Disco Ball Face Masks

As Coronavirus spreads across the globe, so does the concept of bespoke face masks.

In NYC last week, at Brooklyn Museum’s “Studio 54: Night Magic” exhibit, a number of partygoers sported flashy COVID-19-themed face coverings. A couple of attendees wore matching disco-ball masks to the gala, claiming that their coordinated outfits stuck two fingers up at the potentially deadly virus.

“It took me a day and a half to make each one,” one said. “If you have to wear a face mask, why not make it fabulous? Why not make disco balls?”

The couple, who run a US-based handcrafted glass mosaic business, are among the growing ranks of pizzazz-minded health warriors making and sporting bedazzled face coverings. Celebs like Billie Eilish have donned pimped-out face masks, as the trend spreads like the virus.

Jordanian designer Samia Alzakleh is taking the “glitter” trend a step further — encouraging global citizens to stay safe and stop the spread of corona by wearing masks covered in Swarovski crystals. Each custom mask takes Alzakleh more than three hours to make and features hundreds of colourful jewels.

When she’s not bedazzling items for the cutest of quarantines, Alzakleh adds sparkle to Starbucks cups and Red Bull cans, selling them through her online store Sandraz Shop. 

Beware: Although they look contagiously good, these fun face masks might not be of a surgical quality!