Crohns Colitis – a testimonial By Wendy Kay Steel

In recent years I have become very aware of Crohns Colitis as it has affected a few members of my family as well as quite a few friends. I knew very little about the condition which seems to be becoming more and more common in the modern world.

I knew it could be diet related and directly affected the bowl and stomach but wanted to find out more, as I saw so many people I care about suffer with rapid weight loss initially, which in itself is scary enough.

A great friend of mine, Wendy kay Steel has been a sufferer herself but has been sharing her experiences online to help as many people as possible. I wanted to share her testimonial with my readers in case this disease relates to any of you. She has created a health routine to help US ALL remain as healthy as possible, as we face the many conditions society has to deal with.

C R O H N S – C O L I T I S

Hi I’m Wendy, 56, busy mum to three and live in North Essex with my husband and two little Bichons Bonnie and Margot. This is my story, 28 years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease after having my first child but up until 7 years ago I had been in remission. Out of the blue in 2016 I became poorly and diagnosed with severe Ulcerative Colitis. I underwent treatment with steroids, immune suppressant therapy and finally an operation to remove a piece of inflamed bowel.

I had an ileostomy bag for 14 months then in April 2017 I had the 2nd of three operations, the large bowel removed, my rectum rebuilt and another temporary ileostomy bag. This was the lowest point in my whole life. My hair fell out and I lost nearly 3 stone in weight. Eventually in July 2017 I had a full reversal and I’m so happy to say I’m bag free and business as usual!


I know for many years I did not always eat healthily, skipped meals, drank too much, smoked and in general did not pay attention to my health! It was very scary to become so ill so quickly with no real warning.

I was introduced to a small range of products whilst in hospital after operation number one. The Juice Plus, raw wholefood nutrition capsules saved my life, being able to absorb real food and nutrients directly into the bloodstream blew my mind. I have been taking the premium superfoods and Complete protein for 7 years.

Without having a large bowel it is virtually impossible to eat many fruit and vegetables. I know I am flooding my body EVERY day with optimum nutrition because the products are bioavailable and absorbed on a cellular level (absorption is a struggle for anyone with bowel disease or similar gut issues) I now have the assurance that I am being nourished with 47 different fruit, vegetable & berries, for me this is everything!

The smoothies have been phenomenal in helping me gain weight and what can I say about our program Shred10, developed by Dr Mitra Ray it is awesome…. structured meal times, vital energy, fantastic recipes and shredding bit by bit our poor eating and lifestyle habits.

I believe I am a true testament to the Juice Plus products and their unequivocal benefits. I hope my story inspires, motivates and helps you all take a little moment to think about looking after you…

I feel better today than I did 15 years ago. Navigating the menopause, disease free, more energy, love my body again and just feel a zest for living a good life. SIMPLY

Question ~ Why do we wait until we are sick and health is in jeopardy before we do something about it?

Through adversity I found my purpose. A silver lining you may say. Simply Good Habits ~ My business. To help and support other women with a simple health and personal growth routine. A daily 1-1 mentorship, accountability and friendship.

We all need a cheerleader. We rise up by lifting others ♥️

For more information, please contact Wendy directly:

 WhatsApp 07939 286230 

Any contact can be made via email, text or messenger. 

.. a hello from Amanda plus this year’s unlikely fashion icon

Welcome to this week’s Amanda Zips It Up

Welcome to mid-April, and it’s generally still rubbish weather here in the UK. But hopefully we can brighten things up, with this week’s Amanda Zips It Up.

I love Jonah Hill, always have done. Such a consistently funny guy, although not necessary the most fashionable. But suddenly Jonah’s has become the most unexpected fashion icon of 2023.

Jonah Hill looked totally unrecognisable as he stepped out to run ‘LA’ errands in a pair of classic Ugg boots.

The Superbad star, 39, paraded his epic weight loss in LA recently, looking Superbad (supergood) in Uggs, I know – sounds wrong doesn’t it – but it worked.

A hipster beard stood out against Jonah’s white long-sleeved top, which was worn slightly open at the collar and with the sleeves rolled up to reveal the colourful inking on his right forearm.

The 21 Jump Street actor opted for a pair of blue denim jeans hailing from Kapital, rolled up at the ankles and embroidered with a skeleton design, faux leg bones trailing down his pins.

Then came a classic pair of brown Uggs; which, if Jonah’s ensemble is anything to go by, could be making a comeback.

Jonah’s Okagilly jeans from Kapital would set you back £464, while a pair of short Ugg boots cost around £175.

