bee detail, and on the third day, Amber wore an almost identical tie.

So far, Amber’s court looks have featured strong tailoring and masculine lines, including a light grey double-breasted trouser suit, worn the day after Johnny wore a very similar ensemble. Her outfits convey a sense of power, perhaps even signifying that she is in control of the situation.

Another fashion moment that sparked interest was when she wore her hair in a voluminous ponytail, the day after Johnny had sported a similar hairstyle. But then again, Amber’s hairstyles are always immaculate

It’s impossible to say whether these are just strange coincidences, or in fact calculated?

Although recently, Amber has opted for more feminine silhouettes, styling her blonde hair in perfectly styled hairstyles – very ‘old Hollywood’ glamour.

We remain captivated…

In this instalment of Zips It Up we go all Spice Girls related plus an exclusive interview with the Ibiza King Tony Truman.

The Union Jack Dress

Did you see Kim Kardashian wearing Marylin Monroe’s iconic nude dress to the Met Gala? Marylin famously wore it to sing “Happy Birthday Mr President”. 

I would call it one of the most iconic dresses of all time? But others don’t share my opinion. The Union Jack dress, famously worn by Geri Horner while on stage with the Spice Girls at the 1997 Brits, has been named as the most iconic outfit of all time by Nasty Gal.

Geri had originally planned to wear a classic black dress, but switched to the Union Jack number at the last minute, with her sister reportedly sewing the flag element on hours before the event.

All anyone could talk about back then was Geri’s dress. And those red Buffalo platform boots. I still want them.

Lady Gaga’s famous “meat dress” – which saw her don a dress, hat, boots and purse made of raw meat in 2010 as a statement about “one’s need to fight for what one believes in” – ranked highly.

Also scoring lots of votes was Liz Hurley’s safety pin dress (aka THAT dress), which she accompanied Hugh Grant to a movie premiere wearing.

VB Body Collection

Victoria Beckham recently launched her permanent capsule collection VB Body, stating that the new shapewear line looks particularly good on those with curvier body types.

VB has described the desire to be very thin as an “old fashioned attitude,” commenting that women nowadays want to be curvy. She made the remarks to Grazia, having posed on the cover in pieces from her shapewear range including channelling a Playboy bunny.

The mother-of-four noted that there are “a lot of really curvy women” in Miami – where her and David spend time due to his co-ownership of Inter Miami CF.

VB observed that such individuals “really own” their physiques and “show their bodies off with such confidence,” an attitude and style described as “liberating” by Victoria.

She revealed that the inspiration behind the new line – which is priced between £90 and £650 per piece – is for women to have a “round, curvy bottom.”

“It’s an old-fashioned attitude, wanting to be really thin. I think women today want to look healthy, and curvy. They want to have some boobs and a bum”.

She added that as a mother, she loves that her daughter Harper 10, has been around women who “really celebrate their curves and enjoy how they look.”

Victoria suggested to the outlet that her VB Body collection helps women have a curvier figure, with it featuring tight knit designs that create a “really flattering silhouette.”

The new line ranges in sizes from a UK 6 to 18.

Tony Truman Ibiza

Tony Truman – a legend of Ibiza and the master behind O Beach, which is only one element of the mighty empire his team have built on the white isle.

I manage to chat to Tony every year about his summer plans but this year was especially interesting following the global Covid pandemic.

Tony, just as restrictions seem to be lifting in time for summer 2022, how have you dealt with the past two years throughout the pandemic, both personally and professionally?

I believe if something bad happens, something good happens, so what was meant to be was meant to be. I try find a positive out of a negative so for me personally I calmed down a hell of a lot during the pandemic. Not partying my socks off three days a week has done the world of good for me in this crazy hectic life I have been living for many years, so by slowing down for 2 years I hope might add an extra 2 years on my life. I used the 2 year break to re-evaluate a lot of things happening in my life and I started to eat a lot healthier as well as exercising far more than I had previously  and I feel far better for that. 

I got to spend more precious times with my nearest and dearest and had so many quality moments with friends that I had not seen for a while, and I loved it, just being in one place for most of the lock down and not jumping on a plane every few days.

As for a business aspect to it all, I would be lying if I didn’t say we took a massive hit right across the board in all of our businesses, but this was pretty much the same for most people on the planet, so we were not alone. 

