Welcome to July and How To Stay Chic & Hydrated

Welcome to JULY!

Summer is in full-swing, and the focus is on Festivals, Sport and HEAT.

Yes, it’s time of year when we have to stay hydrated. And staying hydrated has never been so chic.

If you haven’t heard about the Stanley Cup (a water bottle) – where have you been? It’s the no.1 best-selling water bottle – made popular on TikTok by Gen Z and Millennials, from LA, New York  to London. In the past year, nearly 109 million TikTok posts have dedicated to the virally-insane supersized water holder.

The Stanley Cup only costs a cool £50

Now, the 111-year-old brand is releasing an update on its most popular style, and we’re already predicting it’ll be a sell-out. Meet the Stanley Cross Bottle, a 23oz bottle with a handy cross-body strap so that you can “wear” your water bottle – ideal for those who like to go as hands-free as possible. It also boasts the same features that made the Quencher popular – the rotating lid for left-handed people, the easy-to-use straw, the soft grip material – and comes in six fun colourways.

The Cross Bottle is just the latest way in which we’re having fun with our accessories, with phone bracelets, sunglasses chains and bag charms (as featured in AZIU) all enjoying a moment too. What’s more, TikTok is full of Gen Zers customising their Stanleys, including those who adorn them in not only stickers, but beads.

The only stumbling block to the Cross Bottle’s dominance? This style is currently only available in the US and Canada, though their EU website does have a “notify me” button so you can get your hands on it first when it does launch here. Looks like a trip stateside might be on the cards…

Onto this week’s instalment, and there’s no avoiding England’s current sporting hero – Jude Bellingham.  We investigate how footballers have raised their fashion game, plus look at what NOT to wear to Wimbledon and I reveal my favourite Glastonbury outfits as seen last weekend down on the farm.