Weirdest 2017 Fashion

Okay, when it comes to weird trends, jeans are in a category of their own. There are just so many options. From rips and zips to the colour of denim used, it’s easy to get a new trend going. After all, everyone wears jeans – why not convince them to buy a slightly different wash in order to stay in style? Well, one of the weirdest trends of 2017 has taken distressed denim to an entirely different level. Imagine wearing your jeans to a rainy outdoor music festival in a dirt field, where after a long day they end up covered in mud. Now, imagine seeing a pair like that on sale in a store – brand new. Mud doesn’t exactly cost much, but the brand PRPS has tried to get in the fashion game by selling designer jeans caked with mud.

weird 1

Uh… okay.

Have you ever wondered how on earth you could show off your glorious knees all year round? After all, you can’t exactly rock bare legs in November. Well, it seems that my favourite high street store Topshop has your perfect solution – and it’s not ripped jeans – thank god – it’s full jeans with clear knees.

weird 2

It’s exactly what it sounds like – a pair of high-waisted ‘mom’ jeans that might initially look normal, but upon closer inspection, actually has two plastic rectangular panels where your knees are. So… you’re wearing jeans with little windows to show off your knees. I mean, perhaps if you consider your knees to be your best feature, this would be the perfect look for. But for the average person it’s just a little bit…strange.

Okay, many people are willing to be a bit more adventurous and fashion-forward with their footwear, because a bold shoe can really liven up an otherwise neutral outfit, but this trend might be taking things too far. At first glance, when these shoes by the label Hood By Air came down the runway earlier this year, you might have blinked and assumed you were seeing things twice.

weird 3

Well, you weren’t. For whatever reason, Hood By Air decided that it would be a good idea to take a regular boot and add another boot to the back of it. So, it looks like you have two feet on each leg. I’m not sure what the appeal of this trend is – it’s just plain bizarre. I suppose you’re getting four shoes for the price of two, so perhaps it seems like a bargain?

Erdem Hits H&M

The day finally arrived. Erdem x H&M: hit shops yesterday, and here’s what you need to know about this autumn’s most-talked about high street collection

Canadian Erdem Moralioğlu, is the most recent designer to be recruited to create a collection for high street giant H&M.

As with previous designer collaborations with the Swedish brand (Kenzo, Balmain and Versace included), this collection has been the source of much excitement since the release of the campaign imagery last month.

erdem 3 erdem 4

Erdem has created not only affordable versions of his signature romantic womenswear for the H&M collection, but has also turned his hand to menswear for the first time. And while some pieces from past collaborations have been criticised for being cheaper versions of their catwalk counterparts, the Erdem x H&M collection doesn’t disappoint.

I like the leopard coat and full-length lace dresses- as they have equal potential to stand out on a woman in her twenties as on someone in her seventies.

erdem 5

You’ll be able to buy the collection in the following stores: Oxford Circus, Oxford Street East, High Street Kensington, Manchester Market Street, Regent Street, Westfield White City, Glasgow, Westfield Stratford and College Green, Dublin.

edrem 6 erdem 1

If you’ve ever tried to bag yourself some bits from previous designer collections at H&M, you’ll know that queuing really does pay off. Even those who never queue have been known to line up outside the H&M store on Oxford Circus at the crack of dawn. If you can’t bring yourself to do it, then you might still have success online if you’re quick. (But be prepared for the H&M’s website to be slower than usual).

For those of you in Ibiza and Mallorca – get online asap

a word from the Editor & Blogger

Hallow me

Me? Seriously. Yikes.

I’m back from a week in the Balearics. Whilst Mallorca is a bit more year-round, by late October Ibiza is slowly winding down. The next (and some would say final 2017) big event on the white isle will be the Halloween spectacular at the infamous PIKES Hotel.


More about that later.

Figuring out what to wear for Halloween is one thing, but it seems as though dressing for the Red Carpet is potentially as scary and scream-inducing, if last Sunday’s Radio 1 Teen Awards event is anything to go by.

Rita Ora scared the life out of me as she went overboard on the Burberry.

Intro 4 Intro 3 Intro 2

Rita wore a unique outfit of shorts, a baggy shirt and a cap, all made in the same material. She completed her look with a pair of black loafers and white socks, pulled right up her shins. Shocking.

Intro 7

Louisa Johnson was all smiles as she hit the red carpet for the BBC event in London. However, Louisa’s upbeat expression would likely turn to a look of sheer horror as she saw the outcome of her red carpet photos.

