Love Island Fashion 2018

Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore it. Yes, the new series of Love Island is dominating the UK’s screens, only a touch behind the World Cup. And fans are already obsessing over what the cast is wearing.

The reality show on ITV2 has become a ‘summer fashion catwalk’, inspiring viewers’ seasonal wardrobes.

One of the key fashion trends is thekimono, and not just the swimwear variety. For those of you living under a rock, asking “what is a kimono?” – it’s a traditional Japanese full-length, thin robe, now popular in “boho” culture.

Now of course, kimonos are not exactly new on the Balearic boho scene, but take a guess where they are a brand new arrival? You’ll never believe this one:

The Kimono landed at Lidl UK stores nationwide this Monday June 17, as part of Heidi Klum’s new summer collection at the budget retailer.

Her #LetsLoveSummer range delivers boho festival fashion to all ages, and each piece proves to be truly Instagram worthy, awash with eye-catching patterns, colourful fringes and flowing fabrics.

Other highlight pieces include paisley shorts perfect for festival fun, plus maxi dresses made for sunset drinks and poolside lunches. Prices in the range start from £2.49. The kimono costs £11.99.

On the subject of budget shopping, Primark always nail it with their super popular ‘themed collections’, and now they’ve launched a Love Island 2018 range that will be literally everyone’s ‘type on paper’.

I’m loving the slogan hoodies with phrases such as ‘speak to me after Love Island’. No doubt another popular product will be the striped T-shirt embellished with two flamingos, with ‘future islander’written on the front. Not that I’ll be wearing that.

‘I should have been on Love Island’swimwear will also be available for avid fans.

There are bags, jeans and water bottles too, which seem to be popular with all ages. Love Island truly does seem to be conquering all.

Most Stylish World Cup Shirts

The World Cup 2018 in Russia has kicked off and hold on to your hats, England won their first game!

 Exciting times. But the game itself isn’t the only exciting thing about the event. The fashion on the pitch is worth observing, too.  Nigeria’s kit has made headlines over the past few weeks. The cheerful Nike-designed piece has sold a record-breaking 3 million units already, but it’s not the only country that boasts a stylish footy kit. There’s a classic number from Argentina and an eye catching print from Croatia.

I quite fancy the idea of donning a traditional Spain shirt with a pair of shorts this summer. You could even go down the sexy route like this, and wear one over bikini bottoms.

Here’s my pick of the best:

The baby blue and white stripe combo adds a tender side to the dirt-splattered sport. Call it classic.

The shirt has a history. Former Australian soccer player Mark Viduka asked fans to turn its stadium into a “sea of gold” 13 years ago. And now, the colour has become the hue of the team’s jersey. The sleeves boast cool stripes, almost like a tattoo. Also, the team’s name is the Socceroos.

Whilst many countries in the World Cup are wearing red colours, Colombia’s canary yellow shirt is easy to spot. Sassy too, thanks to the jagged blue and burgundy print around the arms. It’s sponsored by Adidas, so fans will enjoy the three stripes on the shoulders, too.

Croatia is proud to be Croatia, and that’s great stylistically, too. The Central European country put its red and white checkerboard coat of arms print right on its jersey. It makes for a flashy, can’t-miss-it moment on the field. Comes with the Nike swoosh symbol, too!

For those with minimalist tastes. The South American country boasts a simple white jersey with a thick red stripe that cuts diagonally across the chest.

The World Cup hosts shirt comes in Soviet-shade red with two easy stripes on the sleeves.

The grass green jersey designed by Puma has a geometric lion face, an ode to the team name, the Indomitable Lions. The flag’s yellow, red, and green colours act as the collar, a pop of contrast that truly allows this piece to shine.

Japanese culture is known for process and tradition when it comes to design, and that shows in the country’s soccer jersey, too. The white pattern is made to resemble sashiko stitching, a functional yet decorative technique for reinforcing fabric that was used in Japan from the early 1600s to the late 1800s.

And then there’s three lions on a shirt…. Plus fifty years of hurt. The less said about this, the better.

…a word from the Editor and Blogger

Who needs to confine shenanigans to a day, when there’s a whole week scribbled in the diary? Yes, it’s time to start my birthday celebrations. This weekend (Friday pm) kicks off with the brilliant Hacienda Classical Concert in the grounds of Kenwood House on Hampstead Heath, conveniently close to home.

Bleary eyed, we’re then flying to Mallorca on Saturday morning for a “proper” Med weekend, before returning to normality on Monday morning.

