Marina Boutique Whistable

I love quirky small independent boutiques. But they’re harder to find these days, especially in London. Yes, there aren’t many left, but if you venture out of the city and into smaller towns you’ll come across something like this, in Whitstable, Kent, the town otherwise known as ‘Notting Hill On Sea”.

Whitstable is very close to my heart, as I spent every summer in the seaside town as a child. It was where my Russian Grandmother lived.

Back then, I spent all my time on the beach and not in the shops. Clearly, that would be the other way around now. From The Hummingbird Bakery to the gorgeous ‘MARINA’ – Whitstable is happening right now big-time.

Marina is a quirky boutique in the very fashionable Harbour Street of Whitstable. They sell beautiful vibrant silk wrap dresses as well as antique silk sari dresses and each dress is unique.  Sequin dresses, sequin trousers and hats for festivals as well as quirky one-off pieces and contemporary designs too. All hats and accessories are sourced from independent designers.

There’s a men’s section too, which is very popular. Stylish silk shirts for all occasions, all looked after by Joe Kelly.

DJ Lisa Loud has been collaborating with owner Susie Swetman, marketing the wrap and sari dresses, as seen here. She’s modelling this absolutely beautiful yellow dress which is jaw dropping. She looks incredible.

You can contact Lisa on Facebook Messenger and Instagram if you wish to purchase or discuss sizes and prices etc @ DJ LISA LOUD

Check out Marina Boutique on Instagram or pop in if you’re in Whitstable this summer on your staycation.