Gwyneth’s S&M Lingerie


She’s not my cup of tea and neither is her website Goop, but I do like Gwyneth Paltrow’s new kinky lingerie range. But is it torture to wear?

It’s hard to deny that leather underwear looks great, but not all of us have the budgets or body to spend £600 on one of Gwyneth Paltrow’s saucy sets.

But be prepared to BUCKLE up, because the new trend for leather undies is racier than ever. I think I would wear the bra over a tee, for a quirky take on this look.

The product description reads:  ‘Handmade in England, this saddle leather bra is what BDSM fantasies are made of.

O-ring details, racy demi cups for freeing the nipple, buckles to be undone, this piece—paired with the matching knickers—is prepped for full speed ahead.

Meanwhile, the whipor ‘flogger’is detailed as:


“Fulfil all of your BDSM fantasies with this smooth leather flogger. The edgy studs, while aesthetically pleasing, serve a functional purpose—making it extra comfortable to grip…

So, you might imagine it’s pleasing in other ways too. Equipped with 16 tails of leather, it’s handmade in England and perfect for play.’

Goop was launched by Gwyneth in 2008 as a lifestyle brand, providing weekly email newsletters about new-aged treatments and advice. It went on to cover bizarre trends including vagina steaming. They’ve now taken things much further.

But fans of kink don’t need to have Gwinnie’s budget to indulge in naughty knickers, the high street has plenty of pleather – or imitation leather – sets that look just as good.

  • Bralet, £14 from
  • Cut-out briefs, £6 from
  • Latex bra, £24.99 from
  • Thong, £12.99 from
  • Criss-cross body, £60 from Ann Summers
  • Red body, £24.55 from
  • Plunge bra, £24 from Ann Summers
  • Briefs, £10 from Ann Summers
  • Stockings, £4.50 from

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