Beyonce At Sainsburys


Beyoncé has been scolded by supermarket chain Sainsbury’s, after she was accused of “stealing their style”.

Yes, fans couldn’t help but compare the 38-year-old star’s latest Ivy Park collection to the iconic uniform worn by Sainsburys staff.

The latest in the icon’s fashion line reveals an orange and maroon colour palette that’s almost identical to the British company’s uniform – which in fairness, she probably has no idea even exists. However, Sainsbury’s felt that it was time to put the singer in her place, taking to Twitter to make it known who the original trendsetters were.

Sharing a snap of a member of staff in his uniform with “the original” emblazened in bright orange, Sainsbury’s wrote: “Repping since 1869” alongside a wink emoji and adding the hashtag #SainsBey.

It’s fair to say, I can clearly see the similarity, and now I can’t “unsee” its comparison to Bey’s new collection, which launched earlier this week. So, whenever I spoit Beyoncé’s new Ivy Park line, all I’ll think about is her working a 12- 5 shift at Sainsburys, scanning items at checkout number 15.

Beyoncé previously said of her Ivy Park clothing brand: “My goal with Ivy Park is to push the boundaries of athletic wear to support and inspire women who understand that beauty is more than your physical appearance. True beauty is in the health of our minds, hearts and bodies. I know that when I feel physically strong, I am mentally strong and I wanted to create a brand that made other women feel the same way.”


Neither Beyonce nor her people have commented on the line’s uncanny resemblance to Sainsburys.