She rocked up to the star-studded event wearing a canary yellow two-piece outfit, open-toed heels, and a dazzling smile.

However the reflection of light on a crease on her crotch created a horrifying illusion. The word ‘soiled’ sprung to mind. Fortunately, she posed from a different angle to show it was just reflective material creating the illusion of an unfortunate accident.

Intro 5

Towie’s Gemma Collins gave us all a fright when she fell off the stage to shrieks everywhere, whilst announcing that Love Island had won an award. A double whammy on Fright Night indeed.

You’ve probably guessed that this week’s instalment is a Halloween special, from London to Ibiza. What can we wear and where can we go? From High Fashion looks to demonic fetish costumes, it’s all zipped up here.

High main

Enjoy, Vixens!

Halloween At Pikes Hotel Ibiza



21:00 – 06:00

Unknown-15 Unknown-14 Unknown-13 Unknown-12

This weekend will see Halloween parties up and down the UK, but I personally think the only place to spend your actual fright night on the 31st October is at Pikes Hotel on the white isle.

Unknown-11 Unknown-10 Unknown-9 Unknown-8

Pikes has been hosting the very best in Halloween soirees for a few years now, so it’s not only a Club Tropicana destination. People from all over the world fly in for this event where absolutely everybody goes to town with very best in costume and scary make-up.

Unknown-7 Unknown-6 Unknown-5 Unknown-4

A complete transformation of the once idyllic location turns Pikes into THE HAUNTED HOTEL, featuring a frighteningly good DJ lineup along with a ghoulish cast of psychotic performance artists, this party is not for the fainthearted.  Action runs from 9pm until 6am with 4 suicidal soundsystems covering the entirety of the hotel and grounds.

Unknown-3 Unknown-2 Unknown-1

Ticket only event.

Tickets available from:

Pikes Ibiza 11am – 7pm.

Paradise Lost Ibiza 9pm – 3am.

With the horror sounds of:

















Be there, or beware….

High Fashion Halloween

Halloween is upon us, which means one thing – everyone is trying to find that stand-out costume. In the shadow of our cousins across the big pond, it’s become a huge party date for Brits too.

Do you know what looks likely to take the top spot for most popular costume? It seems that last year’s choice of baseball bat wielding Harley Quinn is still the leading outfit, according to Ebay.

The character, from the movie Suicide squad, is a poplar choice with celebs. Both Holly Willoughby and Lindsay Lohan rocked the look last year.

From stylish movie stars to iconic industry veterans, going the high-fashion route is a no-fail way to survive October 31 in style. And the good news is that just because it’s stylish, doesn’t mean a costume has to be complicated. In fact, these 3 ideas of mine are pretty easy, and you can wear them all in everyday life too.


High SJP 1

Here at Zips It up, we doubt whether fashion girls will ever tire of the iconic New Yorker and Sex and the City legend Carrie Bradshaw. Whilst she had plenty of memorable looks worthy of re-creating, this is the ultimate ensemble.

H&M Jersey Vest Top (£4)

High SJP2

ASOS Mini Tulle Skirt With Grosgrain Tie (£35)

High SJP 3


High Iris 2

Iris Apfel’s iconic look is all about colour, texture and keeping things unique. Channel this fashion legend by layering on accessories and going for a statement coat. And don’t forget the glasses.

Chesca Satin Lined Faux Fur Tippet Scarf (£55)

High iris 3

Mango Ring Wool Coat (£90)

High Iris 4

Tom Ford Glasses (£158)

High Iris


High Hollie

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is considered a classic for a reason. From the stunning costumes to the playful acting, it’s on every fashion girl’s must-watch list. Similarly, dressing as Audrey Hepburn’s character, Holly Golightly, is almost to be a rite of passage.

ASOS Cat Eye Sunglasses (£10)

High Hollie 1

Forever 21 Rhinestone Tiara Headband (£5)

High Hollie 2

J.Crew Pearl Twisted Hammock Necklace (£98)

High Hollie 3


Gypsy Blood

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.56.05

Already sounds scary, doesn’t it?

It’s Halloween. Forget the SCREAM mask or skull make-up. How about a stylish dark head piece?

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.57.48

Head-dresses don’t have to be all about summer festivals. Meet the ultimate costume and head-piece designer, Savanna Morrish. Quite simply, she specialises in show stopping head-wear.

