10 Years Of Victoria Beckham

She might not be able to sing, but love her or loath her, Victoria Beckhamhas found her fashion voice, and this week she celebrates 10 years in the business with an upcoming show featuring her new collection at London Fashion Week.


This week we saw October’s Vogue front cover, featuring VB and her brood of young Beckhams, controversially without golden balls, David. The rumour mill is in overdrive.

It caused heated debates all over, which she probably loved as it keeps brand Beckham very much alive and kicking.

He appeared inside, instead.

She may receive criticism for her relationship and lack of smiles but there’s no denying the success of her fashion empire.

Bursting onto the scene in 2009 with her pixie cropped hair and slim fitted dresses, she hasn’t looked back since.

She was nervous back then, which was unusual for a Spice Girl who had performed in front of thousands, probably because fashion editors don’t take kindly to ‘celebrities moonlighting as designers’ but VB shone through.

Her brand is stocked in 400 stores in 50 countries and the business, spanning womenswear, shoes, bags, denim and eyewear is worth a cool £36m.

She obviously has a strong team behind her and has always been careful not to tread on other designer’s toes, pinching ideas.

Her success is truly down to honesty, humility and hard work.

I personally love everything she’s ever done (including the Spice Girls) from the shapes of her dresses – I have two – to her fabulous sunnies – I own three pairs.

People will always be interested in VB because of her background story. A Spice girl who married a (gorgeous) superstar footballer, quit singing, built a fashion empire and had four perfect children – all famous in their own ways now too. We might be envious of her jet set lifestyle but she’s super stylish and when she graces the front cover of any magazine from Vogue to Heat, they sell.

Hell, even the young royals wear VB.

So, here’s looking forward to her S/S ’19 collection at LFW. All the gossip socials and tabloids are currently trying to destroy her marriage with tales of affairs and being a business brand only.

Those Rebecca Loos rumours will be firmly at the back of her mind as her girls strut the catwalk in what will inevitably be another killer collection.

Long may she reign.

Magic Of Magnesium

Modern life is packed full of hurdles we need to leap – most of which we have set up ourselves.

Pressured careers, parenthood, keeping up with social media, we are constantly spinning plates around the clock. But as our stress levels build up, how do we ensure we don’t fall?

Other than booking yourself in for a relaxing treatment or mastering easy breathing techniques and meditating, there is an essential vitamin which you probably didn’t realise had a relaxing effect on your well-being.

It was recommended to me by a diet guru friend of mine, Jenny Lilly, last year.

Known as ‘nature’s chill pill’, Magnesiumis essential in keeping the body ticking over nicely. In fact, this mineral is needed in over 600 metabolic functions and is the second most common deficiency in developed countries after Vitamin D.

While magnesium intake has dropped over the last five decades, social anxiety has increased. Our bodies need this vitamin to help it restrict stress hormones, reduce inflammation, improve focus and keep blood sugar levels stable.

So, make sure you’re getting the daily dose (300mg for men, 270mg for women) via your diet. The best sources include green leafy vegetables – such as spinach plus nuts, wholegrain bread, fish, meat and brown rice. I also buy the capsules on line and noticed a massive change in my relaxation habits.

What could be better? Stress-busting while eating!

… a word from the Editor & Blogger

Dear Zipsters. Firstly, some words that I hate to utter. Welcome to the end of Summer and to the beginning of Autumn.

Don’t you just love autumn. I have just had my annual “end of summer” cold, along with some wisdom teeth problems for good measure. But it wasn’t all bad,  allowing for some time in bed, wrapped up reading the latest fashion news and gossip.

One of my favourite online fashion emporiums MISGUIDED, have used a lingerie model called Amanda(!) in a new campaign featuring her actualstretch marks. What a breath of fresh air in this fake airbrushed world. So unusual was it, that the model had to insist that her stretch marks are REAL, after folk claimed that they had been photoshopped onto her bum by the clothing giant.

The model commented: “It’s important to show young women that it’s not about striving for perfection, it’s okay to have stretch marks – we all do, and they shouldn’t be something that’s covered up.”

The brand also commented on their Instagram, calling those who claimed they used photoshop “haters”.  But despite Misguided’s best efforts, some fans were still unconvinced. It seems there is simply ‘no winning’. Sigh.

I say, embrace your flaws, celebrate individuality, and avoid that fruitless search for what the media perceives as ‘perfection’.  Because, basically, it doesn’t exist. It’s OK to be “you”.

Onto this week’s blog and we go neon green, high visibility and celebrate the Hawaiian or floral shirt for men.

Thanks to Fran Fox & Mira Manley for contributing to this week’s instalment. Love you girls. xx

Floral Shirts For Men

Fashion trends are recycled every few years or so. Even the previously ridiculed shiny shell-suit, originally bought in a long-forgotten decade, has found its way back into contemporary style. I’ve seen them at Urban Outfitters this summer.

