The Belt Bag

I’ve always hated the bum bag or fanny pack. Reminds me of overweight Middle Americans walking around Disney world with their traveller’s cheques and hotdogs.

It has been in existence for ages and is only really acceptable for market traders to use as their portable cash registers.

It has dipped in and out of fashion over the years, unsuccessfully, until now.

As pretentious and shallow as I may sound, the high-end designer make-over has made this accessory so very chic that I proudly admit it is now on my ‘To Buy’ list for this spring / summer ‘18.

Gucci and Chanel lead the way (of course) and it isn’t just the colour and quality that makes them attractive. It’s the style and shape of what we now like to call ‘The Belt Bag’. It’s the way they are worn across the waist, not slouched under a roll of fat, or worn across our chest — super nerdy style.

The soft red quilted leather Gucci Belt bag is my favourite. The belt strap is thin and stylish and the bag pouch is like any clutch we’ve ever lusted after.

Kendal Jenner never leaves her Kardashian castle without her Chanel piece, and Louis Vuitton’s is often seen on her hip.

The Belt Bag is a must this festival season and you simply know who has offered us the most reasonable High-Street alternative, don’t you? Yep. Zara, of course.

Gucci’s is £885 and Zara’s is £30.

Whichever end of the spectrum, it’s all about the Belt Bag this year. Just think, you can speak on your phone and apply lippy at the same time as keeping your keys and wallet all safely close by. Perfect.

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