I see it as a positive as it brought us all back down to earth a lot more and reality kicked in that we are not invincible. It taught me a massive lesson about money and finances and how important it is in the good times be more prudent with your money when it’s rolling in as you never know when you might need it in the bad times.

 We were very lucky as a group as it actually brought us all together as we all had more time on our hands to discuss how we manoeuvre ourselves through those difficult moments and I feel we have come out of this as far better businessmen because of it all. We had to go back to basics and for us it was a great lesson in how to regroup and re structure and move forward. Positive thoughts have positive outcomes.

  • Do you believe Ibiza’s tourism structure has changed since covid?

I think Ibiza has changed massively during and since Covid, for the better, as people now are discovering the entire island of Ibiza and its magnificent offerings and beauty, instead of it just being known as a party and clubbing mecca. I think I have seen more of Ibiza in the last 2 years than I have experienced in coming to the island for 39yrs.  I think many parts of the island have actually benefited from the pandemic, as so many other little hidden treasures on the island have been thriving. Especially the restaurants and shops, as people have not been blowing all their cash on tables in the clubs. Also, the boating fraternity has seen a huge increase in trade. We own a concierge company, Faith Ibiza, which has done very well during the pandemic, as people have learned to live with pre booking everything they do in advance.

  • What’s new for 2022 and what can we expect to see from the O Beach empire?

We have opened up a new Skinny Kitchen restaurant in Figueretas, right on the beach. We have doubled the size of our San Antonio marina Skinny Kitchen and we are opening a top Chinese restaurant called Chi Kee Wun . We’re very excited about this project as we felt a high end Chinese restaurant was missing on the island. As for O Beach, we have a little tinker with the line-ups, adding  6 one off parties by the legends that are Mike and Claire Manumission and their new creation Ailien on the second Sunday of every month. This is going to be like nothing we have ever done before at OB so super excited about this series of parties. It is 10yrs of OB in June and we have got an amazing 3 day event, bringing back a whole host of promoters, artists and performers who have worked with us this last decade, so this will be a very special weekend also.

We just want to thank everyone who has supported us through these tough times, our staff, clients, suppliers, associates, friends and family have all been our backbone for a many years and we really do appreciate the love thank you. Xx

Tony Truman

… an interview with Danny Clockwork & Amanda

Welcome to Amanda Zips It Up

It’s almost May! It’s almost full-on summer and it’s almost time for the Ibiza & Mallorca season to kick off.

Following the past two years of Covid madness and lockdown misery, we can finally return to the Balearics where its back to business at long last.

In this weeks issue, I thought I’d go all ‘white isle’ and talk about what to pack in your suitcase if you’re heading to Ibiza this summer.

With clubbing and nightlife open again, I chat to Danny Gould, one half of the legendary Clockwork Orange events brand, discussing his plans for summer 2022 and how he coped with the pandemic.

Danny, how have the past two years been for the Clockwork brand and your loyal army of Clockwork followers? 

Who would have predicted what we all went through?

UNCERTAINTY is the main description I’d use. In the end I switched off the news and radio and just enjoyed life. It made me realise I was working far too hard, two full time jobs over the past ten years and now finally only one, and that’s Clockwork. 

The rest didn’t do me any harm but I realised I was exhausted. Partying on hold isn’t the end of the world. When the Orange army came back – they came back with a reserve of more than normal energies. Brighton and Clockstock as well as Fabric October were on another level altogether.

What are your plans for summer 2022 in the UK, Ibiza and beyond?

Clockstock on June 25th 2022 – so many DJs the list is endless.

Ibiza 14th to 18th July, our first visit since 2019, WTF!

 A cheeky return to Fire and lightbox 20th of August and its massive outside summer terrace, plus Australia talks have resumed and obviously we’re hoping for continued normality.

Do you and Andy have a 5-year plan for CO and can you see yourself becoming more of a full time DJ now that everyone is making up for their lost time during the pandemic?

I’m not prepared to get lost in work again. Late nights are not the norm for this retired lunatic, ‘if and when’ is better than non-stop. Non-stop conjures up resentment. Being sat indoors on a Saturday and you have to go out can sometimes be counter-productive to the enjoyment of life. Clockwork’s plan is getting bigger and better.

Ibiza 2023 is almost planned, Clockstock 2023 prep starts soon and 2024 Ibiza is in the pipeline.

It’s our 30th birthday in 2023 and 2014 for Ibiza.

Any plans to increase your CO merchandising? 

