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Welcome to October.

For some of us, October is a month to forget about the summer’s rays, crank up the heating and dig out those warm clothes that we wished we’d never have to dig out again. For others (me), it’s about losing the summer pounds (the weight not the currency, that is). Whilst for others, this autumnal month means GOING SOBER FOR OCTOBER.

In aid of Macmillan Cancer Care, we are being encouraged to remain sober for the whole month of October, and to get sponsored to do so.  Easy for some.  More than difficult for others.


In the UK, around 29 million people drink alcohol. Staggeringly, 7.8 million of those have admitted to “binging” on booze during their heaviest drinking moments. That’s according to everyone’s favourite ‘stat providers’, the UK Office of National Statistics.


It’s therefore little wonder that alcohol awareness campaigns, such as Sober for October, have proved so popular in recent years. And this year’s initiative will no doubt see thousands more sign-up.

If you’re thinking of going sober for October but have no idea where to start (or how to break the news to your drinking buddies), you might find it easier to cut down more slowly and steadily with some drink-free days each week. After all, it can be mighty hard to resist peer pressure.

But why not go the whole hog, and perfect the expression “make mine a mocktail” for a whole 31 days?

The great thing about national campaigns like Sober October and Drink Free Days is that they are for everyone, creating a nationwide sense of community. Good luck!


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