Heels Boutique: What To Wear & Where To Go This Spring

Travel Map: Where to go & What to Wear this Spring

The sky is grey, we’re still muddling through at -4 degrees in some parts of the UK and nobody is feeling their fabulous selves. If you haven’t already been thinking about it since Christmas, now is the perfect time to book a Spring holiday.

Finding a great deal online can do wonders for your soul. For a small cost you can get a quick getaway, warm up and give your 2018 the kick it needs. Here are our top 3 suggestions and some fashion tips to match:

Seville, Spain

The capital of Spain’s Andalusia region, Seville is perfect trip for foodies and architectural buffs. Whilst the temperature is a warm 18°C, you want to pack sensibly as this is the type of town you will want to explore.

Staring up at the stunning yet spooky, Gothic bell tower on the Seville Cathedral or wandering through the perfect tiles on the 18th century Plaza de Espana, you can see why this destination won Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel coveted number one spot for 2018!

So with plenty of sites to see, we recommend some comfortable trainers, a light raincoat (just in case the weather doesn’t hold up – March is the wet season) and some suitable clothes you’ll be able to comfortable explore in. The most important part of all though, because no trip to Spain is complete without them, is a pair of ‘knock-em-dead’ sunglasses. Stella McCartney, Chanel and Mui Mui all have one style in common for the Spring-Summer 2018 collection: that’s an oversized, ski-mask type look. It sounds strange, but hear us out.


Big, reflective lenses that keep the sun out and your identity in. These ultra-dark sunnies give you that femme-fatale look, by keeping some things hidden, whilst also being super on-trend. Keep an eye out for these types of specs to come to a store near you and invest whilst you can. We predict them to be a hot topic for 2018.

Nice, France


Crowds may flock to the French Riviera in the warmer months, but if you aren’t feeling prepared to travel far, there is a small slice of paradise right on your doorstep. Roughly 2 hours from most UK airports, the South of France can be idyllic at this time of year. Although some of the shops are shut, this is a savvy way to avoid tourist hubbub and explore quaint towns and French cafes in peace and quiet.

With the highflying destination of Monaco only a 35-minute car trip away, you can also observe and shop amongst some of the world’s most elite and fashion conscious. But how should you dress to impress for these French fashionistas?

With the average temperature 11°C, it will feel warmer than the UK’s temperatures which are currently struggling to get above 0°C! However, as you can imagine, we’re not talking heat wave weather. This sort of climate is perfect to try out your spring wardrobe, making the most of layers and stylish, oversized jackets.

Our fashion suggestions for Nice are to match the canary coloured streets and pastel colours synonymous with European towns. Invest in patterns that incorporate these yellowish and green hues within the careful designs and blend in seamlessly with the locals with an abundance of accessories: take at least one new scarf or pashmina for every day you are visiting, it’s simply a must! Something like this which oozes both luxury and style: www.heelsboutique.co.uk/collections/scarves

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

From one extreme to another, from near-to-far, from mild-to-heat wave, the warm weather all year round makes Punta Cana a popular destination for winter getaways. Whilst you have to be prepared for a longer flight, if you have the time to spend it’s definitely worth it, and an absolute must on most people’s bucket list. Currently 27°C, you will get a chance to trial your summer wardrobe in a region famed for its 32km stretch of beaches!

Match the colours of the Coconut Coast with bright oranges, yellows and turquoises – colours all very typical of tropical collections. Make the most of being able to dress casually all day, every day. Even in the evenings, you won’t find anybody dressing up too much. Breezy dresses, playful romper suits and some cute shorts are all you’ll need.

Well… and a swimsuit.

Obviously, if you plan to enjoy what the Dominican Republic really has to offer, you’ll need to pack a couple of signature swimsuits. Last year we really saw the beginnings of the statement swimwear pieces coming into fashion and we expect that to return with a punch in 2018.

From Bay Watch copy-cozzies and strappy barely there pieces to simple off the shoulder one pieces, there’s plenty to choose from. Check out Vogue’s piece on the best swimsuits of 2017 for some inspiration:


Our top tip: we foresee a season of extra monochrome and plenty of straps and laces in the swimming pool of 2018.

Well, there you have it. Our top 3 places to visit this season paired with some Spring/Summer 2018 fashion tips. We hope you book something ASAP, for the sake of getting some Vitamin D as well as some peace and quiet – it’s safe to say 2018 has been hectic so far and we know we’re not just talking for ourselves, here. Hopefully you’ll be back in time to see the snow melting and the crocuses blooming.


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