Le Biryani Perfume

Last weekend, annoyingly, I damaged my new year cleanse, devouring a delicious Lamb Biryani at my favourite Indian restaurant, Dashoom in Kings Cross.

If you’ve ever tucked into mouthwatering Indian food (and by Indian, I mean South Asian staples in general) and loved it so much you wished it was a daily occurrence, then I have good news. You can now smell of your favourite biryani.

A digital artist based between Pakistan and London, aptly named My Curry is Popping on Twitter, is in talks with the appropriate “smell” people about launching a biryani perfume. The 22-year-old designer, working on the prototype of a flavoured rice based fragrance, posted it on his socials and the image quickly went viral, being shared among Bollywood stars and politicians.

I don’t know if I’d actually wear Le Biryani perfume.  Fried onion isn’t the most desirable smell – but who says you have to wear the scent on yourself? Perhaps you can lure guests over with the promise of delightful Indian cuisine and spritz some Le Biryani about the place, tricking your diners into thinking you’re a South Asian gourmet chef? Then bring out an M&S ready-to-eat Korma.

For good measure, Le Biryani has also added a hint of aloo potato to the fragrance. The designer said: ‘Aloo is there because I prefer my biryani with aloo – I don’t know if there’s any other way.’ 

He has been in talks with a few fragrance businesses in order to commercially market the perfume, however it is just as an exhibition piece for now.

Though certainly quirky, this idea isn’t anything new – fast-food chains such as KFC and Bird’s Eye have been getting in on the scented action. But I’m not sure I’d want to leave the house smelling of chicken and gravy.  There are too many hungry urban foxes in my neighbourhood to take that chance.