Ralph Lauren RACHEL from FRIENDS Collection

The One Where Ralph Lauren Collaborates With… Warner Bros

It’s been 25 years since Friends first graced our screens.

And in a year during which we’ve been imprisoned in our homes bingeing on Netflix, I’m viewing it all over again in its entirety.

I watched Friends avidly first time around in the mid-90s. Of course, we all loved Phoebe’s kookiness and Monica’s obsessive cleanliness, but it was Rachel Green’s fashion – and that haircut – which I had for a while – which catapulted the fictional character to the realms of style icon.

She was a true fashionista, spending her career working at Ralph Lauren  Ralph Lauren as a buyer at Bloomingdales. Now, fans of Rachel’s wardrobe can rejoice, because it’s all coming full circle.

As an homage to Rachel and her sartorial choices (and to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary) Ralph Lauren has partnered with Warner Bros to create a curated Wear-to-Work collection based on Rachel’s wardrobe from the show.

The range features pieces from the Polo and Ralph Lauren main lines and comprises a selection of Rachel-esque 90s and 00s items, including woollen pantsuits, boots and dresses, all given a Friendly makeover for 2020.

Warner Bros clearly recreated the set to showcase the collection in these brilliant pictures.