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Me wearing the Superdry Penny Lane Coat

Welcome to this weeks wintry instalment of Amanda Zips It Up and its COAT SEASON!

The Penny Lane Coat Is Our Winter Heroine

The search for shearling / Afghan coats has spiked 56% already this month, and the must-have look is this. You’ll know it as the Penny Lane coat, dubbed so after Kate Hudson donned one in her turn as the free-spirited star of Cameron Crowe’s film Almost Famous. Suede or leather with shearling lapels and cuffs, the ‘70s staple has taken over our Instagram feed this winter, with labels like Superdry creating sell-out contemporary takes (like mine above), while the vintage revival – fuelled by a booming resale market – has seen prices soar for original pieces on platforms like Depop, eBay and Etsy. The bohemian longline style, favoured by everyone from Pamela Des Barres (one of the real-life groupies who inspired the Almost Famous Penny Lane) to Janis Joplin, The Beatles and Hendrix, is surely the antithesis of the ‘North Face’ cropped puffer jacket – so how did it become fashion’s comeback kid?

Long before the Penny Lane character we know and love, the Afghan coat was seen in all buzzing 1960s Kings Road boutiques. Along with many young people looking for a psychedelic expansion of the mind, the Afghan coat became the most fashionable trend. Musical royalty from Brian Jones and Jimi Hendrix to David Bowie teamed their flared denims and shaggy hair with the Afghan.

The coats found mainstream fame in Carnaby Street as well but by the late Swinging Sixties’ this outerwear of choice fell out of favour with the punk scene kicking back against the kaleidoscopic dreaminess of their predecessors with a much more severe approach to music, politics and personal style.

Fast-forward to the new millennium and the British high street is flooded once more with Afghan coats, albeit shorter styles in suede and leather.

My Superdry coat is fully lined and looks beautiful but slightly small as this brand mostly designs for the smaller asian market.

I have found a stunning collection of Penny Lane coats with a very 2022/3 edge.

In incredible green, white, black, purple and my favourite red.

As well as being influenced by Almost Famous, the recent Netflix series ‘Inventing Anna’ gave us the full length green afghan which you can find at Left Bank Six, along with shorter lengths all made from leather and mongolian wool.

They are perfect for this winter and Left Bank Six are also in the process of designing their own Penny Lane coat in chocolate brown which lands in two weeks.

Long coats: £575

Short Coats: £375

Speak to Nicole Ivison Hatch at Left Bank Six on Facebook and Instagram or call 07575 222908

The Sexy Motor Racing Jacket

Put your pedal to the metal, the racer jacket is having a moment,

Top of my wishlist this autumn is a motorcycle jacket. I don’t own a motorbike; in fact I have never been on a motorbike and in the spirit of making it safely into 2023, nor do I wish to. But I would really like to find a lovely, beaten up motocross jacket, a vintage version of the kind worn by actual racing drivers –replete with bright coloured panels and brand sponsor logos. Not to be confused with the classic black lapelled biker jacket a la Bros, the motocross jacket is a heavy, mandarin collared affair, with sturdy zip and popper collar fastening.

I’ve spotted the jackets on the backs of hipsters on the street, at fashion parties in glossy mags in and, as you might expect, all over TikTok. But this isn’t a trend reserved for Hackney residents and DePop-ers, Bella, Kim, Hailey, Dua` and Kylie have all been seen wearing them.

Luxury brands have also been revving their engines. For Dior AW22, delivered a collection heavily infused with motocross references: alongside a yellow, white and black biker jacket were sheer lace dresses accessorised with leather racing gloves and crash-proof shoulder pads.

For me, the motocross jacket is a timeless piece. It’s so versatile and genderless… it’s fantastic at creating a strong and powerful silhouette.

Diesel has been pushing biker leathers hard, along with acid wash denim and trucker caps. The Gucci x Palace collaboration that dropped last week featured a distressed-effect yellow, black and white leather motocross jacket, with embroideries and patches of panthers and the Palace and Gucci logos, that’s already sold out despite its £10,860 price tag.

In addition to the luxey Gucci and Diesel versions, there are also budget-if-not-planet friendlier iterations on offer at Zara, Karen Millen and River Island. But when it comes to sourcing your dream racing jacket, I recommend scouring your local charity and vintage shops and scrolling DePop. Gen Z kids are all over them and charging upwards of £200! Clever.

