Cara Delevigne Zero Alcohol Wine

Model Cara Delevingne has recently opened up about how cutting off drug and alcohol use “got her power back.”

Feeling fresher than ever, along with her sister Poppy, the girls have launched their own non-alcoholic wine brand, Della Vite Zero.

Della Vite Zero

In a recent interview, the model highlighted how addiction issues cropped up regularly during her time under the fame spotlight.

Cara Delevigne is now sober..

Just two years back, notorious photos of Delevingne emerged on the internet, where she appeared in quite a “distorted” condition outside Van Nuys airport shortly after a nearby festival had ended.

Anyway, as the 0% wine’s blurb reads…

“Della Vite Zero is a bold new way to enjoy premium sparkling wine. Made from selected Grenache grapes from the south of France, this sparkling rosé is carefully de-alcoholised, whilst retaining all the flavour and texture. Alluring aromas of red berries, with a crisp, clean mouthfeel. Enjoy this dry sparkling rosé served chilled with savoury canapés. <0.5% VOL. Sugar 2.7g per 100ml. 12kcal per 100ml:.

Hmmm. Not sure here. My preference is either to drink normal (with alcohol) wine or (on other days) to drink no alcohol at all. But I’ll try some and report back.