Kate’s 40th Vogue Cover

It’s Kate Moss’ 40th Vogue cover. Most models are lucky to even get one magazine cover. Let alone Vogue, and let alone 40!

She’s been captured in multiple incarnations, starting with her first appearance in March 1993, heralding the arrival of the new waif. The waif who went on to reign over that decade.

People often talk about the “mystery” of Kate, but I believe that in many ways her appeal is straightforward.

Abig part of Moss’s allure is that people feel they know her. She has an air of accessibility, like your next-door neighbour (and she is genuinely a relatively near neighbour of mine). More specifically, Moss is the super-intriguing neighbour who you know is having the best time ever, even if you’re not exactly sure what she’s up to.

Women started digging Kate from the minute she started, because she is genuinely cool. It comes from within, and she’s always herself.

She also has the best taste. From the beginning, she learned and absorbed from the world’s great designers. They were all attracted to her because of her personality, her beauty and the way she wore the clothes. I love how Moss always makes them her own.

Quite simply, Kate is one of the most stylish women ever to come out of Britain. She lives for fashion and it lives through her. She gets a feel for the clothes and transforms into character after character. She is the adventurous, rock chick we all wish we were.

Congratulations Kate, the Vogue cover star. I’m off to buy a few issues right now to add to the collection.

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