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Now, if you’re the type who has ever indulged in “party favours of the chemical kind” help you dance from dusk until dawn, spare a thought for ravers over in India, who are going to crazy extremes to get that special all-night high.

Snake Venom.  Yes, really. AKA an night on the reptiles.

Dissatisfied that even the most potent ‘high’ wears off after a few hours, Indian youths are turning to snake venom, as its effects can last for several days. Local police say that they are increasingly encountering this phenomenon. On a raid at a party in India, officers found cobras and a plastic bottle containing 20ml of snake venom. They arrested Elvish Yadav, a minor celebrity and social media influencer who won the Indian equivalent of Big Brother, and have charged him with providing snake venom.

Police commented that the snakes are injected with chemicals to increase the venom with which they immobilise their prey. Snake charmers are usually needed to coax the snakes into performing the dangerous procedure. The snakes are either made to spit out venom, which is saved and ingested, or induced to bite the person on the tongue or foot.

Once in the bloodstream, the venom releases substances, including serotonin and peptides, which sedate the recipient. Later, the venom generates a sense of wellbeing and intense euphoria usually associated with powerful opioids. It is not known when Indians first began experimenting with snake venom but some people became so addicted for its “ultimate and prolonged high” that they get bitten by a snake on their tongues regularly.

Snakes are held near the head then a sharp slap on the snake’s head with a blunt item causes it to bite.

Snake venom has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years, including for treating smallpox and leprosy, and healing wounds. 

Don’t know about you but I’d rather stick to a glass of vino on my nights out.

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