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.58.07

Having travelled the globe from London to Nepal, Savanna had a spiritual realisation on her return to the UK. She quit her job and office life, after life changing travelling experiences. Savannah spent a summer living in a van on a field, organising a festival for charity. Once it was over, she embraced California and the Burning Man adventure. This spurned a dream to mix festival passion with her crafty skills.

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.58.28

So, without much sleep, forsaking a social life and with every penny she had, Savanna spent the next 6 weeks creating an initial range of 28 festival headpieces, shooting three photoshoots and building a website. The label is ‘Gypsy Blood’ was born. Savanna says:

“We are the wild ones. The ones with the messy hair, the thirsty hearts and that unmistakable spark in our eyes. The all night dancers, the music makers, the risk takers and the rule breakers. Untamed and unashamed. We make no apologies for our wild hearts. We are not here to simply ‘fit in.”

Well said Savanna. Each piece is designed and hand made by Savanna at her studio in Sheffield England. No two will ever be the same. The red-indian head dresses or ‘war bonnets’, as they’re officially called, are absolute show stoppers.

Here is the Halloween Collection:

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.59.20 Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.59.12 Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.59.02 Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.58.50 Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.58.45 Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.58.28 Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.58.13

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.58.02Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.57.41 Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.57.30 Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.57.24 Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.56.58 Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.56.48 Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.56.30

Savanna sent me the DEMON Horns & black rose piece (ABOVE) which I’ll be wearing this weekend. Look out for the photos on my Zips It Up Facebook page.​

+44 7557 470091

5 – 11 Eben Street




… a word from the Editor and Blogger


It’s Friday 13th… Halloween is almost here – more on that theme next week. Call me deluded, but (in my head anyway) we are still in the very final throes of summer. And one important date for your calendar, if you’re a Balearic but London-based Boho babe like me, is the Ibiza Fashion Fair. It takes place this Saturday 14th October 2017.

Following the success of their Ibiza show on the white isle this summer (which I Zipped up in the blog), the IFF team land in the capital this weekend.

Intro Ibiza 1

Bringing a much-needed dose of Ibiza spirit to London with sustainable Swimwear and pure Boho fashion, there will be live performances from famous artists accompanied by hottest DJs from Ibiza, Pop-up stalls and bars, as well as the fashion show.


Standard entry is standing only. VIP tickets are seated, £27.14 – £85.55. There are Ibiza goodie bags for everyone and it promises to be a memorable evening, as well as being your final ‘Ibiza fashion hit’ of the year.


Sat 14 October 2017

19:00 – 23:30


13 Grosvenor Pl

13 Grosvenor Place




Onto this week’s instalment and we check out the Milleniums – the new generation of Supermodels, plus VIPs with Visible Panty Lines – VPLs to you and me – and the T-shirt brand Bored Panda creates an X-rated stir on the streets of Shanghai.

VIPs With VPLs

For years, women have battled with thongs, seamless underwear and smoothing shapewear in a bid to hide those irritating underwear lines beneath our clothes.

But the Visible Panty Line or VPL, once the biggest fashion faux-pas, is now becoming the hottest trend on the red carpet. In fact, it’s now so popular that the look has even made its way to the high street shops, via mesh skirts with built-in knickers

And it seems like celebrities are embracing knickers and showing them off for all to see. From bright colours to granny pants, the papped posse are donning flesh-flashing sheer outfits to show their knickers.


This is not the first time that we’ve had a glimpse of Miley’s knickers but this red pair doesn’t leave a good impression. Combined with her white and red prints, this outfit hits a bum note


A break-up outfit that maybe went too far, as Mel B flashes her pants AND bra. The Former Spice Girl is 42, so she’s brave. But sometimes it’s nice to leave a little to the imagination, Mel.


BOYZONE singer Ronan Keating’s wife, Storm, 35, did the unthinkable and went out in her Spanx. They are the saviours of most women’s wardrobes, but they should be worn with more than sheer over the top.


Not many of us could pull off a see through skin tight catsuit but there is no need for these big pants. Model Hailey Baldwin, 20, has a body that is out of this world, but those Bridget Jones style pants ruin it all.


KEEPING up with the trends is hard, but not when you’re supermodel Kendall Jenner. Whilst she gives a nod to the VPL trend, her fifties-inspired frock is subtle and just about pass-able.


We know Paris Jackson can afford new undies, and Paris’ greying briefs should never have been seen, especially on the red carpet.


