… a word from Amanda

Welcome to what (I hope) will serve as a little bit of light relief during these extraordinary times that we are experiencing together.

I don’t want to dwell too much on what’s going on, because you all know. We also know that we’ll come out of this stronger and when we do emerge from it, my gosh – what a party that will be.

So, to take a light-hearted approach, hands up who’s being trying to find dried pasta in any supermarket right now?

Many shoppers have shared photos of pasta shelves in the likes of Sainsburys and Tesco completely empty, after recent panic buying. Well here’s one shop that (last time I looked) was still in stock. Anne Summers! Yes, they sell pasta and this isn’t just ordinary pasta. This is PENIS PASTA.

  • Penis Pasta, £5 from Ann Summers

The penis-shaped pasta, which is described as being “hysterical and completely delicious”, plus increases in size when cooked, is part of Ann Summers’ three-for-two current offer.

Usually a pack will set you back £5, but could be free if you select two other items from the shop.

So, stock up, and if we’re all quarantined for three months, I’d suggest adding a few more items to your online order, because we’ll all have to keep ourselves “occupied” at home now.

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Stay safe and wash those hands.