Luminoglow Underwear

So, when it comes to those first intimate moments with a loved one, some of us prefer the lights to be dimmed. Nevertheless, nobody wants that expensive lingerie they’ve just bought to go un-noticed in the dark.

Here’s the solution: Glow in the dark lingerie. Enter Australianunderwear brand Luminoglow.


It’s a range of underwear smaller and sexier than your standard undies. Called the Boudoir collection, it’s strictly for the bedroom after dark.

When the lights go out, the lace on the bra and knickers glows beautifully, defining the tiny shapes of the micro G-string, bikini or triangle bra. It’s sensual and sexy. And the company claim that this collection is easy to whip on, but even easier to whip off.

The underwear is now being sold around the world, including America and several countries in Europe.

Expect standard bras – without support, lace bodies and babydolls, plus the tiniest of G-strings in the standard white lace – which glow bright green.

I must say I’m quite partial to the babydolls.

It’s bound to be an illuminating experience from beginning to end.

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