The actor, who described being “fat-shamed” during his school years, has undergone a complete transformation and lifestyle overhaul. He has been to see a nutritionist, along with weight training and boxing to boost his fitness regime. The star commented: “I wish there was some crazy thing that I did, like a pill or a genie or something, but I went to see a nutritionist, and he told me what to eat to change my habits and stuff.”

It comes after he told Eating Well in 2022: “The media kept being really brutal about my weight. It was just kind of free game for anyone to [hit] my sore spot. It made me so defensive – like almost anticipating someone saying something mean.”

Jonah has just launched a new clothing brand Meaningful Existence, which insists that it seeks to “spread joy throughout the universe by monetizing happiness.  He teased the launch at a recent Lakers game. Well, officially described as: “founded, run, and ruled” by Prophet Ezekiel Profit (a.k.a Jonah Hill in a curly wig and cool shades), per the brand’s website.

Meaningful Existence is described as a “lifestyle and wellness community” with the goal “to spread joy throughout the universe by monetizing happiness.” In short, Meaningful Existence believes money does buy happiness.

And how does the brand “monetize happiness,” you ask? By way of merch, of course. The brand offers up some Rebirth tees for $40, which are available for pre-order on Meaningful Existence’s website as we speak.

The ring-spun cotton tees, which arrive in six colours, feature a Meaningful Existence graphic on the front while the “Complete Unrelenting Control” message covers the backside.

Enjoy this edition of Zips It Up. We promise to keep things Meaningful. 

Wall Street Chic

Wall Street chic: the new power dressing

Forget  2023’s Barbiecore pink trend – fashion just got an unlikely new muse: the briefcase-wielding, braces and loud pinstripe-wearing fat cat banker.

This trend’s all about exaggerated power shoulders, tailored waistcoats (made for women, specifically) and even neck ties: a borrowed-from-the-boardroom aesthetic I’ll call Wall Street chic. The autumn/winter 23 catwalks were awash with corporate references — and the street-style set embraced the job spec to the letter. Google searches for “women’s powersuits have also increased by 60 per cent in the last six months. 

In the immediate aftermath of the pandemic, it felt like we were at a time of such chaos in which banks and political institutions were faltering once again, it is surely no coincidence that women are suiting and booting themselves. Just like power suits were adopted in the 80s to denote the shift to a world in which the suit was no longer all-male, it is once again being weaponised by women looking to feel powerful.

Glamorous cocktail dresses have been replaced by boardroom aesthetic this season. Now, it feels like we are in the new ‘back-to-business’ era, with fashion wanting to convey the sense of power and confidence. Think femininity and masculinity mixed with traditional male and female wardrobe elements.

I bought at least three Zara suits with waistcoats this Spring. I’m just toning my arms as I like to wear mine without the white shirt and just bare flesh. I’m going to pair skinny black ties with distorted tuxedo or high-shine patent leather trousers and maybe a diamante disco tie with an oversized black blazer and thigh-high boots — a sort of corporate clubbing vibe.

The Saint Laurent show oozed 80s power dressing with big shouldered jackets and pencil skirt suits aplenty. The Dior show was all white shirt and skinny black ties tucked into baggy jeans.

Dolce & Gabbana also had a black tie love-in, pairing theirs with night out-ready cropped black bolero jackets, strappy stilettos and fur trim coats.

And the style icon rocking this look for 2023? It’s the blokey, blazer-wearing Shiv Roy, whose return to our screens caused searches for “Succession fashion” to surge by 2,750 per cent.

How To Look Hot In A Boiler Suit

I love a jumpsuit in the winter and a playsuit in the summer – but this spring is all about the Boiler Suit.

The other day I wore a boiler suit out to lunch. The men at the table laughed and made the usual comments about whether I was looking for a car to service – though admittedly it was in Kwik Fit Blue. The women, meanwhile, oohed and aaahed, understanding full-well the appeal of this long-overlooked item of clothing. 

So, what exactly is a boiler suit? Well, it’s more relaxed than its cousin the jumpsuit, and far less sexy than its younger sibling, the playsuit. It has none of the comical undertones of its in-law, the onesie; nor does it have the more formal whiff of its colleague, the ‘all-in-one’.

Given that boiler suits were originally a hard-wearing uniform staple for tradesmen in the 1920s, they usually come in an array of utilitarian fabrics – denim, cotton, occasionally corduroy.

