Vogue World at Paris Fashion Week

So, it’s Paris Fashion Week again, and Anna Wintour presented the Vogue World Paris Show at the Place Vendôme on Sunday.

Anna at Paris Fashion week 2024

A cohort of famous faces took part in the sold-out Vogue World event, celebrating 100 years of fashion and sport in the iconic city. The venue for the catwalk show – famed Place Vendôme – a square which is a renowned location for fine jewellery – was the inspiration for a Catherine Deneuve film. Last year the event was hosted in London, whilst a year earlier the Big Apple was the backdrop for the high fashion extravaganza.

Wearing Hermes – like you do, when you’re on horseback

Some of the Kardashians arrived on horse-back – obviously – to celebrate the sporty side of things (perhaps).

It’s all about red ankle socks for EVERYONE this year

My fave ‘curvy’ model, 32 year-old Kate Upton, was the first on the catwalk. She looked eye catching in a MiuMiu tiny black ruffled mini skirt which boasted an orange low rise waistband. She added a chic blue open collar checked shirt with the number which she tied at the waist as she walked the fashion show. And she was wearing this year’s MUST HAVE – red socks and platform gold sandals – as previously discussed in various Zips It Up items.

Those who were unable to get a ticket for the event were able to watch the action unfold on a live stream, hosted by Cara Delevingne.

Cara presented – rocking Madonna vibes with the cone bra

With the Paris Olympics forthcoming imminently, this year’s Vogue World collaborated with youth athletic academies across France, pairing different sports with a history of 100 years of French fashion. The sports included cycling, gymnastics, tennis, fencing, and break dancing, among others, and the fashion element shone a spotlight on both modern and historic designers.

Speaking on the event, Vogue’s global editorial director and Condé Nast chief content officer Anna commented that the Paris event ‘will be a kind of opening ceremony; one that celebrates 100 years of fashion and sport, as well as this extraordinary city.’

A percentage of the net proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the humanitarian organisation Secours Populaire. The organisation facilitates access to essential equipment for young, aspiring athletes across France.

Katy Perry was near-NAKED

Artists who performed during the show included Bad Bunny and Aya Nakamura. (I’m not sure either). Plus, Katy Perry made a surprise appearance on the catwalk in the barely-there ensemble and joined a host of other celebrities. She was completely nude in a geometric cut-out dress as she walked the star-studded runway. She flashed her cleavage in the racy look and covered the rest of her modesty with floral motifs.

Pharell Williams representing Louis Vuitton

Elsewhere Rihanna played the supportive partner as A$AP Rocky showed off his designs during Paris Fashion Week. On Friday (June 21), the “Diamonds” diva attended the A$AP Rocky X American Sabotage by AWGE Menswear Spring/Summer 2025 show in Paris. She was rocking another stylish new hairstyle, after showing off her natural hair earlier this month.

A$AP wore his hair in braids and wore a grey and black jacket.

For her latest outing, her hair was long and straight with blonde highlights throughout. She looked stylish in a white tank dress, which she paired with a burgundy jacket, chunky red sunglasses and pointed-toe shoes.

I’m not sure about the white/grey highlights

Rocky is also wearing Ray-Ban‘s Mega Wayfarer sunglasses. Models on the runway at the show also wore Ray-Ban sunglasses.

The Crocs Patio Set

When it comes to summer, the Euros and decent weather in the UK mean that we are shifting focus from the house to the garden, for BBQs, beers and rosé. Making the creation of an attractive outdoor space an important summer priority.

The agenda includes mowing the lawn, putting up a new fence or buying some new rattan garden furniture. But forget the rattan 3-piece because THIS is the latest look for your back yard, which is HUGE in the States right now, and heading for gardens all across Britain.

For those looking to combine comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal,  Crocs  Patio Sets have become a “popular choice”. (not my words – borrowed from the press release).

One of the most striking features of Crocs Patio Sets is their unique aesthetic. Much like the distinctive look of Crocs shoes, these patio sets bring a playful yet stylish vibe to an outdoor space. The design includes rounded edges, bold colours, and a blend of textures that make them stand out from traditional patio furniture.  This playful yet modern look can transform a dull garden into a lively and inviting area, perfect for relaxing or entertaining guests.

