Time To Ditch The Dresses & Trainers

Death Of The Floral Dress & White Trainers

When the weather starts to warm up in London, many women’s wardrobes predominantly consist of two things: dresses and trainers.

Combined, the two together are an easy way to look fun and feminine, while being able to walk around the capital with a spring in one’s step. 

But the trend has taken a few hits of late, with fashion editors proclaiming the floral midi dress and white trainer combo is ‘a bit old hat’, as noted in various editorial features on what not to wear this summer.

Opinion varies, depending upon which generation you belong to. If you’re older, you may be baffled by the Floral Dress & Pumps look in the first place, believing that trainers ‘ruin’ things (why corrupt a pretty dress?).

For the middle-aged generation (35 – 55), the look has become the standard uniform of many women.

For Millennials, the trainers and dress combo was never really a thing. Gen Z are noting on TikTok: ‘I wish people would give up on it, it’s so tacky. Give me heels with a dress or skirt and I’m loving it.’

Gen Z wouldn’t be seen dead in a floral dress and white trainers

On a general level, I side with the younger generation. I find the whole ‘tea dress and white Zara platform trainers’ look a frumpy and somewhat ageing image.

To be clear, I don’t think every dress doesn’t work well with trainers, (I’m loving 2006 Lily Allen rocking a prom dress with Nikes). Suffice to say, if you pick the right shoe and strike the right balance, it’ can still be chic and comfortable.

But comfort should always be stylish, enabling you to enjoy life to the full whilst improving mood. Therefore, the thought the idea of trying to do away with trainers and dresses seems ‘absolute nonsense’, to many women. But it has become a somewhat stale and dated look in 2024. 

Personal stylist Charlotte Broadbent agrees that there are plenty of other shoes out there to pair with our dresses, e.g. flowy maxi with boho boots or gladiator-style sandals.

Ultimately, fashion is about expressing yourself. Wear the dress and trainers if it makes you feel confident, energetic and happy.