Tan Through Swimwear


OK – I’m a sun worshipper, which isn’t ideal, although I do use a decent SPF. The smaller the bikini – the better the tan in my opinion. But I know not everyone shares that view. The one-piece is often a safer bet, for a multitude of reasons.

But did you realise that “tan through” swimwear exists – for women AND men?

There are lots of brands out there but I’m loving one particular label.

This is the unique, tan-through swimwear of True Tone Swim, a high end tan-through bikini scientifically developed to remain soft, stretchy and flattering, with techno-fabric that selectively allows tanning UV-A Rays to permeate, giving you a natural tanthrough effect. These unique, thin, elegant, stretchy, breathable, and tan-through swimwear options are more than just beach attire – they’re a lifestyle. Wearing this unique fabric is parallel to wearing SPF 8 – 15.


There are up to 150,000 micro-holes in the tan-through swimsuits. The swimwear retains less water than conventional swimwear, which is how it dries so quickly.

And if that all sounds incredibly irresponsible and unhealthy, then here’s the science bit (apparently, although some supposed benefits seem more wishful than others)…


  • Increases creativity and creative output
  • Aids in a healthy libido & balanced sexual energy
  • It regulates the circadian rhythm and promotes deeper sleep
  • Better focus & mental stimulation
  • Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that is necessary for healthy teeth and bones.