Booby Doodle Trend

If you haven’t yet heard of the booby doodle fashion craze sparked by Kendall Jenner, where have you been?

The US model posed on (where else ?) Instagram recently, wearing a white T-shirt with a simple outline of boobies – the kind you used to scrawl on your next-door neighbour’s dirty windscreen as a kid – and this autumn, the line-drawn breasts are everywhere. From candles to phone cases, plant pots to kettlebells.

Brit retailer Never Fully Dressed was first to jump on the trend, and it became a bestseller. Now everyone from Toppers to Amazon are stocking the Booby Doodle Tee.

A rep from Never Fully Dressed said of the trend: “I think it’s about freedom. While it originated as a bit of a gimmick, now it has become a statement. It’s saying, ‘We’re proud to be women’.”

£15 glasses,


Sales of saucy £12 candle will help cancer charity, from


You can rack up your accessories with this £6 boob necklace from


A pair of baps are clearly on show on this £35 iPhone case from


Kettlebells with a feminine twist, £35,


Booby doodles but on a bralet, £40,


A personalised print has initials in nipples, £19, from


Warm them up with a lovely cuppa in this £9 bold mug, from


Boobs get carried away on £9 Tote from


Bosom for a pillow, 18,

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