Dating Site For Less Endowed Men

A dating site for men with small willies has launched and members MUST be under 5.5ins to apply.  (Note to self – why are phallus measurements always in inches and not in centimetres?) 

Dinky One is a dating site for guys with ‘small’ willies – and it already has almost 30,000 members – members with small members, shall we say?

Dinky One aims to ‘normalise’ men with a smaller manhood in a world with an increasing pressure to “measure up”. Your penis must be no longer than 5.5ins if you want to apply. I’d love to know who scooped the top job of deciding whether or not each guy qualifies.

It launched exclusively to match guys for whom “less is more” with partners who prefer those with fewer inches.

A spokesperson commented: “Body image is generally within your control but penis size is not, unless you get surgery. The internet is packed with false claims and products purporting to increase penis size. Many young men now think you need a 12-inch penis to satisfy your partner. This is not true.”

Dinky One began with 27,762 people — 27 per cent of whom are women.

A 36-year-old user said: “When you’re a smaller man, dating is complicated. Imagine when a relationship fails — she’s likely to mention your size to her friends, and then gossip spreads. You become paranoid. It’s therefore far better to date in an environment where everyone knows in advance.”

The site says: “There are women who prefer a smaller penis for comfort and there are women who enjoy the smaller man, as they tend to compensate with additional foreplay.”

According to NHS figures, most men in the UK will be eligible to join the site, as the average penis size is 5.1 inches. 

Cue the rush online, where rulers and tape measures are now selling out quicker than face masks and sanitizer gel.