The Air Swipe Bag

Futuristic bag made out of ‘99% air’ debuts at Paris Fashion Week

A futuristic handbag that’s almost lighter than air – made from a unique nanomaterial that’s the lightest solid on planet Earth – hit the runway at PFW.

The Coperni Air Swipe bag is fashioned from aerogel. This substance, created by NASA and used by the space agency to collect stardust, comprises ‘99% air and 1% glass’ but is a thousand times less dense than glass.

Although it’s delicate to look at – resembling a cloud – silica aerogel is surprisingly robust. Not only can it withstand temperatures of up to 1200°F, it’s able to bear a pressure of 4,000 times its own weight; an extremely portable 33 grams.

Essentially, while the Air Swipe might look like a flimsy puff of smoke, it won’t fall apart when carrying your lipstick, phone and keys on a night out.

Unfortunately, however, it’s unlikely to become available for purchase any time soon – at least not for us mere mortals. You can purchase one of the label’s original Swipe bags (made from leather) for around £600.