Dior x Stone Island

I never thought I’d see the day, but Dior and Stone Island – sometimes associated with ‘hardened football fans’ – have, maybe, pulled off the smartest, most logical collab yet. While some brand partnerships are teased for months and months on end, others (like this one) are just dropped on us at random – and it successfully marries the Stone Island faithful with Dior’s creative director Kim Jones.

It actually makes a lot of sense. For decades, the Italian outerwear company has had all the recognition of a global brand but with a cult following. If you buy a Stone Island jacket, chances are you’ve got 15 of them at home. And with a Dior hook-up, it allows Stone Island to advance its brand positioning; while under the Kim Jones administration, Dior has balanced the streetwear movement with couture.

And the collab itself is solid. There are black leather jackets, bright yellow raincoats, mauve cardigans, minty green gilets, and lots and lots of accessories. We’re talking sunglasses and gloves and bags in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You’ve got your shoulder ones. You’ve got your weekend ones. And you’ve also got ones that come in the shape of the compass logo – the de facto north star of all Stoneys. 

The partnership has also gone all-out in the sneaker department, too, with several new designs and silhouettes slated to be dropped as part of the collection. 

The Dior x Stone Island collection is available exclusively in Dior boutiques. It dropped on June 14 in Milan, June 18 in London, June 27 in the US, followed by a global release on July 4. Official pricing has yet to be confirmed, but whatever it is, it will sell out. Fast.