… a word from the Editor

Welcome to this instalment of Amanda Zips It Up.

Spring is in the air and the days are getting longer again.

I think now is the best time to take up a diet and exercise regime – not January 1st, like everybody assumes.

These are days with perfect running conditions and I have just received the ultimate coffee to fuel my runs. My very good friend Claire Bennett has sent me a fabulous new product called Revital U, which is just 2 calories per scoop and also lightens the appetite, so you can literally kill two birds with one stone – run for longer and feel hungry far less.

It tastes delicious and I find one cup a day is sufficient. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone embracing a weight loss plan. Contact www.revitalu.co.uk for more details.


In this issue we check out London Fashion Week, The ‘Merkin’ and the return of the perm… enjoy. x

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