We have started, however, you have to rely on human beings and their failings.

Say no more. x

What To Pack In Your Ibiza Suitcase – Boys

Whether you’re losing your Ibiza v-plates or a regular island-goer, I’m here to give you guys the ultimate tips for making your trip the best one yet…

Let’s not kid ourselves, Ibiza is beautiful but most of the time, you’re not there for the scenery. You and the boys have come to let loose, so let’s start off with the all- important task of partying hard before we get into the fashion.

1)    Pre-drinking comes with its own dangers. Don’t be that guy who drinks 8 hours before the party and never makes it out, even if you’re trying to make up for the fact we’ve been in lockdown for the past two summers. Throughout the day swap every other drink for water.

2)    Some tips don’t need any explanation at all. Shower and always be armed with deodorant. It’s hot, it’s sweaty; need I say more?

3) Minty freshness is always a must. Always carry gum or mints – they come in handy for making friends fast by sharing, and extra handy if you end up catching someone’s eye.

4) If you’re not feeling it, don’t force it. Slip away quietly back to the hotel or have a night off (nobody will judge). You don’t want your mood to bring down the rest of the gang. Rest up ready for the next night!

5) Eat plenty of paella before you drink and steer clear of ‘party favours’ in the intense heat. Otherwise you’ll spend the rest of your trip living a very real episode of ‘SUN, SEA and A&E”.

Don’t fall victim to packing dilemmas. Keep your ‘beefa’ style simple and let your shirt do the talking. Shorts, open shirts and sunglasses are all you need for your time on the island. It’s the look of 2022.



Floral Hawaiian style shirts with matching shorts worn ‘open’ is the key look as influenced by Gucci last summer. This season, shirts are worn open and just like the girls, the bigger your sunglasses the better. 

Do not panic about your belly because the “DAD BOD” (slightly plump tummy and man boobs) is the hottest look for men this year.

No need for crunches or laying off the beer. Could life get any better for you?


If florals fill you with dread, go for the cool, simple white linen shirt. It’s effortless, stylish, classic and cool. Wear it open to your chest with some boho chains and beads around your neck. A little bit of a hairy chest is much better than a glistening waxed chest with tattoos. The key is looking like you haven’t tried too hard. Wear with white linen shorts or a light pair or chino shorts with brown belt.

If that’s too boring then you have to find a loose-fitting leopard print shirt and team this with a pair of pink cargo shorts with plenty of pockets. That screams Pikes poolside party if you ask me. Make sure the waistband of your CALVIN KLEINS is visible above your shorts. This is very important.


Yes, it sounds ridiculous but if David Beckham, Kanye West and Pharrell are doing it – you can too. Obviously, you need a pair of YEEZY Slides in earthy tones and some mid-calf Adidas socks.

As I mentioned in my last blog, Birkenstocks are back this summer with an embellished designer make-over – they’re super comfy and if you really want to push the boat out, go with a pair of metallic crocs. They’re the footwear most rappers wear in Vegas and actually not as cheap looking as you may think.

And if you’re playing it safe, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Nike Air Jordan high tops, worn open with the laces loosely tied.


The bucket hat is HUGE this summer – they’re everywhere. Match the earthy tones with your slides. Avoid baseball caps and opt for a classic Panama. Cringey but still cool.

The ultimate sunglasses are the enormous TOM FORDs. Don’t take them off because they will get nabbed, and they’re not cheap.


Keep it simple with knee length swim shorts but go for the brightest acid colours possible. Or florals and graphic prints always look stylish.

The ‘mankini’ is banned on all beaches and swimming trunks or ‘budgie smugglers’ are just not happening in this century, unless you’re a professional swimmer training for the next Olympics.

What To Pack In Your Ibiza Suitcase – Girls

Wondering what to wear in Ibiza?

You might say that Ibiza is just as famous for being everyone’s favourite party island.

But if you’re worrying about what to wear in Ibiza, you can stop right now – it’s one of the EASIEST places in the entire world to pack for.

Don’t forget your Kaftan – an Ibiza must-have

That might come as a surprise, given at how diverse this small island is. Home to postcard perfect beaches, luxury health retreats and some of the most famous DJs in the world’s biggest clubs, Ibiza can be experienced in a number of ways.

Boho Boots & Boho Hat

Whether you’re heading on a girls or boys clubbing getaway with your best friends, a romantic trip for two or a self-care holiday filled with vegan food and morning yoga, Ibiza has it all.