What To Eat This Bonfire Night

Forget a rancid saveloy and soggy jacket potato this weekend… Celebrate 5th November with these new fashionable spectacular Bonfire Night recipes to enjoy after the fireworks or during your bonfire party, including new ways to make toffee apples, parkin (what’s that?) and new hotdogs galore. All recipes taken from the BBC Good Food Guide.

Sticky cider onion hot dogs

Enjoy this sweet-and-sticky take on a hot dog, topped with caramelised onions cooked in cider. They’re simple to make and definitely delicious.

Homemade toffee apples

Nothing beats the crunch of a toffee apple on a crisp autumnal evening, and these taste so much better than shop bought


Parkin is a traditional ginger cake from Yorkshire, flavoured with syrupy molasses, oatmeal and warm spices. Bake it for Bonfire Night or an afternoon tea treat.

Catherine wheel toad-in-the-hole with honey & mustard onions

Perfect for a cold autumnal evening, this combination of sausage and Yorkshire pudding in a pretty coiled design is sure to be a family hit

Honey-mustard hot dogs

Try a twist on a hot dog with our two-cheese, honey-and-mustard topping. They’re perfect for Bonfire Night or family nights in when you fancy something fast


Rarebit toasties with sticky Marmite onions

Serve these rarebit toasties with sticky Marmite onions and eggs for the ultimate comfort food. Add some crispy bacon to the mix for a great bacon sarnie too

Frozen pumpkin cheesecake

Swap your usual pumpkin pie for our no-bake, make-ahead cheesecake. It’s perfect for Halloween or Bonfire Night, or as an autumn dessert for the dinner table

Bonfire toffee

Crowds will love this sweet treat of dark and sticky treacle toffee smashed into hard bitesize chunks


  • STEP 1

Line the base and sides of an A4 sized tin with non-stick parchment and then grease it really well.

  • STEP 2

Put the sugar and hot water in a heavy bottomed pan and heat gently until the sugar is dissolved, do not stir the mixture at any point instead tilt the pan if you need to move it around.

  • STEP 3

Weigh out your remaining ingredients, if you put them in a really well greased jug they will be much easier to pour out. Once the sugar has dissolved add all the ingredients and pop the sugar thermometer in, you can use the thermometer to give it a quick swirl but try not to mix it too much.

  • STEP 4

Bring to the boil and boil until you reach soft crack on your thermometer (270/140C) This may take up to 30 minutes, be patient and do not leave the pan unattended as it can change quickly. As soon as it reaches the temp, tip it into your tin and leave it to cool.

  • STEP 5

Once cool remove it from the tin a break up with a toffee hammer or rolling pin. Store in an airtight tin or wrap up in boxes or cellophane bags to give as gift.


Re-sell Your Clothes at Zara & Hire Your faves At M&S

Zara have launched a pre-owned service for shoppers to buy and sell second-hand items.

From that polka dot dress to the mini skort, there are some Zara items that we all fall in love with – and seem to sell out within minutes.

But now, the fashion giant is set to launch a pre-owned service, that could see your old favourites popping back up for re-sale.

They’ll be taking on the likes of Depop and Vinted when it launches the new platform, Zara Pre-owned, TODAY!

Hosted on Zara’s website and app, shoppers can post second-hand Zara items for sale, as well as book repairs and donate unwanted items online, or through a store.

And if you’re selling, you won’t have to bother with filling out lengthy descriptions. Zara will provide customers with all the product information on each item of clothing themselves.

The high street favourite is the latest in a string of popular fast-fashion brands, attempting to make commitments towards sustainability.

PLUS For customers wanting to get their Zara favourites repaired, they can book a wide range of options, which include fixing broken zips and replacing buttons.

AND Zara customers can also use the app to get old clothing picked up from their home and taken for donation at the Red Cross.

M&S shoppers can now RENT an entire wardrobe worth up to £320 for just £39 for five days as it launches a collaboration with HIRESTREET.

  • Hirestreet has created six M&S capsule wardrobes for shoppers to rent for £39
  • For an extra £20, customers can keep the items for an entire month
  • The 78-item range also features dresses from M&S’ popular Ghost collection
  • The brand is now offering customers the chance to choose between six of their ‘capsule wardrobes’, which have been put together by stylists and contain 10 different outfit variations.
  • Alternatively, shoppers can also hire items – such as winter coats, party dresses and knits – individually for up to 30 days.
  • In total, there are 78 items available to hire within the new capsule wardrobe and wider collection.

… a word from Amanda

Welcome to another weekly round-up of fashion and lifestyle here at…

Amanda Zips It Up

Question. Are you a ketchup or a mayo person? Perhaps you’re into brown sauce, or maybe you’re flying the flag for BBQ?

