… love from Amanda x

Welcome to a scorching Zips It Up.

The weather is insanely hot here in the UK.  From Mallorca to Ibiza to London, I can’t escape the soaring temperatures.

But we should be careful what we wish for, because it could be back to regular business next week – i.e. cold, grey and even more worth complaining about.

It’s days like these when I like to walk (boho) barefoot everywhere (ignoring dirty feet and blisters). Wouldn’t it be handy if we could do that permanently throughout summer, and when the pavement became too hot simply rock up to a vending machine and buy a pair of fold away shoes, small enough to pop into one’s bum bag?

Well, surprise surprise, welcome to ‘ROLL A SOLE’.

Cleverly designed to fit in your handbag, car or office desk, these Roll A Sole shoes neatly roll up, ready for when you can’t walk another step in uncomfortable conditions.

These would’ve been particularly handy in the ‘old days’ when we used to stagger home from the club in inappropriate shoes after hours of dancing. Remember ‘dancing’? I wish I knew about Roll-A-Sole back then – genius idea!

The company was created by American Matt Horan – who decided he was fed up of giving his girlfriend a piggy back home every time she went out in high heels. The very stylish shoes (especially their ballet pumps) come packed away in a neat little box – which includes a ‘high heel carry bag’ to put your own heels in – much classier than carrying them.

Unfortunately, the vending machines are all in Las Vegas – where the designer lives – but you can buy them right here at trusty Amazon. Totally worth it in my opinion – they’re stylish, comfortable and well made.

Onto this week’s instalment of Zips It Up, and OBVIOUSLY we discuss how to keep cool, discover a seaside fashion boutique and explore whether ‘fox-eye’ make up trend is racist.