Gorgeous Ashley Graham, 29, flaunted her curvaceous figure by flashing her knickers at New York Fashion Week. The plus-size model managed to pull off her VPL thanks to a sexy sheer dress.

VPL 1png

With boxers underneath the skirt and a tassled top, J-Law is in one hell of a mesh. Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence, 27, is known for her wacky sense of humour, but is she all out of laughs with this outfit?


Flashing lots of flesh, and no bra, why bother to wear underwear at all?

Brunette babe Daisy Lowe, 28, opted for the Morticia Adams look, but it was all a bit premature for Halloween.

The Millennials

Following an appearance by the infamous 90s Supermodels at the Versace show at Milan Fashion week, our attention turns to the new generation.

minels main

To the uninitiated, Lila Grace Moss Hack may look like any other 14-year-old, wearing braces and braiding her hair. But once you know where those cheekbones come from, you’ll get the family resemblance.

Her parents, the British supermodel Kate Moss and the Dazed Media founder Jefferson Hack, fought hard to keep Lila Grace out of the public eye while growing up, with pictures only being released following Moss’s 2011 re-wedding.

minels 9

Moss Hack’s first modelling job is a relatively soft step, appearing in a single promotional image for The Braid Bar, a hair plaiting service at Selfridges, Oxford Street. She is seen posing with her friend, The Clash musician Mick Jones’s daughter Stella.

minels iris lawminels 12

Iris Law, 16, the daughter of Jude Law and Sadie Frost and Anais Gallagher, 17, daughter of Noel Gallagher and Meg Matthews, are also part of the new model army, with parents who are household names. Iris Law just celebrated a second Burberry beauty campaign and sits front row at the brand’s shows.

Milens 12

Lily Rose Depp, 17, the daughter of French singer and model Vanessa Paradis and actor Johnny Depp, has walked for Chanel.

minels 7

Renee Stewart, the daughter of Rod Stewart and Rachel Hunter, to Lottie Moss, Kate’s 19 year-old half-sister, are a great example of brands’ love for casting celebrity offspring. Designers are increasingly picking a host of young but familiar names, including Christie Brinkley’s daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook, 18

Millen 1minels 6

They are the Millennials. Girls with a strong social media presence and interest.

But while being the daughter of ‘someone’ may initially be a shortcut to the limelight, it will only take you so far. Especially when the typical model career lasts only five years, and hits peak earning power at around 20.

“I want to be taken seriously”, Kendall Jenner, the half sister to Kim Kardashian, proclaimed, pointing out that a family name can be as troublesome as it is treasured. “I had to work even harder to get where I wanted because people didn’t take me seriously as a model. Because of the Kardashian name.”

minels 5

Probably causing the most attention is Cindy Crawford’s daughter, Kaia Gerber, 16. But Cindy knew better than anyone that to build a lasting career for her child would require a smarter strategy than just sitting back and relying on the name.

minels 3minels 10

“If you have a successful parent and you go into the same business, if you’re not more successful, then what?” Crawford commented to Vogue Australia last month. “The only concern I have for her, and it isn’t an issue, is that in the modelling world I hit the top, and if she doesn’t it might be a lot of pressure for her.”

I agree. But family name and lineage will surely take you a long way.

Bored Panda – Get Shirty

From a white tee that states “Vagina” to a vest that proclaims “Sniffing glue won’t keep families together”, perhaps these funny t-shirts have got a little bit lost in translation.

Innocent Chinese shoppers have been buying some rather X-rated slogan T-shirts from an internet fashion label, without realising the significance of their slogans.

Panda main

Enter Bored Panda , who have compiled the rudest and funniest garments available today.

The images were originally posted online by a social media user known as Shanghai Observed, a Brit who is currently living in Asia.

Panda 2

“Living in China I tend to come across some of the most ridiculous things,” he commented.

“I wanted to share my experiences with my friends all over the world so I started an Instagram @shanghaiobserved to share daily photos of Shanghai: #dailyshanghaiphoto.

Panda 6

He started spotting people wearing this range all over Shanghai. And “It turned into something sending people into hysterics.”

Panda 7

It’s probably true to say that we wouldn’t look twice at somebody wearing a ‘Vagina’ tee in Ibiza or on the streets of London, but the unsuspecting folk of Shanghai are seemingly unaware of sniggers from abroad. I am particularly keen on the Glue Sniffing slogan tee, as it is so random.

Panda 1

Perhaps a tongue in cheek present idea this Crimbo?

Check out the range on