A Word From Amanda

Welcome to the end of January, HURRAH!

As we near the end of this month and continue with the lockdown, we remain as positive as possible, looking at ways of maintaining fashion from home.

There isn’t too much to look forward to in February except for the 14th which is of course Valentines Day. As we’re in lockdown, we can’t really go out for a romantic evening but we can stay in, eat, drink and watch a movie.

But what are the top 10 Valentine movies of all time?

10. Ghost

9. Pride & Prejudice

8. Pretty Woman

7. Blue Valentine

6. Love Actually

5. Brokeback Mountain

4. The Notebook

3. Titanic

2. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

  1. Casablanca

This week, my co-ed Chanelle has compilled an awesome Valentine Gift Guide for him and her, lots of lovely ideas.

In my vlog this week, I show you the latest costume rings I have found from the Vivienne Westwood website, which is something fun to look at during those zoom calls.

Enjoy. x