Luxury Easter Eggs

The giving and receiving of Easter eggs may well be one of the world’s quirkiest religious traditions. But it is also our favourite excuse to gorge on sugar. 

While Xmas, Birthdays and Valentine’s Day require the full shabang of inventiveness and consideration, selecting a luxury chocolate Easter egg is decidedly easier… and who doesn’t love thinking about chocolate? But in 2024 it’s all about the LUXURY egg.

Standard Easter Eggs are easy enough to pick up in your local supermarket — Mini Egg, Crunchie, Dairy Milk. However, there is a world of luxury Easter eggs out there, far better suited to earning brownie points with your loved ones. Demonstrating that you’ve browsed further than the petrol station.

 Below, I give you my favourite chocolatey picks from shops and chocolatiers as diverse as Hotel Chocolat, Fortnum & Mason, Charbonnel et Walker, Venchi and Chococo. Whichever you pick, delight is guaranteed.

Cocoba Giant 4kg Easter Egg

No Easter egg quite big enough? Buckle up for the Cocoba solution, one which involves 51cm and 4 kilograms of Belgian milk chocolate. Ideal for overachievers, hosts with the most and those who prefer the work of bonafide chocolatiers. £99.95. At

Fortnum & Mason Golden Milk Chocolate Praline Eggs

You’d be forgiven for thinking Fortnum’s traditional egg carton packaging houses anything other than ordinary hen’s fare and that’s because, well, you wouldn’t be wrong. Six real hen’s eggs have been carefully hollowed of their contents and filled with praline milk chocolate before being painted gold. As such, resist the urge to bite right in, crack in half with a knife and serve on your best silver egg cup. £30.

Waitrose The Cracking Pistachio Egg

The egg; the myth; the legend. Waitrose’s ‘Cracking Pistachio’ egg is one of several green nut themed centrepieces going viral on TikTok. A Russian doll of eggs, this two-for-one features a caramelised sugar white chocolate outer shell and an inner pistachio-flavoured layer complete with pistachio nibs. Easter feasting for grown-ups. £

Patisserie Valerie Ultimate Chocolate Easter Egg Cake

Once again we find ourselves trying to shoehorn what is demonstrably a cake into the narrow identifier of ‘Easter egg’. Thankfully, there are eggs included in this chocolate construction by Patisserie Valerie, as well as rosettes, curls and vermicelli, all in chocolate, of course. £39.95.

Harrods Tuck Shop Hamper

Another hamper for sharing the joy out (or, let’s face it, guaranteeing more for yourself), this little compilation features a miniature Easter egg, two food hall chocolate bars, a chocolate coin and a bag of carrot-shaped gummies for good luck. Yeah, it’s aimed at children, but when has that ever stopped you? £50.

Can’t pick from between Cutter & Squidge’s hyper-popular filled half eggs? You don’t have to. Cop all three — ‘Billionaire’, ‘Strawberry Eat-On Mess’ and ‘Vegan Cookie’ — in one indecently saccharine package. £

Cake Or Death Easter Eggstravaganza Vegan Brownies

No, it’s not an egg! But there are eggs involved in this Cake or Death tray bake featuring a deep layer of the bakery’s signature vegan brownie. Topped with vegan marshmallows, KitKats pieces, white chocolate and Doisy & Dam dairy-free mini eggs. £21.50.

Lindt 1kg Bunny

You know her; you love her, the Lindt bunny has been the poster rabbit for Easter for as long as Santa’s been in a red suit, and it’s now customary for many to pick one up for a family member. If you want to go big, behold the final boss of animal-shaped choc: a 1kg Swiss chocolate Lindt bunny. £

Harvey Nichols Easter Greetings Hamper

There’s a smorgasbord of eggs included in this Harvey Nichols hamper, made especially to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus (or, you know, the feasting associated with it). The larger egg comes in blonde chocolate (caramel-infused and studded with honeycomb to you), while you’ll also get a bunch of praline and giandjuja mini eggs, biscuits, honey and white-choc covered strawberries too. £100.

Hotel Chocolat Ostrich Easter Egg

Want to make a grand gesture to someone special this Easter? The most luxurious (and largest) of Hotel Chocolat’s Easter eggs is its classic Ostrich Egg. One half is crafted from 40 per cent milk chocolate packed with crunchy cookies and the other from 50 per cent milk chocolate with feuilletine flakes. But that’s not all… This egg also comes with a box of treats, including pralines, caramel truffles and more – plus golden eggs. In fact, all in all, this exuberant egg adds up to more than one kilogram of chocolate, all wrapped up neatly in a ribbon-tied box. £