Ibiza’s Newest Sunset Strip Member Hotel Wi-Ki-Woo

Gifted with the infamous Balearic sunsets, which are at their most remarkable in San Antonio, Ibiza, Hotel Wi-Ki-Woo is the newest member of the Ibiza Sunset Strip.

It opens on 17th May 2018, and we got the heads-up from Hotel Wi- Ki-Woo and Ocean Beach Club owner Tony Truman.

  1. Tony – everyone’s excited about the opening of the new boutique hotel. I know this isn’t your first venture into hotels, but why this location (i.e. San An) and why now?
  2. Yes, the other two hotels that we are involved in have proved very successful, as well as very diverse. We like doing things a little bit out of the box, so when this hotel got brought to my attention I knew it was ideal, in so many ways. After all, how often do you get a chance to acquire a front-line hotel with full panoramic direct sunset views, at one of the most iconic sunset areas in the world. It was a complete no brainer. The timing was also spot on, as I have been saying for a long long time that San Antonio hoteliers need to up their game and create better hotels in order to attract nicer clientele to the area. And indeed, in the last two years many San An hotels have been doing this. So maybe, just maybe, they secretly listened to me, ha-ha. San An needed a boutique hotel as well, and what we have to offer is just that, to compete alongside the big boys.
  3. What’s the theme and meaning behind the name? That really is something that I can’t disclose in print. All I will say is that we were a little bit worse for wear when we came up with the idea. We were looking for a name that didn’t mean anything in particular but also sounded pretty cool. Important for me is that when you type-in an unknown name like (wi-ki-woo), it will automatically come top in search engines. This avoids having to pay a small fortune to Google in optimization to automatically be listed top. See – clever thinking! We also like the inclusion of the upside down question mark at the front of the name (which is how the Spanish use question marks). It adds to the intrigue, I guess.
  4. I’m sure many guests will be regulars at your Ocean Beach Club, but what does Wi-Ki-Woo have to offer the Ibiza tourist market, compared to hotels like Es Vive and Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes? The guests who stay at Wi-Ki-Woo I am sure will get some good offers from Ocean Beach. We are nothing like pikes, as pikes is so legendary and unique, and an Ibiza institution I would never want to remotely compare ourselves to that – maybe in another 35 years when I am the same age as Tony Pike currently is. If am even alive then ask me that question. As for Es Vive we could be similar in many ways, i.e. both cool, funky, vibrant hotels which are hopefully a fun place to stay with great staff. Es Vive is another legendary hotel, so before we get anywhere near to the status of either of those two iconic hotels, I want to just get open on time and get our first year of business out the way.



Carrer Ponent

14, 07820

Sant Antoni de Portmany

Illes Balears


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