Punk Crocs

These crocs with spikes and chains are officially a thing.  A thing that’ll set you back a cool £200.

Yes, the web is going wild for these dangerous looking things. First there were high heeled wedge crocs, then grass versions and even a slipper incarnation.

In recent years the word CROCS has been even more hated than the word Brexit. Only acceptable for kids running around by the pool on holiday. But now the “practical” shoe has been given a hardcore makeover, so you can do your housework and look cool at the same time – and no, this is not an April Fools.

Sold by Heavy Cream on Etsy, the makers describe the shoe as ‘punk spike crocs’, and there are a few variants to choose from.

The crocs themselves will set you back £190.60, but if you want the full works including the spikes and chains, you’re looking at paying £206.48.

They’re made by Chris S, aka @garbage_b0y, and the website assures: “The spikes are nickel plated and the chain is high sheen stainless steel.”

I detest plain old Crocs but I am warming to the Punk Crocs 2019.

  • Goth Crocs, Etsy, £206.48

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