We’ve also had a resurgence of 1950s-style short trousers; everything from the 1980s and hell, even flares are supposedly cool again. Garish 1990s trainers ( la Fila) are in vogue too. Surely, soon, overly gelled hair, ridiculously baggy jeans and cheap metal chains will return.

So it’s no surprise that Hawaiian and floral shirts have made a resounding comeback. After heydays in the 1950s and 1980s, a 30-year cycle seems to have emerged, and they can be spotted everywhere. Previously, barely acceptable holiday fare– always worn in jest – the Hawaiian shirt is a now a 2018 summer staple.

At online retailer ASOS, where they come with all sorts of patterns, sales are up 64% on last year. Everyone from Harry Styles to Brooklyn Beckham has the look. They are cool again.

The pieces are said to have been introduced to Hawaii in the 1930s and have roots in Chinese and Japanese immigration. Also known as Aloha shirts, Hawaiian shirts are incredibly varied, ranging from highly questionable to more hipster.

Cinema has played a crucial role in giving Hawaiian shirts their iconic status. In 1961, Elvis Presley wore a simple, elegant red shirt for the hit Blue Hawaii. And who could forget Al Pacino in a similar red number, blood pouring down his cheeks in Scarface.

Men’s retailers at all levels of the marketplace are embracing the revival. Upmarket outlets stocking them include an exclusive range by Prada. Their elegant floral shirts can be yours for a prohibitive £640. But for the friendlier price of £85, All Saints have all manner of colourful, flowery offerings.

The tropical shirt says something very positive about you. It boasts confidence and effuses a bright aura. If you’re that kind of guy, then get Hawaiian!

Neon Green To Be Seen

Megastars like KK, Blake Lively and the overly sweet Arianna Grande have recently been shining bright in neon green fashions.

I used to wear neon pink in the late 80s and early 90s. After a long absence, neon’s back for 2018/19, and this time it’s green.

In fact, we’ve witnessed dayglow shades on the catwalks of multiple designers for several seasons now, including that of Jeremy Scott, Delpozo and Maryam Nassir Zadeh Collection.

Want to try the eye-catching trend? I’d do it in small doses rather than the full “Kim Kardashian”, who rocked up in full-on neon and metallic, in a neon green Lambo to a friend’s wedding last week. A bride’s worst nightmare. While attending the wedding in Florida with husband Kanye West, Kim certainly didn’t drop her ‘all eyes on me’ mantra.

The knee-length dress is by latex rubber designer Atsuko Kudo. She completed the sexy ensemble with Gianvito Rossi snakeskin sandals.

Staying in the head-turning theme, the 37-year-old wore a neon two-piece to LIV Nightclub at the Fontainebleau in Miami. Kim took the trend one step further by incorporating neon into her beauty look, adding a pop of colour to her grey latex Atsuko Kudo mini dress and clear Yeezy heels with a long green wig while out on the town in Miami.

It was impossible to miss Blake Lively on the streets in Tribeca, New York, in this suit – which I love. It was a very loud Versace ensemble, complete with a jacket, matching trews and sweater.

The 30-year-old completed her designer look with colourful Christian Louboutin crystal-embellished velvet pumps and a swipe of neon pink lippy.

 Newly engaged Ariana Grande, 25, snapped a selfie with fiancé Pete Davidson wearing a neon jacket.

If you are not a child of the ’80s, neon might be a wholly new trend for you.

To stylishly pull it off in the real world without going overboard, opt for neon silhouettes that aren’t too complicated and neutral clothing.

Spice up basics with accessories in highlighter hues. A neon clutch will have you looking trendy and not like a glo-stick.

The High Vis Jacket

Shoppers have mocked online retailer Pretty Little Thing for selling a ridulous high-vis jacket for £45.

The British brand’s Neon Yellow High Vis Coat is described online as being ‘seriously cool’ and a ‘statement jacket for festival season’. However, many social media users have been left unconvinced, with one questioning: ‘That has got to be a joke?’

Describing the jacket to customers, Pretty Little Thing says on its website: ‘Girl, get ready to get noticed in this seriously cool high vis coat.

Featuring a florescent yellow high vis material with reflective panels, hood and oversized fit. But not everyone is convinced by the jacket, suggesting that it is a step too far. A typical hi-vis jacket can be purchased for around £20. Or you can pick one up on the side of the road anywhere there’s motorway roadworks.

However, claim to have long been a fan of the hi-vis trend, with: ‘Everyone made fun of me for wanting a high vis jacket at the start of the year but LOOKS WHOS A FASHION ICON NOW.’… mmmm?

But a word of warning. Please don’t go robbing a Lollipop Lady.

… a word from the editor & blogger Amanda

We’re gradually coming to the end of a sweltering August, much of it spent by me in the Balearics. Having spent most of it complaining to my poor husband about how rubbish our Med-based air-conditioning is, I’ve been contemplating ways to keep cool.