 Crocs  Patio Sets come in a variety of designs and configurations to suit different tastes and garden sizes. From compact bistro sets to expansive sectional sofas, these sets offer versatility in both style and function. The ability to mix and match pieces allows for customization, ensuring that your outdoor space reflects your personal style.

I couldn’t find any prices. But in any event, I’m pretty sure there’s nobody insane enough to even CONSIDER buying such a dodgy set for their back garden.  But my guess is, if you dig deeper into the website (dreamingartus.com) than I did, you’ll discover that they aren’t cheap.

But hey, who am I to judge? You may like them! 

Welcome to AZIP & It’s Festival Season

It’s My Birthday!

Welcome to AZIU. And we start with a brief interview With Danny ‘Clockwork Orange’ Gould…

Here we are then, it’s officially midsummer, the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and (yippee) MY BIRTHDAY.

It’s also full-on Festival Season. A few biggies coming up are Glastonbury (of course), from 26th – 30th of June, the FunkyDory Mini Fest – with Mi-Soul’s Ronnie Herel and Rosie Coxshaw on Saturday the 17th August at Ashfields Carriage & Polo Club in Great Canfield, Essex.

Join Ronnie Herel and the Funky Dory Love family for this summer fest in August
Grab your tickets at www.funkydorylove.co.uk/events

And the final ever CLOCKSTOCK in Chelmsford happening at the end of this month on Saturday 29th June.

Of course, Clockwork then moves out to Ibiza for a week of festivities in July which has become an annual must-do for the die-hard Clockwork Orange army.

Every summer, I catch up with one half of the founding duo – Danny Gould (the other half being Andy Manston) to catch up on his plans, his love of Ibiza and what exactly ‘Gouldy’ does on an average day on his beloved white isle.

Here’s his perfect day. Up bright and early (on the coffee) to watch the sun rise over the beach, listening to the morning cockerels. They usually drive everyone mad, but he loves them. Then it’s a swim in the sea followed by a drive in the campo, off to meetings.  Afternoons can be spent on Salinas Beach or over at Nassau in Playa D’en Bossa, listening to the DJs and soaking up the vibe. In the evening, Danny loves to either chill at the villa or if he’s eating out then it HAS to be Sea Slugs and a mixed fish grill at C’an Pujol, right on the end of the bay of San Antonio.

Danny’s absolute favourite venue on the island is Cova Santa, which surprised me, because I assumed it would be Es Paradis, after the massive success and history Clockwork has at the legendary club. Danny does say his favourite Ibiza memory is selling out Es Paradis back in 1997 and beating all ticket sale records. Happy days.

Danny Gould on the White Isle

So, get your diary ready because here’s what’s happening in July’s Clockwork Orange Ibiza 2024:

!7th: Café Del Mar

18th: Free Boat Parties

19th: Es Paradis All Dayer

20th: Cova Santa

21st: Secret Beach Party

22nd: Mambo

Clockwork also travels to BCM Mallorca this week and over to Marbella in August.

A VERY busy summer, I think you’ll agree.

Onto this week’s instalment of Amanda Zips It Up and we’re checking out Rita Ora’s Festival collection at Primark, Jude Bellingham for Skims, The Male Contraceptive Gel and The Lower Back Tattoo Revival.

PLUS – don’t miss next week’s issue when I’ll be bringing you the very latest facial asthetic procedure – QUITE LITERALLY – with Kat at Forever Skin and you’ll be shocked to know exactly what is being injected under my eyes.

Jude Bellingham For SKIMS

Jude Bellingham‘s modelling campaign for SKIMS has certainly earned the Real Madrid and England star some new fans, especially those who are drawn to football players in their underpants.

It reminded me of the country’s most recognisable football figure, David Beckham, who took part in several underwear photoshoots during his playing days.

He’s only 20-year-old but Jude’s pics for Kim Kardashian‘s fashion brand arrived in the days building up to Euro 2024.