Brown denim short-sleeved, £118, free; adidas trainers, £80, schuh.; jumper (around waist), £29.90,

They are a relaxed, easy fit which makes it every women’s friend, no matter what her shape or size is.

It could potentially be the hardest working item in your wardrobe. First, there’s the ease: no having to think about trouser and top combinations. Then, of course, there’s the layering possibilities. You can do a chunky jumper over a boiler suit, or a slim knit under it.

Anyday jumpsuit, £48, johnlewis. com; white sandals, £23.80, prettylittle

Organic denim, £165,; suede mule, £159, penelope; jumper, £29.90,

Pink utility shortsleeve, £95,; leather sandals, £159, penelope

You can belt it with a cardigan to add an instant waist, or sling it over your shoulders for a relaxed, French vibe. Boiler suits can be casual and low-key or upmarket and sexy.

A boiler suit in pink, such as the Oliver Bonas one, or in yellow, like the Asos one, will serve you better than any Breton T-shirt – though both would look fabulous with a navy Breton layered beneath.

Leg shape is worth considering

Yellow twill, £55, asos. com; trainers, £80, schuh.

Dark-blue denim flared, £240, 7forallmankind.; cork sandals, £299,

A relaxed, mom-jeans-style leg feels super casual, especially when paired with trainers. A super-wide leg in a soft chambray, like the Anyday jumpsuit from John Lewis can be lo-fi with a flat sandal, or high style with a heel. As for a high-waisted, slightly flared leg (above in 7 For All Mankind’s denim), it’s as much at home for a fancy meal out as it is a day at home.

So, this spring, do yourself a favour and invest in fashion’s greatest unsung hero – the boiler suit.

Top Stress Busters

The 6 top stress-busting products to help you relax this Stress Awareness Month.

We all need to take a little breather from time to time, to ensure that the stresses of daily life don’t get the better of us.

With the cost-of-living crisis leaving many of us sweating regarding our finances, an often anxiety-inducing news agenda and our own individual pressures to contend with, it’s no wonder that many of us are feeling stressed out.

Stats show that one in 14 adults feel stressed on a daily basis – and we all know the repercussions that can come with this. In short, stress can lead to cortisol being released in the body, which can have a detrimental effect on the body and mind. In fact, high levels of cortisol lead to a weaker immune system. It’s clear that stress overload comes with some serious health risks.

That’s why, this Stress Awareness Month, I’m rounding up the best stress-busting products that will help you to combat stress andanxiety creating a moment of calm.

Create a calming, relaxing vibe with these soothing beauty products and homeware buys.

This Works Deep Sleep Body Cocoon

This Works have a brilliant range of products designed to help you relax.

Massage the Deep Sleep Body Cocoon into the skin each night for a restful slumber thanks to a formula infused with lavender and chamomile.

£20 at Amazon

Tisserand The Little Box of De-Stress

Essential oils are a great tool for unwinding and this little box of pulse point roller balls will see you through any stressful situation.

The Mind Clear Roller Ball will help you declutter your mind, while the Inner Harmony Roller Ball brings a sense of balance. The Total-Destress Roller Ball helps to slow breathing down and relax.

£13 at Boots

NuMind Solos Stress Relief Supplement

Ashwagandha is having a real moment, with a whole host of benefits for the body and mind.

This natural anxiety supplement contains a blend of Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea, Bacopa Monniere and Lemon Balm, which have been shown to have soothing properties.

£16 at Amazon

Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Bath and Shower Oil

This super luxe shower and bath oil will encourage a daily wellness ritual enhanced by aromatherapy oils.

Rosemary, lavender and ginger make a heady blend that will relax tired muscles.

£55 at Boots

Sanctuary Spa Wellness Solutions De-Stress Bath Salts

There are few things that can instantly destress more than a relaxing bath. So why not amp up the relaxation with these bath salts that have been specifically formulated to help the body unwind?

£6 at Boots

Kaizen Calm Candle

This calming candle offers a different scent to your usual lavender or chamomile, with organic coconut oil and white musk, which will fill your home with delicious aromas and set the tone for a relaxing evening.

This candle offers a 30-hour burn time

£13 at Amazon

a word from Amanda & AI Lash Technicians

Hello from Amanda

Welcome to this week’s instalment of Amanda Zips It Up. As regular readers will know, I love to zip up any new beauty technology — but here’s one scares the hell out of me.

Welcome to eyelash extensions, APPLIED BY A ROBOT.

Imagine booking your usual lash appointment with your favourite lash technician, only to come (literally) face-to-face with a massive machine instead?