But whatever your reason for travelling to Ibiza in 2022, packing couldn’t be easier.

Here is your full guide to what to wear in Ibiza in 2022, putting together the perfect Ibiza outfits for every occasion, starting with the girls…


My go-to no matter where I’m travelling, denim cut offs are the only bottoms you need in Ibiza. Slightly shredded and they must fit snuggly. Not too small, not too baggy.

Of course, you can pack other shorts too, but make sure you have a good pair of blue or black denims too. Simply add a boho blouse, boho cowboy boots, fedora hat and a sun kissed tan.


Nothing takes a beach outfit up the ‘glam’ scale quicker than a pair of MASSIVE sunglasses and in 2022 – it’s all about bigger is better. Think plasma screens in every colour and you’ve got it sorted. Go to Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, ASOS or Nasty Girl. 

I always pack oversized, reflective shades – they cover tired eyes AND hide your people watching habits.


I swore I’d never wear a bum bag… and then they became my best friend. Now, a bum bag is my go-to when I want to keep an eye on my valuables at all time. I have two Gucci belt-bags in red and black leather but there are plenty of great high street alternatives out there.

So, pick up a fun one that you’ll enjoy wearing, leaving your hands free for… well, whatever you want to do with them. You know your phone is safe along with your room key and euros.


As well as the nightlife and wellbeing scene that Ibiza is famous for, the White Isle and Mallorca has loads of great hiking trails and spots to explore.

If you like to get out and about during the day, pack a pair of comfy walking shoes or trainers. But if you’re partying as well, kill two birds with one stone and go for Nike Air Max in the brightest colours possible. The more Acid, the better. Pack some ankle socks too. And plasters.


Even if you’re used to wearing heels all the time, pack a pair of flats for the evening. It’s all about the Balearic boho vibe sandal or flip flop.

Even though Ibiza is one of the most glamorous places in Europe, it’s never at the expense of comfort.

Choose a pair of glitzy flats that will go with everything. Think embellishment, bright pomp poms and tassels.


Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in your swimwear, pack at least a couple of options.

I love to pack at least one bikini, plus a simple black swimsuit that can double up as a bodysuit.

Paired with a pair of denim shorts, it’s an easy outfit for the beach parties that run into the night. This year, the red boob tube and leopard print bikini bottoms is the look to go for.

7 – A HAT

Bucket, straw panama / fedora or a floppy beach hat, it doesn’t matter what your preferred style is. I have at least 20 Balearic fedoras I usually take to Ibiza which annoys the hell out of my other half but I’m packing a couple of Gucci bucket hats this summer, especially for the Kevin & Perry event at Amnesia in June.

The Straw Fedora

One thing is for sure, though: you’re going to want to pack a hat for that intense Spanish sun. Remember how aging and dangerous the sun is to the skin.


If you’re clubbing, it’s going to be hot and sweaty so keep it cool and small. Little skater dresses or playsuits with little boots is the perfect look for Pasha or Eden.


It has to be the white boho maxi dress. It’s the ultimate Ibiza look. Add your hat, sunnies and embellished sandals and you’ll look like a true Ibizan. Remember white reflects the heat of the sun and it suits everyone.


There’s nothing that will ruin a trip more than a broken or missing case. Whatever you plan on wearing, make sure you pack your Ibiza outfits in a sturdy case that’s distinctive and easy to recognise.

It’s all too easy for someone to mistakenly grab your bag if it looks like every other one on the luggage carousel, especially if they’ve been on the miniatures on the red-eye from London to Ibiza.

For that reason, I like to add brightly coloured luggage tag AND to make my case as unique and recognisable as possible.

… a word from Amanda

Happy Easter / Passover xx

Welcome to this ‘Spring Time’ instalment of Amanda Zips It Up and may I be the first to wish you all a very happy Easter or Passover.

Before we discuss Spring fashion – I came across a fascinating piece of research whilst investigating Spring footwear (see Birkenstock feature).  

Are shoe size and penis size actually linked?

It’s a tale as old as time – the bigger the shoe size, the bigger the willy. Or so we’ve always been led to believe…

It seems that this might have just been a myth. Quite possibly created by a man with big feet.

One of the biggest studies into the topic – conducted by the International Journal of Urology – confirmed the ‘average’ penis size by measuring 15,000 of them, right across the world. I wonder who took the measurements?