Kim Kardashian launched her SKIMS line for men in October 2023, expanding her $4billion brand with the help of Brazilian star NeymarNBA point guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and NFL defensive end Nick Bosa. Plus Jude Bellingham, whose picture have drawn the attention of the audience in England, and across Europe.

Since making his England debut in 2020, Bellingham has risen to the top of world football, winning the Champions League last month, and will be hoping to go one further than the runners-up finish England achieved at the last European Championship three years ago.

Let’s hark back to my generation of footballers in pants – David Beckham. Probably the most famous England star to promote underwear, David Beckham, who wore national colours between 1996 and 2009, did several promotions for top names.

Starting from 2007, the Man United and Real Madrid icon posed in promotional shots for Emporio Armani, which led to some speculation that the image had been digitally enhanced.

And in 2012, he launched his own line of underwear with fashion retail giant H&M, which of course came with promotional shots of the midfielder wearing the items in question.

The question is, who wears the pants better? Jude or David?

Rita Ora’s Festival Collection at Primark 2024

Rita Ora has showcased her new Summer Festival Season collection at Primark.

I love whole collection, compared to Rita’s previous Primark ranges. I’ve even seen the previous (Spring ’24) collection on the discounted “sale” racks at my local Primark.

These are my favourite looks from the promo campaign. Rita in shimmering bikini top along with a pair of denim shorts.

This beige cardigan and a pair of black open toed heels as she poses in a field.

For another look, Rita looks gorgeous as she wears a sheer off the shoulder dress with a gold patterned print

The dress also features a high leg split while Rita has styled her blonde locks into loose curls.

In another outfit, Rita again showed off her incredible physique in a dark red crop top along with a light skirt with a floral print and pleated detail.

Cinching her waist with a dark brown belt, the star also wore a pair of chunky gold earrings and a multi-colured necklace.

Rita also showed off a black sleeveless mini dress with a low-cut neckline cinched with a chunky gold belt.

She looked great in a black plunging crop top with a floral print and paired it with a simple black skirt and a tasselled necklace.

For a different casual look, we can opt for a pair of dark shorts with a matching sleevleless  top and black ankle boots.

Rita says in the press release:

‘Jewellery is such an easy and effective way to elevate an outfit, and so we made jewellery a real staple of this collection, with the silver headpiece being one of my favourite items.

‘Denim has been a been a style staple throughout our collections, and it’s always been a personal favourite of mine, with this collection including shorts and skirts across a variety of lengths. I can’t wait to see how people will style this range, and hope they love it as much as I do.’

Catch the latest collection RIGHT NOW – just in time for summer Festies.

The Lower Back Tattoo Revival

The so-called ‘tramp stamp’, otherwise known as a lower back tattoo is fashionable again, and Gen Z are leading the revival.

Once upon a time, I was 17 – and easily influenced. Tattoos were all the rage, especially for girls on their backs. Thankfully I saw (some) sense and had a tiny one on my shoulder. However, other girls went the whole hog, experiencing what I would imagine was utter agony, with a lower back tattoo, designed to peek out over your low-rise jeans and tease the opposite sex.

Somehow, this particular style of tattoo got labelled ‘the tramp stamp’. Sounds a bit cruel to me.

So, when I saw that lower-back tattoos were back in fashion – riding on the wave of the ’90s low-rise jean revival – I shuddered. But in the eyes of ballsy GenZ-ers, these tats are “tasteful”, enjoying a comeback amongst 19 to 27-year-olds, who weren’t old enough to experience it the first time around. But the reinventions are softer, smaller and more intricate.

The latest designs are frequently handwritten with fine line wording – a part of a larger tattoo trend. Delicately written phrases with thinner needles look great and are becoming a tattoo classic of our time. 

One Gen Z Tik Toker said “As a Y2K baby I’ve always loved how provocative the tramp stamp was. It was a fun accessory to accompany the low swung velour tracksuits and capris of the era. Fast forward to 2024, I’m finally old enough to rock one, and I’m here for lower-back-tramp-stamp-comeback. It’s cute, its dainty and its feminine and super flattering on the body. Mine reads ‘Angel’, which is my middle name in a gorgeous cursive. I see it as a permanent piece of jewellery that adds a bit of pizzazz to my outfits and gives me a bit of personality. I think the resurgence comes down to Gen Z’s fearless attitude toward self-expression. We don’t really care what anyone has to say. It’s my favourite thing I own now”. 