Yes, lash technicians are the latest profession to see their jobs potentially upended by AI. The process of getting lash extensions is being revolutionized by the Luum Precision Lash robot, a machine that took scientists four years to create.

The Luum can do lash extensions in just 50 minutes, at an initial cost of £140 and £70 for refills, with each set lasting a month or so. Which to be fair, sounds expensive to me.

With further development, its creators hope it will eventually be able to do a client’s lashes in less than 25 minutes.

The beauty bot utilises two tweezer-like wands that emerge out of its “head” on either side of the client. Either side of you will be two binocular lenses that can see like a human eye. That’s scary enough.

Before the bot gets down to business, a human technician removes any oil from a client’s bare lashes, then places protective pads on each eye. The technician remains in the room to operate the machine.

Once the procedure gets under way, one arm of the robot isolates the natural lash while the other picks up a tiny, featherlight lash extension, dips it in adhesive and applies it over the natural lash.

By doing all this with computer vision they know exactly where your natural lash sits and where the extension should go.

BUT one dares not move or fall asleep, because the wands are sensitive to any foreign movement. The machine will pause if it senses any abrupt movement, from a sneeze to even the slightest jolt from a client.

We all have different faces and eye shapes, so surely a lash technician must study your own lashes to accentuate the look you’re going for?  Time will tell whether a machine can do that with the same bespoke care, precision and detail?

If I can get a beauty service done swiftly and less expensively, I’m all over it, but by a human. I’m not so sure about a bot.

Onto this week’s instalment, and we check out foundations for dark skins, the best menswear by black-owned fashion labels and help for Crohn’s sufferers.

Men’s Swimwear 2023

Men’s Summer Swimwear 2023

Already fantasising about lounging by that swimming pool this summer? Thankfully, 2023 is promising plenty more poolside action than the past few years, so it’s time to think about a pair of swim shorts which will make you stand out from the crowd.

If you’re the kind of man who has worn the same chlorine-beaten swimmers for years on end (or the sort who simply forgets to buy a new pair and has to settle for whatever crap’s on offer at the airport), now is the time to check out the styles that’ll look best on you.

Here’s a breakdown of the big trends for 2023, plus all the best swim shorts to pack for the Balearics this year.

Metallic sheens

For summer ‘23, there’s a big trend for swim shorts with oil-spill high-shine metallic finishes. They,’ll come into their own as the sun shines on them and look especially cool underwater. It’s all about swimwear glistening to perfection.

Fun florals

Florals? For your summer holiday? Ground breaking. Well, actually, the SS23 wave of floral-print swim-shorts takes things in an artistic new direction, be it through abstract stylings or playful, pop-arty vibes. 

Tailored to perfection

There’s a very different vibe to be had at the poolside, dependent on whether you go drawstring or tailored, but the latter is really upping the ante this season. We have, after all, been stuck at home in loungewear during the pandemic, so why wouldn’t you add something smart to your holiday wardrobe.

Short, sporty and see-through

Whether you’re the kind of man who idolises retro 70s or who simply wants people to know you never miss leg day, the good news for you is that retro, really short shorts are as big this summer as they have ever been. Generally, they’ll have throwback contrast piping and an elasticated drawstring waist. Worn with slides and a white tee, they look seriously cool by the pool. And that draws attention away from the crotch area.

And now for some of the best men’s swim shorts…


It’s only fitting that the go-to high street destination for men’s tailoring is championing tailored swim shorts for the summer of ‘23. Keeping things slick and smart in a timeless steel navy hue, match this pair’s smart energy with clean black RAYBAN wayfarers and head to your nearest rooftop pool. 



Notoriously seductive, Tom Ford’s vision is often characterised by dusky tones, metallic detailing, or animalistic patterns. Here to encourage you to embrace your wild side, the refined fashion house has brought forth its tailored swimmers in an all-over leopard print and thigh-skimming length. Eye watering price-tag though.

£430. At


Known for chic Parisian styles given a healthy helping of rock‘n’roll edge, Sandro’s designs elevate those most discerning of menswear silhouettes to new heights. Case in point: this sharp pair of drawstring swim shorts have been elevated via a panelled stripe design in a range of oceanic blues. 



Prada’s Re-Nylon fabric is pretty much the GOAT when it comes to swimwear (or just about anything, for that matter). The sustainable fabric, made from recycled ocean plastics, has been elevated in typical Prada style here with a monochromatic colourway trimmed in white stitching.