One of the worst (first world) problems is having long thick hair. Which I do, so I had a couple of inches cut off the length.  Nevertheless, it still creates a sweaty back and neck.

So, we girls all reach for the nearest bobble and pop it up into a messy top knot or bun. Well, I do. It’s a timeless, sexy, boho look.

In recent years, the bun has spread to the male species, and the ‘Man Bun’ is a trend. Think David Beckham, think Harry Styles, think Russell Brand.

For those boho guys who are too impatient to grow their actual hair (or don’t have enough to do so), the “clip-on man bun” is on sale now.

There have always been fake clip-on buns for girls, but with the man-bun trend, it was only a matter of time before someone spotted the gap in the market.


Groupon has posted a tongue-in-cheek offer for a £9.99 clip-on man bun that, fortunately, knows just how ridiculous it is: “This attachable—and, equally important, detachable—man bun lets you blend in with your surroundings, putting it on when you smell fair-trade coffee or hear a banjo, and taking it off when someone utters the word bro.”

I’ll leave you with that thought and move onto this week’s issue. Silver was seen everywhere on the VMAs Red Carpet this week, Botox is now available at Superdrug and we discover a new bra which adapts to our everchanging breasts.

Botox At Superdrug On The Highstreet

I never thought I’d see the day, but Botox is now available on your local high street, at Superdrug of all places.

Superdrug has launched a Skin Renew service in one of their London stores, where customers 25 and older can receive Botox or dermal fillers. The retailer plans to roll out this in-house surgery service nationwide.

I hear whooping and cheering everywhere – especially as it’s only £99 – although what that covers I’m not sure???

A word of warning though, before you jump on the tube to the Strand branch, near Leicester Square. When undergoing these procedures, needles are penetrated through the patient’s facial skin and muscles to place the Botox or filler in the right places. If the needles are inserted in the wrong place, nerve damage can be caused, leading to skin necrosis, blindness or paralysis of the muscled causing deformation of a patient’s face. This might be temporary but it can also be permanent.

Will a drugstore with the traffic of thousands of people per day be able to guarantee their patients a sterile environment? Fillers and Botox always require a face-to-face consultation prior to administration and must be regulated by the Care Quality Commission. One would assume that Superdrug have done their prep and prepared a medically suitable environment, as an infection is but one of the complications that can occur after having one of these procedures.

We are witnessing an increasing number of younger women who have had their lips done, cheek fillers and Botox (coughs ‘Kylie Jenner’). This is caused in part by the influence of shows like the Kardashians and Love Island, where so many of the contestants admit to using surgery to achieve their photo-friendly looks. Superdrug sponsored the reality TV show, so it’s unsurprising that they’re keen to cash in on people wanting the “Love Island look”.

Superdrug comments: ‘We’re listening to what people are telling us they would like, which is the reassurance that if they choose to have aesthetic treatments then it will be administered by highly qualified nurse practitioners in a private consultation room.”

’Now where’s my Oyster Card?

Silver At The VMAS 2018

It seems it was all about the colour silver on this year’s VMAS red carpet. That’s MTV’s Video Music Awards 2018, if you’re slightly off grid right now.

In previous years bold and bright colours as well as other metallics such as gold and copper were the standout, however this year silver seemed to be the reoccurring theme for the night.

I’m more partial to gold it has to be said, but I love the youthful, futuristic glamour this metallic shade brings to an event like this.

From Ariana Grande in a structured space-like design and Ashanti shimmering in a sexy metallic dress, to the queen of awards ceremonies Jennifer Lopez, the shine was very real on the red carpet this year as silvertook the spotlight.

Expect to see it filter through to a high street near you, just in time for Christmas Party Season.

The Ever-Changing Bra

Women everywhere know the struggle of too-tight bra straps and ill-fitting underwire, but this revolutionary piece of underwear claims to be the end to all discomfort.

The Anesi Bra, from emerging Canadian brand House of Anesi, features gel straps and a flexible fabric that adapt to the shape of a woman’s body. Is this the world’s most high-tech bra?

Underwear with gel straps and flexible fabric can grow up to TWO cup and back sizes – putting an end to red marks and painful underwire. The underwear comes in sizes 32B to 42I, making it the first bra that grows and shrinks in line with the natural fluctuations of a woman’s breast shape.

However, high street shoppers hoping to get their hands on the bra will be left disappointed, as the product is still in the crowdfunding stage, with its creators seeking to raise £39,000 to launch the product.

For £77, this bra can cope with a breast size which fluctuates constantly due to hormonal changes such as getting your period, gaining or losing weight and pregnancy. The gel straps promise to adapt like water and mould to the shoulders natural contours. This in turn distributes weight evenly across the back, reducing red marks and cooling the skin. The fabric also has the ability to ‘snap back’ after it has been stretched to a larger size.

Good luck to Anesi, and let’s hope to see this Bra in Victoria Secrets and M&S lingerie departments everywhere soon.