It’s taken until now to finally learn an important lesson whilst drinking in the sunshine. Namely, consuming plenty of water at the same time.  A drill that’s easy to forget – a bottle of water for every bottle of fizz, etc.

But what about the plastic trail that comes with water consumption-a massive global issue?  I’d like to introduce you to the Puritii Water Filter Bottle.

The Puritii bottle is the most unique on the market. No other bottle filters every contaminant. Tap water is recycled up to 7 times and carries harmful chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fluoride, ammonia and chlorine, which can’t be filtered. It also contains bacteria that can cause stomach upsets, poisonous algae that encourage cancer cells to breed and ageing skin.

The incredible triple layer filter system provides healthy water, saving you heaps of money in the process.  And the real beauty of this bottle is that each single filter can potentially prevent 455 plastic bottles from hitting the environment (that could be up to 350,000 plastic bottles in your lifetime).

This incredible bottle can be filled at any water source, including Ibiza taps or muddy ponds, as it filters water to 99.99% pure. Not that I’ll be embarking on the mud test, mind.

Danny Gould: Clean Living, SUPER HEALTHY

They went down a storm at the 2017  Clockwork Ibiza Weekender and were road tested by Clockwork’s Danny Gould last weekend on the white isle, to a huge thumbs-up.

My good friend Lisa Jo has taken a £15k supply to 3 villages in Africa, where they are now able to provide fresh water from filthy water holes. I’m taking mine to the Balearics this summer. If anyone would like more info, please contact Lisa:


On to this week’s super colourful instalment and we go all techno/ beauty with Crayons, solve your lost luggage dramas and to coincide with Gay Pride Month, Converse launch colours of the rainbow.

Thanks to my Guest Ed Mira Manley for some of this week’s content.

Converse Gay Pride Collection

It’s time to celebrate the LGBTQ Pride month of June with our favourite retro sporty sneaker brand, Converse.

A colourful new collection in honour of Pride has been designed by pansexual singer Miley Cyrus, who makes her debut as a fashion designer.

Miley has been an outspoken voice for the LGBTQ community for years, and all proceeds from the range will go to supporting the LGBTQ community.

The 10-piece sporty collection features all the colours of the rainbow and includes 4 pairs of sneakers, a hoodie and trackie pants.

Or a classy tracksuit, let’s call it.

Everything is reasonable at around the £50 mark.

The sneakers all have rainbow soles, as well as polka dot and stripe designs. Look out for the Happy Hippie logo, which represents the organisation that ‘rallies young people to fight injustice’.

All right-on, and all so wearable.

As much as I am not usually one for wearing political fashion, I am 100% behind this very cool collection.

Head Cases

Here’s a great belated idea for Fathers’ Day that’s also a giggle for those upcoming summer holidays.

We’ve all been there. I would suggest that the following is a regular occurrence at Palma and Ibiza airports. You’ve drunk the entire drinks trolley on the plane, passed out in your seat and now you’re standing uneasily at the baggage carousel, struggling to identify your suitcase.

The experience of having someone mistakenly grab your bag from the baggage carousel is commonplace. Lots of suitcases look alike. Nobody wants the hassle of reporting lost luggage (and having no holiday clothes to wear), when sleeping by the pool beckons.

Why not help expedite the experience at passport control, by going all out and splashing a full photo of your face across your suitcase? Introducing the Head Case Suitcase Cover.

Their spandex wrap covers, featuring your giant printed face, are slipped over your luggage. It’s a temporary cover that you can slip off when it isn’t required. Especially if it’s a posh luggage brand that you want to show-off.

The Head Case Suitcase Cover comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Each one is made from an elastic spandex and polyester blend, and can stretch to any suitcase dimension in its respective size, with holes where the handles are usually found.

While they will probably accept most images you’d like printed on the cover, private parts might be rejected, unless that’s how you want to be identified in the lost luggage office? But make sure you upload a high-resolution photo, since they’re going to blow it up to king size on a stretchy fabric. So the more pixels you upload, the better it’s likely to look. They print the same image on both sides, too, so you should be able to easily recognize your luggage whether it’s facing one way or the other.

A bargain at £19.99. I guarantee lots of giggles in the arrivals halls this summer.

Crayola Make Up Collection

Hands up who remembers trays of broken crayons in infant school?

And how about trying to draw all over your face with crayons?

Well, the mother of all crayon brands, Crayola, has come up with a brilliant idea for us adults. Yes, you can now re-live childhood memories with the new Crayola beauty makeup collection.

