Pink Diamonds

It seems to be a ‘Millennial thing’. Having just seen a picture of Katy Perry’s pink engagement ring from Orlando Bloom, Pink diamond rings are very “now”. Think pink and gold, to be precise.

Pink also seems to be on trend as far as wedding dresses are concerned. There are a lot of pink netting and roses to be found online.

Yes, the colourful diamonds are set to take over this year, and you don’t need to have a huge amount in the bank to afford one. Whatever your budget, there’s something to suit everyone, especially via Amazon and Etsy.

I especially love a pink diamond set on a gold band. Timeless, almost fairy tale-like and most certainly eye catching. I’m imagining Prince Charming slipping one on Cinderella’s finger…

No need to go over the two-grand budget, which is about right for an engagement ring, here are my favourites on the market right now.

Peach pink and rose gold ring, £1,604, Etsy


Twist shank pear pink sapphire ring, £1,259, Amazon

White gold, diamond and sapphire ring, £643.99, Amazon


Rose gold cushion cut Morganite and Diamond ring, £1,995, Chisholm Hunter


18K Gold Diamond & Pink Sapphire Ring, £1,375, The Diamond Store


Rose gold ring with lab-created gemstone, £317, Amazon


Art deco natural diamond engagement ring, £1,923, Etsy


White gold pink diamond ring, £2,273


Sapphire platinum ring, £409.99, Amazon


Radiant-cut pink diamond halo ring, Uneek


Vintage brilliant cut ring with pink diamond halo, Boodles


Chelsea pink ring, Jean Dousset


Pale Pink Sapphire Eyebright, £990, Alex Monroe


Gold Diamond Pink Sapphire Ring, £1115, The Diamond Store


Morganite Halo Engagement Ring, £2,963 Barkev’s

Pink Sapphire and Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring, £1,426, Serendipity Diamonds

Sapphire engagement ring, £1,443, Etsy

Pear-shaped pink diamond ring, Uneek

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