You know I love a quirky new food trend. Well, let me introduce you to a new condiment that could be a game changer for your bacon or sausage sandwich on the way to work during the upcoming wintry mornings.

Introducing EGGCHUP. 

This is NOT mayonnaise. It is a new offering from sausage brand Heck – basically a squeezable runny egg yolk made up of two simple ingredients – eggs and salt.

If you’re having a sandwich but can’t be bothered to get out a pan to fry (or boil) some eggs, simply squirt the eggchup and away you go.

And it’s not just eggs they’re putting in a bottle. Heck has been keeping busy, figuring out how to turn another British staple into bottled form.

As part of their breakfast sauce rage, the brand came up with what they’re calling the world’s first baked bean ketchup, BEANCHUP. The condiment is made from tomato and haricot beans combined with a mixture of spices.

They even have a Secret Sausage Society who try and products – with an overwhelmingly positive response to the new offerings, by all accounts.

The creator of the sauce, and Heck’s new product development manager, note that Eggchup is winning people over thanks to its effortless use.

But will it win me over? Hmm – it sounds pretty hideous… 

The Balenciaga Crisp Packet

Balenciaga launches a new ‘it’ bag – and this time it’s a Lays crisp packet at the design epicentre.

Remember, I recently wrote a piece about the Balenciaga Black Bin Bag going for over a grand? Well now there’s new trash-themed bag to waste your money on, if you’re gullible enough to reach for your credit card. 

Their latest unusual design is made to look like a bag of Lays crisps – you know, the version of Walkers that one munches upon when on holiday in the Med.

Seen recently on their A/W 2023 catwalk, models were clutching the large crisp-style bags while strutting down the walkway.

 How do you follow up a viral fashion accessory like @balenciaga’s trash bag bag? With another that looks like actual trash, that’s how…

The retail price isn’t confirmed yet, but is rumoured to be around $1,800. An actual large bag of Lay’s is more like a Euro or two (and comes in many flavours).

The design appears to be an official collaboration with the crisp brand, as Lays too have posted catwalk images featuring the bag. Someone commented under the post: “Balenciaga is just a social experiment on consumerism at this point.”

As with all things fashion… it’s a fickle world, and we all know that this social experiment will probably sell out.

Return Of The Skinny Eyebrow

Just as I’d perfected making my eyebrows appear fuller and thicker, after spending hundreds of pounds on every eyebrow cosmetic on the market, it appears that busky brows are now OUT!

Full, feathery eyebrows are officially out and “barely there” brows are back in. 

It’s a trend that has been bubbling under the surface in beauty circles for a while.  Recently, fashion month said goodbye to our collective love of strong and defined brows, when bleached eyebrows took centre stage on several runways. See Bella Hadid at Victoria Beckham’s spring/summer 2023 show, for just one example.

Meanwhile, over on TikTok, users have been banishing their brows entirely and documenting it. The corresponding hashtag #shavedbrow currently has 82.6 million views… and counting. For those of us who spent years painstakingly re-growing each hair that we over-plucked in our youth, it makes for stressful viewing.

Love them or hate them, Nicola Peltz is on her own personal mission to make skinny brows happen. After an appearance during Paris Fashion Week with white-blonde bleached brows, Peltz turned up with the skinniest brows going. Although on this occasion you could see the brows, it was still a major departure from her previously thick eyebrows. The message rang loud and clear: the less brow, the better.

Reminiscent of supermodel Kate Moss’s pencil-thin brows in the ’90s, Peltz’s were immaculately preened – not a stray hair in sight. She paired her barely-there brows with a classic feline flick, nude lip and lashings of mascara. The key to getting it right is to ensure there is adequate definition around the eyes – without it, you run the risk of looking washed out and/or ill.

What about going one step further, heading for GOING… GOING… GONE?

Shaving off your eyebrows altogether seems like something only the very brave would do – but a growing community on beauty Tik Tok are taking the plunge, and the results are surprising. Those taking part in the shaved brow trend are experimenting with everything from chopping the ends of the brows off, to removing the whole thing entirely.

And why are they doing this?

Well, those taking off only the ends of their brow profess that it has a ‘lifting’ effect on the face – like free Botox (apparently). Whilst others, embracing the extreme ‘shaved’ end of the trend, have created a whole new look.

What to know before you shave

Generally speaking, it is safe to shave your eyebrows as long as you do it with care and use the right tools and products, cleaning them properly.