The research found that the average is 5.16 inches in length when erect, and 4.5 inches in circumference. Without an erection, the average length is 3.6 inches.  Why is this always a measurement that’s taken in inches, and not cms?

But is there any connection to the penis and shoe size? According to the NHS, it’s a no.

Their website cites a study from University College London which saw researchers measure the penises of 104 men, including teenagers and pensioners.

They found that – in this group – the average length of a ‘soft and gently stretched’ penis was 5.1 inches, while the average shoe size was a 9. However, they found no statistical correlation between the two averages.

That settles that debate. However, there are no “hard and fast “rules when it comes to penis size, and a larger soft penis doesn’t always translate in to a larger erection. According to the NHS again, shorter penises increase more in length than longer ones when they become erect.

Apologies if I’ve let down any male readers who may have relied upon (and gloated about) this concept over the years. All one can actually say is “You know what they say about men with large feet? They wear large shoes.”

Anyway… let’s crack on with this week’s Super Spring instalment of Spring Cleaning, Spring Trends and Easter Feasting.

Enjoy – I’m back in two weeks. x

Top 5 Trainers 2022

1. Converse Chuck 70 Classic High Top

From £68.00

The classics are classics for a reason. You’ve been able to get your hands on Converse’s Chuck Taylors since… well, since before you were born. The folks behind the design have recognised you can mess with a good thing as much as you want, as long as you keep the things that made it great to begin with. The All-Star 70 high-top trainer marked one of the early tweaks that modernised the original, while keeping the good bits very much intact.

2. Adidas Stan Smith Shoes


Arguably a veteran of the trainer world, Adidas’ Stan Smith silhouette was first released in 1973 and has stood the test of time for a reason. Sure, they’ve had countless limited-edition iterations over the years, however, the core design has changed very little. Featuring a lace-up front (or velcro, depending on your preference), visible side vents and a distinctive coloured heel tab adorned with the Adidas logo, there’s a classic colour scheme to suit every possible taste.

3. Nike Air Max 95

From £144.99

Okay, I might have found the most garish-looking Nike Air Max 95 to showcase but am a big fan of this shoe. It is one of the most classic from Nike’s Air Max line-up. Originally released as a running shoe, the look of the thing has endured over the years and is now way up the list when us fashionistas are compiling our best Nike Air trainer lists.

4. GUCCI Ace

From £405

By far the most expensive trainer on this list but, hey, it’s GUCCI. Made from Italian leather and based on a tennis shoe, these have weathered many a decade having first been released way back in the 1950s. These are fashion trainers at their most elegant – they don’t shout money, but they don’t need to.

5. Veja V-10

From £108.00

Despite being fairly new to the UK trainer scene, this environmentally-conscious brand has quickly gained a significant following. It is easy to see why; the design is clean and classic. There are also over 10 different colour options for the ‘V’ logo, which allows you to customise a little without losing the simplicity of the design.

Birkenstock x Manolo Blahnik

They’re in the same ball-park as Uggs and Crocs – you either love them or hate them.

Birkenstocks are meant to look lived in. They are so ugly, but are also so comfortable for Spring and Summer.

But in 2022, Birkenstocks are looking a bit different –here’s an unlikely, yet wholly glamorous update, thanks to a collaboration with Manolo Blahnik – Carrie’s fave shoe designer on Sex & The City.

The new limited-edition collection has seven pieces, all reworking two of Birkenstock’s most famous shapes: the two-strap Arizona and the closed-toe Boston clog. Going for both comfort and style, the shoes are embellished with velvet, crystal buckles and leather.

Blahnik comments: ‘Aesthetically we may look different but fundamentally we have the same values; exquisite fit, craftsmanship and comfort are the most important parts of both of our shoe-making design and production.’

He added: ‘I wanted to make something that can be worn casually but also that I think would look fabulous with a ball gown – a sort of “dressed-up” Birkenstock.’

Blahnik is a long-standing fan of Birkenstock shoes, and his ‘updates’ on their style mean that your feet are less likely to ache when breaking them in – a common trade-off when buying regular Birkenstocks.

The iconic cork soles have been covered in leather tones to match the velvet used on top. From bright fuchsia to sleek black, there’s a statement shoe for most sandal lovers in this collection.

Having a spring in your step just got a bit easier.

The collection is available on manoloblahnik.com . Prices start from £460.