Launched last week and available exclusively from ASOS, the 58-part collection features colourful face crayons, mascaras, eyeshadows, highlighters, all boxed in the brand’s iconic yellow and green packaging. And if that wasn’t cool enough, all of the products are cruelty-free and vegan. How very 21stCentury.

ASOS says, “Crayola has only gone and launched a range of makeup based on its COLORFUL wax crayons, and our inner child is beyond excited. Who cares if you colour outside the lines?”

The makeup’s bright pigments and shades have been made to look as vibrant on the skin as a crayon would be on paper, allowing lots of creative ideas. There’s even a pencil case-like makeup bag and matching brushes.

… a word from the Editor & Blogger

We’re back!

After a week in the blingtastically boiling Dubai, I return tanned, refreshed and half a stone heavier.

It was Ramadan during our stay, and it was fascinating observing how Muslims are so strict with themselves in observing fasting-by-day. Non-fasting people eat in restaurants behind sheets and boarded up windows, to respect those fasting around them.

During this holy month ruled by the moon, Muslims fast (do not eat or drink) in order to ‘re-set’ bodies and minds, and observe a time of peace.  I would happily do the same myself, but lack the self -discipline. Indeed, I returned half a stone heavier, and admit that I did indeed scoff behind those sheets and boarded up windows.

I also enjoyed the insanely hot temperatures. It never dipped below 32, even at night and peaked at 42 degrees. The other members of my family hated it, but as one who loves to boil, I was in my element.

My other half has a “hipster” beard, meaning that he had extra Arabic warmth to contend with. Interestingly, on this exact subject, I hear that hipsters’ worst nightmares came true, when a recent poll revealed that 43% of women wouldn’t sleep with a bearded man. It appears facial fuzz puts women off. Clearly, I think this is ridiculous, since I’m married to one. To add insult to injury, novelist Jilly Cooper claims that bearded men cry all the time and are scared of women. Hmmm.

The stats roll on. Apparently, 1 in 5 men struggle to grow chest hair, whilst 1 in 10 who can shave it off, 7% snip it, 3% wax it and 1% get laser hair removal. Men from the West Midlands have the most self-confidence, with Northern Irish men being the least confident. Although clearly not in Jamie Dornan’s case.

Sounds like a load of rubbish – but just the sort of trivia that makes the world go round.

Onto this week’s instalment of Zips It Up,and we check out an Aussie Menswear label, Ibiza’s top nail & lash technicians and discover how love eggs are good for your health, not just an orgasm.

Apache Street Wear For Men

G’day. Meet two UK friends living the dream Down Under.

 Richard Cook, a Software Developer originally from Hertfordshire, and Joe Ames, a Car Detailer and former Bouncer from Birmingham, were having a beer at their local Aussie pub, when they noticed the lack of decent ‘Street Wear’ from the smaller menswear brands.

Most brands were run by large multi million dollar companies and didn’t leave enough room in the marketplace for the smaller independent labels.  So, the boys decided to see if they could give it a go.

After month or so, they decided on a manufacturer of apparel they liked, to kick off the online shop while they were working on the brand itself. And so, Apache Street Wear was born.

Richard and Joe are also working on a selection of women’s apparel under the guise of Clair De Lune Avenue, which will feature a classic selection of ladies dresses, body suits and accessories.

The main focus at the moment is to build a strong quality brand from Apache and Clair De Lune, while keeping reasonable pricing but still maintaining high quality.

The menswear collection is vast but here are a few of my favourites.




Creative Rebels Ibiza

Lashes and nail art have become big business. They’re not just for that big night out either. They’re all about general maintenance. Once your semi-permanent nails and lashes are in place, you can relax, knowing you’re ready for anything.

Wherever we may roam, we need experts in this field, and I’ve found the perfect example in Ibiza.

Creative Rebels Ibizadelivers fashion forward custom-designed nail services and bespoke eye lash extensions, wherever you might find yourself in Ibiza. And as Ibiza is ever-evolving into the organic and vegan stratospheres, the girls stock natural products bespoke to that way of life.

Technicians,Kelly Nicholson and Sophie Louise Stocker are ready to cater for all your beauty needs on the island. Thoroughly recommended by Zips It Up.

Here’s a peak of just some of their prices and services:

Brow waxing & shaping

15 minutes • €20

Shaping and tidy of the natural brows

Party lashes

30 minutes • From €20

15-30mins depending on which style of lashes applied.

LVL lash lift

Duration varies • €50

This a lash lifting treatment that will enhance your own lashes without the fuss of lash extensions giving them a beautiful curl that lasts up to 6 weeks creating a natural wide eyed look.