But before shaving you really should consider why you would shave your brow entirely. It’ll change your entire look, so it’s not something to be taken lightly. They will of course grow back, but it will take time.

Growth rates vary from person to person, but usually, you can expect to see stubble within a couple of days, and it may take up to six weeks until you see brows back to where they might have been before.

Another thing to note is the area of skin underneath the brow is more sensitive than other areas we usually shave, since it’s thinner and lies directly on the brow bone. This means there’s an increased risk of nicks, cuts, and bleeding. The eyebrow is also a small area, shaving there is harder so you will need to be precise. If you’re worried about cuts you can always opt for tweezing or waxing, however repeatedly doing either of these on the same area can lead to hair growing back slower and less frequently, or not at all.

Regrowth when shaving will appear coarse and stubble-like, as you’re not removing the hair from the root, however it eliminates the worry about the hair not returning.

Instead, you could use concealer over your brows instead for a ‘shaved’ look. Using a toothbrush, take a concealer and brush it through the brow. Start at the tail of the brow and work your way inward. This covers the brows from root to tip.

Then brush the brows back into your usual shape. For the concealer colour, choose a slightly opaque consistency that is just a shade darker than your skin, this will act as colour correcting. If you have darker thicker brow hairs it may take a few layers and applications. 

Overall, a sensible audition to take before taking the risky plunge of a full shave.

Best Mens Winter Coats

The best men’s winter coats to see you through a cold spell in style

Phrases such as “cold snap” and “cold front” are already being circulated by even the most amateur of meteorologists (such as me). Leading the conversation onto winter coats – that most important item of outerwear.

A toasty-warm, windproof and water-resistant insulated jacket not only means you’ll be good to go when that first frosty morning comes, but you’ll also likely get some multi-year bang for your buck, should you make a high-end designer investment.

Whether you’re opting for a Parka, Trench, Down-filled or a suave wool-blend Peacoat, the best men’s winter coats can be a chic saviour for your wardrobe, after a summer spent in shorts and T-shirts that have long lost their shape and seasonal appeal.

Most important of all, if you get this investment right, you can put this search on hold for the next few years. Whilst there’s a seasonal round of new trends, excellent outerwear is always best done timeless. All my picks below will serve you well for the next five years and see you look good doing it. But before you dive in, here are a few things to consider.


Whether or not you choose to be a slave to current fashion, it’s worth knowing this season’s biggest winter coat trends, so here goes:-

It’s all about smart trench silhouettes, Matrix-style. From the affordable rails of Reiss and M&S to the catwalks of Gucci and Burberry, high street and fashion houses alike deal in every kind of winter coat, so in the end, it all comes down to personal taste. And wallet.


For full protection against the elements this winter, you’ll want to opt for a good longline coat. This trending pick from Arket takes all the best features of a puffer jacket and extends them to knee length, shielding more of you from wind and wet weather. What’s more, it’s sustainable in design, using plastic bottles and upcycled down into a functional soft shell you’ll reach for right through to spring. A sell-out style every year, Arket have reissued it for 2022 in a variety of lengths and colourways. Get yours before it’s gone… £229. At arket.com


For the style icon unwilling to compromise fashion for warmth, Burberry’s exaggerated check puffer delivers both. Its insulating goose down is enveloped in Burberry’s iconic ‘Nova’ check, and reverses to a solid black for days when you want to switch up your look. Completed with a pack-away hood, this winter coat offers a versatile style statement sure to see you through the rainy season. £1,350. At uk.burberry.com & harveynichols.com


For an affordable choice that complements any outfit, look no further than Weekday’s Albin Coat. Its thick wool twill is vented at the rear for comfortable warmth, and as it’s stylishly oversized, there’s plenty of room for layering your best knitwear underneath. Minimal but functional, it’s designed with seamless slit pockets inside and out. Available in classic black, and a rich orange. £135. At weekday.com


Named after the bitter cold altitudes you’ll find scaling the northern side of a mountain, any puffer from The North Face ensures unrivalled protection from the elements.  Engineered with 700-fill down in a durable water-repellent shell, the Diablo Down Jacket is no exception. With an adjustable hem and cuffs for sealing out cold chills, this winter warmer is a popular choice for explorers – but has also found fame in street couture circles thanks to its modish cut, collabs and colourways. A robust choice for bracing the worst of winter weather in style. £173.99. At sportshoes.com,thenorthface.co.uk & sweatshop.com