The Male Contraceptive Gel

And, finally this week, some breaking health news. 

After decades of research, (at last) there’s been a breakthrough in birth control for men. New research has found that a contraceptive gel to lower their sperm count is safe, effective and starts working more quickly than similar male contraceptives also in development. 

In the past, questions have been raised over whether women would really trust men to take contraception, especially if it’s with someone they’ve just met.

This is a gel, which men simply rub on their shoulders – and it reduces the sperm count in under 8 weeks.

Not sure of the exact details, but it should be available very soon as it’s all over the net and social media.

Of course, birth control shouldn’t be treated as solely the women’s issue. This is a move towards men taking responsibility – which can only be a good thing. 

Welcome To AZIP & The Top 3 Fathers Day Gifts

Welcome to Amanda Zips It Up
Hope you’re all enjoying this glorious flaming June?

So, it’s Fathers Day this weekend and if you’re looking for something special this year, I have researched the most popular gifts for your Dad. Not a mug, socks or a bottle of scotch in sight!

HOVERAir X1 Pocket-Sized Self-Flying Camera

Meet HOVERAir X1, a compact UAV equipped with a 2.7K camera, fitting right in your pocket and requiring no controller. Combining portability with exceptional performance, this camera springs into action in moments, capturing cinematic moments effortlessly with various autonomous flight modes. Encased in a safety-first, cage-like design, it ensures worry-free usage. From impromptu selfies to captivating indoor group shots, HOVERAir X1 guarantees sharp visuals, stabilised recordings, and clear audio with minimized propeller noise. Dive into the future of aerial photography and elevate your content without overspending either.BUY NOW FOR £345 (WAS £419) AT HOVERAIR

Essential Cropped Full-Zip Hoodie

Introducing Dad’s soon-to-be favourite hoodie! In a fresh oversized, cropped style, this full-zip hoodie, made Abercrombie & Fitch’s ultra-soft fabric, promises to keep you cozy and chic throughout the year. Whether you’re dressing it up or down, this versatile hoodie is ready to elevate your look, every time.BUY NOW FOR £65 AT ABERCROMBIE & FITCH


Introducing the restaurant-grade portable pizza oven, perfect for home use. Dual fuel capable, it allows you to choose between the convenience of gas or the rich flavour of wood with its interchangeable wood burner. Plus, it includes a professional-grade pizza peel, valued at £65.BUY NOW FOR £399 AT GOZNEY

Onto this week, and it’s WEDDING SEASON! We investigate what the groom should wear to look on trend in 2024, plus hit up the Sienna collection at M&S, tell you which Euros T-Shirts to wear to the pub and interview Tony Truman from O Beach Ibiza as we hit the summer in the Balearics.

Euros Tees To Wear To The Pub

 Yes – the Euros begin this weekend. (June 14, to be precise).

Whilst we’ll be supporting our lads down the local, it’s good to look the part too – without looking like one’s tried too hard.

Given that wearing the actual footy kit might be OTT, I have found a range of gorgeous ‘baby tees’ that will look cute (in my case, whilst pretending to watch the games with interest).

All the major fashion houses have pulled out the stops to make sure we still look chic and stylish, whilst chanting ‘it’s coming home’.

Better yet? Prices start from just £8 , for a tee you can wear to every football match next league season too.