Russian volume

2 hours • Full set 3D-5D €120 Full set 6D-10D €140

Russian volume Lash extensions are the newest and most highly demanded lashes they range in 3D – 10D depending on how full and glamorous you desire to look, they are silky, fluffy and very voluminous.

Acrylic/hard gel removal

1 hour • €20

Safe gentle removal of your nails extensions, natural nail edges neatened and nail plate buffed, finished with nourishing cuticle oil and hand lotion.

Nail replacements/repairs

15 minutes • From €8

15-30 mins depending if art work is required


1 hour and 30 minutes • €45-60

Infills from 2 weeks growth, 3+ weeks growth is considered a rebalance. *polish not included.

Dip acrylic

1 hour • €70

Suitable for shorter extension styles a quick semi durable method available only in a limited range of colours. *Gel topcoat €5

Hard gel Nail extensions

1 hour and 30 minutes • €85

Nail extensions applied using UV/LED hard gel method. *polish not included.

Acrylic Nail extensions

1 hour and 30 minutes • €75

Nail extensions applied using the liquid and powder method. *polish not included.

Nail art

1 hour • From €20

*price based across 10 nails, ie. from €2 per nail depending on the detail and time.

Vegan Gel polish

30 minutes • €35

Vegan, Cruelty and 5 free gel polish colour, 2-3 weeks none chip high shine wear.

Gel polish

30 minutes • €35

High shine chip resistant polish Lasts up to 2-3 weeks

Luxury pedi

1 hour • €50

Extensive cuticle and callous/hard-skin removal, cut, file, shape and buff toe nails, exfoliating scrub or moisturising mask, finished with a relaxing moisturising foot massage.

Vegan/organic mani

45 minutes • €35

Cuticle removal using old fashioned hand soak method, file, shape & buff nails, organic exfoliating hand scrub, finished with a relaxing hand massage. *polish not included. *we have a selection of vegan polishes to choose from to add to your treatment

Balearic Islands, Spain

Ibiza, Spain

Call +34 691 49 61 56

Resident & Workers discount

Duration varies • *Up to 30% discount

We offer discounted rates for residents and workers.

Yoni Eggs

We’ve all heard of ‘Love Eggs’, but I have it on reliable authority that they’re not simply for self-pleasure. With the crystal healing assistance of certain stones, they can also bring health benefits to the female pelvic region, kidney and liver, plus reduce anxiety levels.

Introducing you to the yoni egg. My friend, sex therapist Myra S Forrester, is the expert on the subject.


“Firstly, let me explain what a Yoni is. Yoni, in the Indian Sanskrit language, means ‘Sacred Temple’ and refers to a woman’s vagina. Don’t you think this is a far more beautiful word to use compared to vagina, which literally means ‘sheath for a man’s sword’?”

“A yoni egg is an egg-shaped stone or crystal used to insert inside the yoni (vagina) to strengthen and tone the entire pelvic region – the pelvic floor muscles, the lower abdomen, the urogenital diaphragms and even the lower back.”

“Let’s talk about how we can physically benefit from using the yoni egg. A weak pelvic floor can cause all types of health issues like prolapse, urinary problems or a feeling of nothingness during sex. But when it’s strong and healthy you can experience…more intense orgasms and not just clitoral!

Here some further benefits to using the eggs on a regular basis:

  • Improves overall life-force energy or “chi” in the body
  • Boosts sexual energy levels and awakens the libido.
  • Helps to prevent prolapse
  • Relieves incontinence (weak bladder)
  • Balances hormones by increasing blood flow to the area, which contributes to youthfulness


Yoni Egg Crystals Available:

Amethyst: Third Eye Chakra. Meditation and higher consciousness stone. Supports sobriety and helps heal addictions. Better sleep. Calms mind. Emotional centering. Cleanses aura. £poa

Black Obsidian: Grounding. Protection stone. Clearing and shields negative energy. Activates and stimulates Base Chakra. Animal energy. Heals sexual trauma. £20-£90. Set of 3. £75 , set of three with wand £90

If you’re beginning the Yoni Egg Practice, I suggest you start with a drilled egg.

A drilled egg has an intentionally made small hole running through the smaller end of the stone, which you can then tie a 30cm piece of hemp string (or unwaxed dental floss) through, making it easier for removal. With a string tied through the drilled hole, you can remove the egg as if you would a tampon or eve cup. These eggs do not harbour bacteria once correctly cleaned and stored away correctly. They are cleaner than most partner’s hands and nails!

For more info:

Myra S Forrester

Wild Women

Massage Therapist & Intimacy Coach

+44(0)7905 597963

Buy yours securely now!