Top marks go to Cos for crafting long-lasting winter coats at budget-friendly price points. This dusty brown design is crafted from a wool-mix; its texture certified by the Responsible Wool Standard to protect the welfare of the sheep and their environment. Conscious ethical production and style.  £190. At cos.com


The pea coat (my personal fave) has long been a go-to for timeless style, whether worn with a suit or pared down with jeans and trainers. For the best of the best, Ralph Lauren Purple Label’s take is a remarkably luxe one – taking the timeless double-breasted closures and upping the ante with double-breasted cashmere, tailored flat seams, and premium mottled horn buttons. £2,480. At matchesfashion.com


Made in Italy from heavyweight wool, Prada’s standout coat for the season is clad with a blue, yellow, and brown tartan check – complete with a classic pointed collar, single-breasted button fastening, and side slip pockets. The classiest of all in my opinion.  £2,700. At matchesfashion.com


There’s no better way to seal a winter ensemble than through a piece of fine Italian craftsmanship. Our go-to house for it? Gucci, of course. This single-breasted tan coat is cut from a tactile camel hair, fully lined with satin, and framed with a slightly loose fit to streamline your silhouette. Very Harry Styles. £2,700. At mytheresa.com &mrporter.com


For those more concerned with warmth than rain and water, this lined hoodie from Patagonia is the cosiest option on the market. With an insulating sherpa lining, the hoodie boasts a bomber jacket silhouette with an added hood and drawcord fastening. Made with recycled fabric in a tightly woven design, this hoodie blocks you from the biting impact of chilling winds and light rain. Finished with a logo patch at the chest, this winter coat has a touch of utility to it that keeps it contemporary and stylish. £210. At patagonia.com


This is The Classic Trench Coat and will be one of the best investments you ever make. The quality of the fabric will ensure this looks as good in ten years as it does the day you buy it. Never will this dip and dive out of fashion either. The Burberry trench is concrete in its timelessness. £1,690. At burberry.com


Mango’s take on the trench is a cropped cotton-blend coat for the environmentally conscious. Sustainably made, its production uses recycled fibres and less textile waste – yet doesn’t sacrifice trench coat style, keeping signature loops on the cuffs and collar. And there’s a colourway for every taste: the water-repellent shell comes in classic camel, deep navy and an elegant black. And more affordable. £119.99. At mango.com


M&S makes an exceedingly good trench. Stepping away from the classic belted design, this ​​water-repellent style features a removable quilted lining that gives it longevity outside the autumnal months. £129. At marksandspencer.com


Cut to a shorter length than the classic, Ted Baker’s thigh-length trench is ideal for transitional weather, where the puddle-drenched pavement can oft leave low-hanging hems at risk. Plus, the packaway pouch means it’s effortlessly stowed should the sun put in an appearance. £171. At selfridges.com, tedbaker.com johnlewis.com


BARGAIN OF THE YEAR RIGHT HERE: For a more youthful spin on the classic and heavily-tailored trench, Asos Design presents this oversized and quilted take on the traditional silhouette. Just add a pair of chunky trainers, bling and sunglasses to dress up this cool-kid aesthetic. £35.50. At asos.com

… a word from Amanda


We’ve now reached the depths of Autumn. One thing I look forward to on an October weekend is a roast lunch followed by a brisk walk on the Heath.  And maybe a sneaky ice cream if the autumn sun is shining.

But what about a combination of both a roast and ice cream?

A HUGE Yorkshire pudding filled with ice cream and chocolate sauce is taking the culinary world by storm!

The infamous UK home of the roast –Toby Carvery – now serves Yorkshire pudding filled with ice cream as a desert – and customers are completely divided.

Yes, Toby Carvery is claiming a world first with its knock-out dessert, served with ice cream and mint Aero bubbles. The £4.79 treat was launched as a limited edition to raise cash for the NSPCC but is now a permanent ­addition to the menu.

But some food fans have hit out at the “pud in a pud”, with one commenting on a social media food site: “What the heck is this crime?” and another adding: “What the hell is this please?”

Eat your heart out, Heston Blumenthal – it seems like Toby is the real cutting-edge of daredevil cuisine. Fair play to the normally mundane Toby Carvery for attempting to be exciting and progressive.

If that’s too extreme for you, how about the Yorkshire Pudding Wrap, which utilises the Yorkshire mix of milk, flour and eggs fried in a round frying pan. The Yorkshire pudding is used as a wrap for a roast dinner. So, you can have an entire roast dinner all wrapped up – fast-food style! If you haven’t yet had a Yorkshire pudding wrap, then you are missing out. There are many versions of the wrap, the most famous of which contains pork, vegetables, apple sauce and gravy. 

