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As the sun is now making an appearance, it’s time to start protecting our skin as we begin peeling off the layers and revealing more flesh.

As I am getting older, a good skin care regime is increasingly important, especially under the Mediterranean sun.

I was contacted by Ellie from Ag Skin Repair, offering me a chance to test their collection of skin products, including anti-ageing and collagen serums, plus the most valuable product – After Sun. They even threw in a very helpful Tattoo Serum, designed to protect those little areas of body art.

AG Skin Repair are a small skin care company based in the UK with patented Silver Shell formula products, which is clinically proven to induce and strengthen skin cell growth. Nothing is tested on animals.

The range deals with inflammation after sunburn, shaving, waxing, micro-needling, tattoos, semi permanent make up and inhibits skin infections by forming an antibacterial protective barrier that prevents oxidation and the absorption of free-radicals. AG also helps with the appearance of fine lines and scars and helps skin retain moisture.

Here is my skin after two weeks use of this full collection.

I’ll report on the After Sun later this summer.


All the serums are made in California and shipped back to the UK and the Anti Fatigue Serum is actually a Regenerative Serum for men as well.

I really can’t be without the Regenerative Serum having started to notice sun damage around the eyes and neck. If I don’t use this daily, the fine lines start to become a lot more noticeable.

Go to or have a look at their Facebook page.

Contact if you have any questions.

Hema Works, Station Lane, S41 9NY Chesterfield

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