Lululemon always goes the extra mile when it comes to functional details, and that’s not just true of its yoga clothes and gymwear. Its 5″ pool short boasts bonded perforations for superior drainage and a fit engineered for optimal thigh and glute breathing room. And, in this psychedelic blossom pattern, you can take them beyond your local pool to all manner of overseas festivals. 



Gucci’s GG motif hits even harder when it’s magnified underwater. And with signature colour motifs such as the green and red web stripe to offset the dusty camel backdrop, you’ll struggle to find a bigger poolside flex than these. Alternatively, style with a retro knitted polo shirt for a high-fashion resort look. 



There’ll be no mistaking the origin story of these swimmers. Decorated in Burberry’s instantly-recognisable archive check, these drawstring swim shorts are an easy way to flex at the poolside, and will work wonders for casual summer ‘fits when drawing on the colours of the pattern elsewhere. 


Makeup Brands for Darker Skin Tones That Beauty Editors Swear By

Beauty brands have upped their game when it comes to supplying a full spectrum of foundation shades, as well as considering different undertones, although undoubtedly there is still further to go.

But it’s not always been this way. While some brands (MAC & Bobbi Brown) have long created extensive and inclusive shade ranges, challenging claims that darker tones are harder and more expensive to produce, many brands were late to the game. 

The phenomenal global success of Rhianna’s Fenty range (whose 50-strong shade selection launched in 2017 became one of the best-selling beauty brands in the world) has pushed those brands formerly offering limited shades into making a comprehensive colour range a key focus. After all, darker shades do sell.

Best for skin-like finish

Chanel Les Beiges Water-Fresh Complexion Touch, £51, John Lewis

It’s no wonder the beauty corner of TikTok was all over this foundation. Its unique formula is infused with ultra-concentrated micro-droplet pigments, which leave your skin with a very lightweight and hydrating sheen, with skin-like medium coverage. The shades of this Chanel foundation complement even the darkest of skin complexions.

Best budget buy

NYX Professional Makeup Born to Glow Naturally Radiant foundation, £8, Cult Beauty

Don’t let the price for this foundation scare you off. This 45-shade range features a featherweight buildable glowy coverage which is a strong competitor to foundations from higher price points. The texture is flexible, it won’t cake or migrate throughout the day, leaving you with long-lasting luminous skin.

Best for breaking boundaries

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, £24, Boots

This foundation has by far been the most loved product in Rhianna’s epic beauty range, Fenty Beauty. The formula has been praised for not only its flawless finish and coverage, but its impressive 50 option shade range and since launch has been a fan favourite. Rihanna has created plenty of colour options for darker skin tones as well as light shades and fans and beauty experts alike have not stopped raving about it since.

Best for dry skin

Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF15, £31.38, Boots

Bobbi Brown has always had a wide selection of shades, but this formula has really rivalled the competition. Extremely long-wear with the added bonus of SPF, it’s an excellent everyday choice. Best for those with skin on the drier-side.

Best for all day wear

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, £31.20, Boots

This lightweight NARS All Day Luminous foundation is a fan favourite for people of all skin tones due to its mattifying and full coverage. It’s long wear and it stays colour true all day. 

Best for epic glow

Pat Mcgrath Labs Sublime Perfection Foundation, £60, Selfridges

Pat Mcgrath has studied dark skin since its launch and always had undertones in mind when creating products to suit all. While their eyeshadow palettes are iconic for their epic pigment and out-of-this-world colour payoff, the foundation really complements every skin tone, amping up that natural glow and shine you get with dark skin.

Best for buildable coverage

MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF15 Foundation, £25.50, Boots

From 67 inclusive shades to choose from this MAC Studio Fix foundation is popular amongst make-up artists everywhere and with good reason. It’s lightweight, buildable, controls oil and shine for a matte finish without leaving you look cakey.

Best for dewy finish

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation, £31, Cult Beauty

Charlotte Tilbury has been championing complexion products for a while and this foundation comes as a fan favourite due to its wide shade range that covers an even range of dark hues; long-wearing full coverage that still feels like skin and its soft filter finish.

The best men’s fashion from Black-owned brands

The best thing about fashion is how it allows us to express ourselves and our individuality with what we wear. But do your clothes reflect your values as well as your style?

Many people express environmental consciousness, looking for sustainable fabrics and manufacturing methods. And, to promote a more equal fashion industry, others are shopping from diversely-owned independent businesses, putting their money where their mouths are.