Just when you thought ‘fast food’ couldn’t get any faster.

Best Halloween Costumes 2022

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the ideal time to start planning the perfect costume for the occasion. Here are this year’s hottest pop-culture themed Halloween costumes predictions, via Google searches.

From Julia Fox to Elvis and Priscilla, this is the rundown of the standout costumes, to ensure you’re the talk of the party this spooky season.

Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family

With the autumn release of Netflix’s new show Wednesday, we can anticipate many costumes replicating the Halloween icon Wednesday Addams, especially as the phrase ‘Wednesday Addams costume’ receives an average of 58,000 monthly Google searches worldwide. Recreate this look by pairing a printed black dress with a white pointed collar, with Wednesday’s signature plaits.

Wanda Maximoff from Wandavision

“Marvel’s Wanda Maximoff, otherwise known as Scarlet Witch, is another one of this year’s most sought-after costumes, with the phrase ‘Scarlet Witch costume’ receiving 50,000 monthly Google searches worldwide. All you need is a red cape and dress, along with a signature Scarlet Witch headpiece. Incorporating a red leather top, corset or catsuit can really help in emulating the Wanda Maximoff look.”

Julia Fox

Kaye West’s recent girlfriend. Apparently, dressing as Julia Fox is the perfect 2022 Halloween costume. The Uncut Gems actress is used to turning heads due to her bold and daring fashion choices, so why not demand attention this Halloween by rocking Julia Fox-inspired double-denim and a dramatic smoky fox eye look. Not sure everyone in the UK will recognise this though. I love this look, but sadly don’t find it scary in the slightest.

Eddie Munson from Stranger Things

Bizarrely, they have opened a new “Stranger Things Experience” inside a brand-new film studio lot here London’s Hampstead, after Stranger Things took 2022 by storm. For October 31st we can anticipate many costumes inspired by the residents of the town Hawkins (not Hampstead). More specifically, new fan-favourite Eddie Munson. 

Series four introduced us to the Metallica-playing, Dungeons and Dragons-obsessed Eddie, leader of the Hellfire Club. Eddie’s grunge look can easily be replicated with a Hellfire Club shirt, ripped black jeans and a denim vest. Currently, the term ‘Hellfire Club shirt’ receives 41,000 average monthly searches across the globe.”

House of the Dragon

“Arguably one of the biggest and most-anticipated shows of the year, House of the Dragon will likely be among the most popular Halloween looks this year. Dressed in a long black robe, white-blonde wig and equipped with a plastic sword, we are sure to see many Rhaenyra Targaryen lookalikes this Halloween season.”

Maverick from Top Gun

Tom Cruise’s Maverick is one of the most popular Halloween costumes we can expect to see this Halloween. This year’s box office hit Top Gun: Maverick reignited interest in the classic 80s film, sparking 12,000 average monthly searches for ‘Top Gun costume’ worldwide. Fake moustaches, bomber jackets and aviator glasses make the ideal, minimal-effort costume, perfect for those obsessed with the franchise.”

Elvis and Priscilla

MY PERSONAL FAVE. Elvis and Priscilla Presley will undoubtedly be one of the most popular couples costumes this Halloween. Austin Butler perfectly portrayed the King of Rock in Baz Luhrmann’s recent Elvis biopic, so much so that searches for ‘Elvis costume’ have increased 335% worldwide over the last 12 months. Kaia Gerber was ahead of the trend and rocked this costume back in 2020 with her then-boyfriend Jacob Elordi (ironically, she is now actually dating Austin Butler.) Replicate Priscilla’s iconic look with a 60s-inspired mini dress and bouffant hair, and style a leather jumpsuit and gelled back hair for the signature Elvis image.

Barbie and Ken

As a result of those pictures of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling on the set of Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Barbie film, combined with the recent ‘Barbiecore’ trend, we can expect to see many couples dressed as the iconic plastic duo this Halloween. Whether it is matching neon rollerblading outfits or hot pink cowboy costumes, searches for ‘Barbie Halloween costumes’ reach an average of 15,000 each month worldwide.”

Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus

“Nothing says Halloween like watching the classic film Hocus Pocus, especially as the long-awaited sequel arrives to Disney Plus on September 30th. For friendship groups, the Sanderson sisters are the perfect trio to dress as this Halloween, especially as searches for ‘Hocus Pocus costumes’ have risen 317% over the past three months globally.”