… a word from Amanda

Welcome to this Friday 13th instalment of Amanda Zips It Up.

I’ll do my best to be cheerful in this issue, despite the whole Coronavirus situation, because everything seems pretty dark and depressing right now.

My other half has been emotionally kicked in the kahunas by the postponement of his beloved Arsenal’s fixture this week and as a DJ, we wonder how all the panic will affect clubland, festivals and social gatherings in general.

From a lifestyle perspective, I was wondering which unusual social gatherings’ would take a hit as well?

Well, it appears that private orgies for the super-rich are going ahead, despite the coronavirus outbreak, but they’ll supply extra soap and sanitizer. Notorious club Snctm – reputed to attract A-list celebs and tycoons – has a sex party in LA this Saturday and another booked for Manhattan on April 11th. The club, which originated in Beverly Hills, costs up to $900,000 a year for membership and vows that it won’t let the outbreak ruin its X-rated activities.

 The company is undertaking appropriate measures to sanitize the venues, screening those who plan on attending and supplying extra soap and sanitizer. Refunds are also being given to those who decide to not attend, no questions asked.

Those who have attended the orgies in the past wear erotic masks, because they are mandatory. Perhaps they’ll all be in medical masks this time. People crawl around on all fours, uninhibited about swapping fluids of all sorts, with condoms viewed as an optional extra. Apparently, there are bowls of them all around. 

The club has attained legendary status in America, after expanding to New York and Las Vegas following its runaway success in LA. It claims to create secret VIP events, featuring a mix of burlesque, masquerade, erotic theatre and sexual experimentation. Its website claims to offer members: “A safe and comfortable environment for personal exploration.”

The club’s dress code requires men to wear a tuxedo while women must wear “evening wear of lingerie”, which as a fashion blogger I find unfair, because I love wearing a tux.  Carefully vetted, beautiful women – who outnumber the guys by about three to one – pay nothing to be a member of the club. How is this happening in LA during the #METOO movement?

Anyway, onto this week’s instalment, and we look at a new dating app for less endowed men..