Jelly Fashion Is Back!

Jelly Fashion Is the Playful Style Trend We’re Loving Right Now

Who remembers the jelly shoes and bags of the late 80’s? I do, and as much as they appeal to the younger generation with their poppy colouring, one thing’s for sure – they’re not practical in the slightest.

Fashion is a pendulum, which means that what fades out of favour will eventually swing back into the good graces of style purveyors. Though some may have doubted the second coming jelly fashion, this colourful and kiddish aesthetic is officially back – in all its squishy glory.

Jelly fashion consists of plastic or rubber pieces—mainly shoes and bags—that look kind of like candy. It’s playful, and it’s a statement. (But it’s non-edible!)

Feeling this Y2K era trend? I’ve got the lowdown on its return and tips on adding jelly pieces to your wardrobe.

With the momentum of the Y2K resurgence that we’re seeing in fashion, jellies made their comeback as they are reminiscent of the late 80s. Seen on the runway at Coach’s Spring 2024 show in its traditional, flat, cage silhouette, along with a platform variation made popular by Prada, jellies have made their comeback in both their classic form and with a modern twist.

Telfar also recently came out with handbags featuring a structured silhouette in vibrant colours, and Gucci dropped some jelly sandals that were affordable and flew off the shelves. Clearly, the people want jelly.

Tips for Adding Jelly to Your Fits

I recommend keeping it as inexpensive and cheerful as possible, since the trend may be a flash in the pan. If you’re opting for shoes, it’s smart to pair them with socks for more of that Y2K-era vibe and also to keep blisters at bay.

I also suggest trying a handbag in a colour that you own a good bit of, as this is a great way to integrate it into what you already own.


  • Juju Jelly Heeled Shoe  ASOS


  • Kurt Geiger Vinyl Kensington Bag
  • Coach Jelly Bag