Supporting Black-owned brands doesn’t just help marginalised entrepreneurs (who currently receive just 1% of venture capital investment), it also gives you the chance to broaden your style horizons style.

Here are 2023’s cult fashion must-haves from black-owned brands.

Ozwald Boateng Wide Cut Away Collar Shirt with French Cuffs

Ozwald Boateng OBE is known for his sharp tailoring with a modern twist.

Buy for £275 at Ozwald Boateng.

Geo Red Marble Long Sleeve Exclusive

From the London-based label founded by Ex-DONDA graphic artist, Geo Owen, this 100% cotton staple is made in the UK.

Buy for £69 at Geo Web Store.

The Good Company Denim Bucket Hat

The Good Company regularly collaborates with artists and creatives for its fun collections.

Buy for £41 at The Good Company.

A-Cold-Wall Gradient Jumper

In 7gg merino/cotton, this is cosy and timeless as well as on-trend.

Buy for £400 at A-Cold-Wall.

Daily Paper Mid Blue Kibo Jeans

Everybody needs a quality pair of jeans, and these from Netherlands brand Daily Paper are ideal.

Buy for £90 at Daily Paper.

Hoodrich OG Clique Jacket

Hoodrich was started by Birmingham boy Jay Williams with just £200, and it’s now one of the UK’s most successful streetwear brands.

Buy for £119.99 at Hoodrich.

Haze Apparel Black Medusa Graphic T-shirt

We love this futuristic graphic tee from designer Samuel Odigie 

Buy for £28 at Haze Apparel.

Studio 189 Indigo Scarf

Made using fabric hand-loomed by artisans in West Africa, this is a one-of-a-kind piece from the social enterprise founded by Rosario Dawson.

Buy for $200 (£179) at Studio 189.

.. Hello Easter

Welcome to this week’s Zips It Up and Good Friday. When I was a kid, Easter was a bit like Christmas. Chocolate eggs and presents, plus a couple of weeks off school. But these days, for me it’s all about a long weekend tending to the garden. If the UK weather permits.

But our cousins across the pond know how to celebrate this time of the year with plenty of camp, pomp and ceremony.

Yes, it’s all happening in Manhattan, NYC.

The Easter parade is a big event in the American cultural diary, consisting of a festive procession through the streets of New York on Easter Sunday. Typically, it is somewhat informal and disorganized, with or without religious significance. Everyone dresses in new and fashionable clothing – especially the traditional Easter bonnet – striving to impress with their finery. 

The Easter parade kicks off on Fifth Avenue and there are also Easter parades held in many other US cities. Our American cousins sure love a street parade!

Starting as a spontaneous event in the 1870s, the New York parade became increasingly popular into the mid-20th century. In 1947, it drew over a million people, with the city’s elite parading their Sunday best to mark the holiday wearing uniquely crafted bonnets that featured rabbits, Easter eggs and ducks.

By the 1950s it had an attendance of almost a couple of million and other cities developed their own versions. Philadelphia and Boston included – plus Coney Island and Atlantic City, where the parades became tourist attractions

The parade’s popularity has declined significantly this century, drawing only 30,000 people in recent years. In 2020, the Easter parade was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. But last year it was back, as New York City came alive on Easter Sunday with hundreds of participants and spectators dressed in outlandish costumes and elegant bonnets – along with Covid masks of course (an adornment hopefully never to be repeated).

Swagger: Dean Martin (left) and Jerry Lewis attracted much attention in the Easter parade on Fifth Avenue when they appeared in ‘new’ Easter outfits that hark back to the old days in 1948

A new collection of vintage photographs reveal the pomp and circumstance of New York’s Easter Parade decades ago, with hundreds and thousands of spectators – including the rich and famous – using it as occasion to model the latest fashions.

In one black-and-white image, dated 1948, screen stars Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis are seen strolling along in top hats, cravats and striped blazers with canes to hand. While another captures billionaire oil magnate John D. Rockefeller Jr. on his way to church dressed in his Sunday best.

Joining the A-star line-up is a 15-year-old Judy Garland, riding in a horse and cart wearing furs. Ironically, nine years later she would be responsible for immortalizing Manhattan’s famous pageant by staring in Irving Berlin’s hit film Easter Parade opposite Fred Astaire.

Despite somewhat reduced numbers, the event remains on the calendar and is less about style and more about having fun.

This year the area along Fifth Avenue from 49th to 57th Streets will be closed to cars from 10am to 4pm to make ways for the annual parade of Easter bonnets and costumed pets.