Welcome To AZIP and The Return of Bridget Jones

Hello from Amanda x

Welcome to another instalment of Amanda Zips It Up. As we finally enjoy FLAMING JUNE. 

Whilst running chores in Hampstead this week, I ran across some filming going on. After a bit of investigation, I learned that scenes from the new BRIDGET JONES movie were being filmed near a school just up the road from home.

Love her or loathe her – Bridget Jones is up there in many people’s top ten rom-coms of all time. Helen Fielding’s experience of life – as portrayed brilliantly by Renee Zellweger – has become a modern-day classic.

Jones famously once said, “It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going OK, another falls spectacularly to pieces”. And yet, as Renée Zellweger, 55, shoots scenes for the new Bridget Jones film, Mad About The Boyit appears that Bridget’s life hasn’t just partially fallen apart, but fallen apart completely. That’s because Mark Darcy has been killed off. Sorry for the spoiler alert – but it was in the book, so I’m not giving the game away too much.

The human-rights barrister and all-round decent guy Darcy (who, we must remember, loved Bridget just “as she was”) is suddenly killed in Afghanistan on a work trip following their wedding at the end of the last Jones instalment, leaving her as a single once again in her fifties, raising their two children alone. A story line that doesn’t sound like classic romcom material, but I’ve got a feeling Fielding and Zellweger won’t let us down.  In fact, Hugh Grant, aka Daniel Cleaver, making his return for the fourth film, has revealed he thinks this script is ‘the best one’ of all the Bridget Jones films.

The wardrobe hasn’t changed much either. Bridge is still wearing those penguin pyjamas (from the first film), paired with thick white socks and Birkenstocks with a massive baggy cardigan to do the school run.

The film also features Isla Fisher (Aussie actress once married to Sacha Baron Cohen) as the nutty next-door neighbour – who’s costumes are OUTRAGEOUS. She wears the big knickers this time round, under see-through netted skirts with huge crazy hair (think Helena Bonham Carter).

It looks so exciting already and I for one, can’t wait for the release – which is next Valentine’s Day – Feb 2025.

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