… Welcome to AZIP & AuLaLa Jewellery

That’s it… adios May and hello flaming June. 

Yeah, right. It’s done nothing but rain in the UK, with the odd spot of sunshine here and there, just to give us false hope.

It only sporadically feels like summer right now, so over the next couple of weeks’ instalments I thought I’d bring you some Balearic fashion and Ibiza vibes, to get you in the seasonal spirit.

Last summer, I discovered ‘TREASURE IBIZA’ and FANTASTICO FANS – an absolute treasure trove of vintage, clubbing, beach and boho fashion and accessories.

For the most part Treasure will operate via instagram this season, along with pop-ups and personal one-to-ones. Plus, the girls will carry on selling their quality pre-loved pieces. The amazing sequin capes are still huge, selling really well at Pikes and online .

Their hand-held fans feature expletives which are rather rude (but brilliant) and the girls behind the brands – Sarah & Rebecca – have now started stocking an amazing collection of jewellery by designers ‘AuLaLa’ – equally as naughty as their fans.

They have partnered with the Aulala Ibiza Jewellery brand to help spread the concept of party proof jewellery, which is a must-have in these quarters. The jewellery is available online, in Pikes / Fantastico or via the girls.

I asked the girls about their favourite spots on the white Isle…

Favourite venue – The Wild Corner in Hi !

Beach – Es Cavallet or Es Condida, Cala Comte

Restaurant – Juls or Tropicana Beach Club for the old Ibiza vibes.

Rebecca adds the fact that Boat days are often the best days, after living in Ibiza for 9 years.

And the Aulala Ibiza jewellery line is seaproof and party proof for Ravers and Misbehaviours. What more could you ask for if you’re holidaying in the Balearics this summer?

AuLaLa jewellery is 18ct gold plated on stainless steel, featuring cheeky charms, which are disco/ rave themed. Each item is limited in small quantities and comes beautifully packaged!

Anyway, in this week’s instalment of Zips It Up we look at the M& S and ENGLAND Euros collection, Tan Through Swimwear and what your car says about you.