Stirrup Leggings

If ever there was a trend to truly come full circle, this is it. A circle that’s taken a full 30 years to rotate. Hands up, who remembers ‘ski pants’ from the 80s?

Well, they’re back, with designer status. And for 2018/19 they’ve had an equestrian re-labelling, as ‘Stirrup Leggings’. Because of the glaringly obvious stirrup, of course.

Gucci has just launched a range, in all the native Gucci, and if there’s anyone who can be trusted to revive the trends of decades past, it’s VB.

The former 90s Spice Girl went back a further 10 years, resurrecting a tricky fashion pairing on the streets of London – stirrup pants and pumps. And I have to say – I love it!

Exiting her flagship store in London’s upscale Dover Street area, the 44-year-old was snapped in stretchy ’80s style leggings, characterized by straps that loop around the heels to keep the pants in place, and a pair of soaring stiletto pumps with a pointed toe and black leather finish. I never expected myself to type the following words, but it’s a great look.

Let’s try our best to forget the hideous trend first launched by 80s fashion house Benneton as a genuine ‘Ski Pant’ to tuck into snow boots, circa 1985. This time around, they’re stylish and to be paired with heels. If you’re going to indulge, then treat yourself to a pair at Gucci for a mere £500. They must be tight on the full leg though – be warned – avoid bagginess.

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