The Scumbro Look

How to dress like a total ‘Scumbro’

It’s the hottest trend in men’s fashion this Autumn 2018 and involves looking badly dressed in oversized and overpriced clothing.  Here’s how to ‘zip up’ looking like a Scumbro.

In the world of men’s fashion, it would seem the best dressed men are currently the worst dressed. Think back to ‘Grunge’ and team it with high-end designer prices. The louder, the baggier, the more mis-matched – the better. That’s the scumbro look.

In more detail, the look consists of wearing oversized, overpriced merchandise, a sprinkling of street wear logos and unwashed sportswear in neon and washed-out tones. An abundance of tattoos, some form of bleached or badly dyed hair and a comedy moustache are all good extras.

But you’d be mistaken for thinking it’s as simple as chucking on a load of baggy mismatched clothing. Getting this winning combo right takes blood, sweat, wads of cash and tears. The key to nailing the look is based on buying into brands that are inaccessible to most people. Supreme, Palace, Gucci, Versace and Prada are the key labels.

Close your eyes and imagine a man dressed in a Hawaiian print shirt worn over a Supreme t-shirt, a Gucci belt, a pair of camo track pants, a Nike baseball cap and a pair of the very latest Adidas limited drop trainers. If it was colder he would probably be wearing a fleece. Total ‘scumbro.’

The essence is that the wearer is supposed to look like they’ve made no effort, whilst emphasising how much effort it’s actually taken to look that bad. It’s the snobby/ugly combo that makes it the ultimate celeb fashion trend.

So where did it come from and what celebs should we blame/thank for it all?  Well, according to the men’s mags, the main perpetrators are Pete Davidson (the fiancé of singer Ariana Grande ), Jonah Hill and Shia LaBeouf.

Vanity Fair have hailed Jonah Hill as ‘king of the scumbros’, using a photograph of him wearing a hideous rainbow t-shirt, big baggy trousers and a pair of white slip-ons.

Pete Davidson

Labelled the most style-conscious scumbro because of his love for designer labels like Alexander Wang, Acne, Balenciaga and Gucci.

Shia LaBeouf

More ‘scummy’ than ‘bro’ the actor is snapped wearing a green fleece, cut off shorts, hiking boots and baseball cap.

Jonah Hill

King of the scumbros, Jonah, is rocking his new pink hair, favours labels like Dime and Paradise. Not one to shy away from colour, he’s the ‘one to watch’ if you’re looking for some inspiration, guys.

Justin Bieber

 Bieber scales new heights of scumbrodom every day. Long gone are his cherubic choir boy looks. His newly bleached frosty tip hair and porn star moustache have raised the bar.

Basically – look dirty, trampy and rough in at least a grand’s worth of clobber and you’ve just about  nailed it.

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