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As you read this week’s Amanda Zips It Up,I’ll be 38,000 feet high or thereabouts.  Balearic bound.

Summer officially kicks off this weekend. For my friends and I anyway. We’re off to Mallorca today for a big few days of dancing, drinking and eating, in both the sunshine and moonlight.

As I was packing 4 days’ worth of fashion glossies, I came across this brief story, which I thought I should share with you because it’s happening TODAY.

If (like me) you’re a Ziggy Stardust / Bowie fan and also a fan of VANS footwear, then you’ll love this. Yes, the new Vans-Bowie trainer collection has been leaked online and they look incredible.

The Starman, The Thin White Duke, Ziggy Stardust– whatever your favourite David Bowie persona is – Vans has a trainer for that. Pictures of the new Vans Bowie collection were leaked last night, and frankly they look awesome. And I’m not even a VANs fan.

They’re expected to be available online today – April 5th and the shoes come in four of the most popular styles – the Slip-On 47 V DX, Old Skool, Era, and Sk8-Hi. Each trainer is based around iconic imagery from four of his most popular albums – Hunky Dory, Aladdin Sane, Space Oddity, and Diamond Dogs.


Whilst images have been made public earlier than planned, one thing’s for sure – it’s creating a real buzz around the sure-to-sell-out collection.

This isn’t the only recent rock collaboration from Vans. The iconic athleisure and skateboarding brand have released a Led Zeppelin range for LZ’s milestone golden anniversary. The collection celebrates the rock and roll legends’ debut, self-titled album, Led Zeppelin

So, it’s all happening today. I will definitely be buying a pair, without a care in the world. With a pair of cut off denim shorts this summer, I guarantee it’s a winning look, and more than acceptable if you were born in the 80’s… or (dare I say it) earlier, like me.

Onto this week, and in this instalment we discover Gwyneth Paltrow’s bondage underwear range, Punk Crocs (yes, really) and the most unlikely Lifestyle Fashion must-have for 2019.

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