Unicorn Sex Toys

Firstly, let me point out that I have no comprehension of the recent ‘trend’ of all things Unicorn-related. From Pyjamas to sweatshirts to phone cases, I assumed it was all rather sweet and innocent.

 But look who jumped on the unicorn’s back. The sex-toy industry has caught the unicorn craze and created a weird adult toy.

www.geekysextoys.com now sell a vibrator moulded in the shape of the mythical creature’s spiral horn, in three sparkling colours.

Who the hell gets turned on by this is another story altogether. Horned horses for courses, I suppose.

The seven-and-a-half inch sex toy delivers “magical orgasms” with a “fairy tale ending” for those looking to inject a little magic – or memories of a warped childhood – into their sex life.

The dildos come in pearlescent pink, purple and white, are made from silicone and have a suction cup for ‘more adventurous role play’.

The toys will set you back £47.20and thetrend of taking supposedly innocent things and tarnishing them doesn’t stop there.

If unicorns don’t get you going, there are other things you can try – such as Avengers-themed toys, including a lookalike to Thor’s hammer.


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