Lace Up Festival Shorts

It’s well-known that when the sun comes out and the temperatures soar, we all become a little giddy and lose all sense of normality.

And in the spirit of madness in the midday sun, recent summer temperatures in the UK have brought a bizarre creation to my attention. But I can’t see them making appearances at festivals everywhere soon.

And while you’d be forgiven for wanting to slip on a pair of shorts during any heatwave, this particular pair of shorts – which leave very little to the imagination – leave me feel a little uneasy.

The Wild One Lace Up Shorts by www.FashionNova.comare high waisted but, apart from the strip up the middle, are mostly made from LACE.

They come in faux black leather and cost £24.40 ($32.99) and they are selling like hot cakes (or should I say, ice creams).

One (insane) reviewer wrote: “Money well spent! I love them so much”.

 But I am truly baffled by the near-naked look. Firstly you’d have to have minimal body fat or zero love handles, and the tan marks will be shocking.

Surely one can simply walk around in underwear, which would serve the same purpose?

If you like the ‘exposed look’ but want something longer, there is a full-length version called The Wild Thang Lace Up Pants. But,be warned, they don’t cover up much more than the hot pants.

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