Justin Beiber Crocs

It’s official, Justin Bieber has snapped up a Crocs collab. 


The humble plastic clogs, worn by NHS workers and chefs alike, have become the footwear industry’s big hitters. Yep, 2020 belongs to Crocs.

As polarising as Marmite, Crocs have secured famous fans in Pharrell Williams, Shia LaBeouf and even Steven Tyler, as well as collaborations with Balenciaga, Birkenstock and Post Malone. What’s more, the team over at Adidas have seemingly noticed the popularity of the plastic slip-ons, as the brand dropped its own pair of polyurethane clogs over the weekend.

And now the biggest fan of the ugly, holey slip-ons has just snagged his own collaboration. Justin Bieber, as well as favouring Air Dior kicks and Yeezy sliders, has been a long -time wearer of Crocs. Bieber took to Instagram with a simple image captioned ‘Soon’, showing a satsuma-orange pair of the plastic footwear, emblazoned with charms (yep, Crocs charms are a thing), floating in a swimming pool. 

Not only did this get fans of the slightly bonkers crooner excited (his post has received over 1.3 million likes thus far), but it also sent the latter’s shares soaring by more than 11 per cent, and trading spiked. 

Now it has been confirmed that this will be a collaboration with Bieber’s apparel brand Drew House. Launching this week, the unisex Drew House x Crocs Classic Clog pulls inspiration from the signature yellow of Bieber’s brand and includes eight custom Jibbitz charms. You can guarantee, thanks to the Canadian singer’s pulling power, that this will be the biggest Crocs drop to date.

£54.99. crocs.co.uk