Sluiz Ibiza Online

Imagine IKEA on acid with an Ibiza flavour, and you have the best shop on earth – Sluiz.

I discovered Sluiz Ibiza years ago, and not only did it re-create itself in Palma Mallorca, now it’s finally online for the whole world to grab a piece of quirky magic. 

I used to buy so much of the crazy homewares and fashion from this insane shop that I’d have to purchase another suitcase just to lug it all back to London. As well as wearing at least 3 Sluiz hats on the plane and carrying their bags on every available limb. For years, the plane was the only way of getting Sluiz stuff home London. However, now we can get Sluiz’s unique boho fashion and accessories delivered to wherever we are in the world.

The blue cows hanging from the trees outside Sluiz Ibiza and the doormat saying ‘FUCK OFF’ at the Palma store both point to the craziness that’s inside.

Their car park in Ibiza has parking signs to help you position your vehicle, with parking sections such as Big Boobs, ADHD, Gold-digger and Dr Dre, to name but a few.

Sluiz stocks the most jaw dropping collection of the beautiful, curious, wonderful, strange and the bizarre. But for me, it’s their collections of Spanish and worldwide independent designer clothing that makes Sluiz such a special shop.

The colours and vibrancy strike you first. From rainbow striped silk kaftans to pink faux fur coats, to yellow fedoras and purple Vivienne Westwood heels – these are just a few of the items I have bought from Sluiz.

If you’re in Ibiza, eat at the adjoining Sluiz café and you’ll soon realise that literally every section of the giant store is crammed with creepy china dolls, batty oil paintings, massive doll’s feet sticking through the ceiling, china teacups and ornate gold chairs. Yes, craziness and theatre permeates the whole place.

The same quirkiness is scattered throughout Sluiz in Palma too.  From the condoms to slightly altered well-known brands, such as Adildo, Tommy Middlefinger, Dolce&Banana and Suckers, through to their changing rooms entitled Sperm Bank and Bleached Anus. Suffice to say, Sluiz will have you sniggering quietly like naughty schoolgirl.

But, more than anything, they have nailed Balearic Boho chic, and now you can buy the latest collections online. Their quirky bags and satin jumpsuits are a must for 2020.

Here’s a selection of my current faves, which I’ll be ordering in time for the Balearic summer. Great prices can be found too, from the wholesale section.