Teach Me The Offside Rule Baby Tee

Looking for something fresh? Embracing a 90s-inspired shrunken silhouette, this snug baby tee effortlessly blends comfort with style (and it’s totally worth the buzz). SHOP £9.60 (WAS £12) FROM BOOHOO

Brazil Slogan Cropped Baby Tee

Mix and match with anything from low-rise jeans and sneakers to ruffled skirts and cowboy boots.SHOP £9.60 (WAS £12) FROM BOOHOO

It’s Coming Home Tee

Elevate your style this season with a must-have crop top, a versatile wardrobe essential. Perfect for showcasing the midriff and creating the illusion of longer legs, crop tops pair effortlessly with skirts, jeans, and everything in between. This tee really is a timeless 90s favorite – a stylish crop top is always a winning choice.SHOP £9.60 (WAS £12) FROM BOOHOO

Have a Word Ref Baby Tee

Prepare to support your favorite team in style with this Women’s Summer Football Slogan Baby Graphic T-Shirt. This retro-inspired short-sleeve baby tee adds a 90s flair to your wardrobe, showcasing a distinctive Y2K graphic and a catchy slogan ideal for the football season.SHOP £23 FROM ETSY

Navy France Print Short Sleeve Top

Perhaps better if you’re French, show off your favorite team with style in this navy France print short sleeve top. Crafted in navy material with a ‘France’ print design and short sleeves, what’s not to j’adore? Pair this navy top with a mini skirt, trainers, and your everyday accessories for a fail-safe look.SHOP £8 (WAS £10) FROM PRETTYLITTLETHING

Bright Blue Cotton Scotland Football Slogan T-Shirt

Support Scotland in this cotton tee, featuring a classic crew neckline, short sleeves and the team’s logo.SHOP £11.99 FROM NEW LOOK

Italia Slogan Fitted Top And Short Set

Elevate your style game with this chic co-ord set. Effortlessly stylish, these shorts and matching top can be dressed up or down with ease. For a formal touch, pair a blazer co-ord set with strappy heels, or opt for a jersey co-ord set paired with chunky kicks for a more casual vibe. SHOP £20 (WAS £25) FROM BOOHOO

Yellow Espana Print Cotton Long T Shirt

Add a pop of colour to your ensemble with this yellow Espana print cotton long t-shirt. Crafted in soft yellow cotton material with an ‘Espana’ print design and a longline fit, it ticks all the boxes. Pair this vibrant t-shirt with the matching shorts, trainers, and your favorite accessories for a standout look.SHOP £8 (WAS £10) AT PRETTYLITTLETHING

Pure Cotton Football T-Shirt

Display your support with vintage flair in this football t-shirt. Crafted in a flattering slim fit, it’s fashioned from pure cotton for cool and breathable comfort. Contrasting trims and an embroidered ‘England’ slogan across the chest complete the retro-inspired look.SHOP £15 FROM MARKS AND SPENCER

Sienna Miller Collection at M&S

This has to be the most beautiful celeb collaboration with the high street. Sienna Miller and M&S.

The collection is so boho, and is Sienna’s take on that much favoured summer style.

Available in this vintage-style cream hue, as well as a pale blue, this ruffled maxi dress draws inspiration from Sienna’s own iconic wardrobe. With playful double straps that can be worn on or off the shoulder, it’s the perfect piece for embracing Sienna’s signature “high-low dressing” – wear it with heels or dress it down with flat sandals and the beaded macramé shoulder bag.

Sienna’s ombré slip dress comes in this pink-orange blend – a reference to the washed-out colours of India’s “pink city”, Jaipur – and also a blue version, reminiscent of the streets of Morocco. Style it with the leather thong sandals and you’ve got a dreamy outfit for long summer nights.

With a nod to the free-spirited mood of the Seventies, this tile-print shirt and trousers can be worn together for a maximalist feel, or with other pieces from the collection for something more subtle. Made from a lightweight, breezy fabric, they’ll keep you cool on summer days, and work just as well for a night out.

Find the collection in store

M&S x Sienna Miller will be available in the following M&S stores:

Marble Arch / Braehead / Handforth / Bluewater / Camberley / Cheshire Oaks / Meadowhall / Pantheon / Manchester / Stratford City London / Liverpool One / White City / Birmingham Bullring / Lakeside Thurrock / Trafford Centre / Kensington / Cribbs Causeway / Edinburgh / Lisburn / London Colney / Hedge End / Fosse Park / Newcastle / Kingston / Leeds White Rose / Bath / Culverhouse Cross / Stevenage Retail Park / Kings Road / Dublin Grafton Street