Julia Suzuki Couture

Every so often, I come across new independent fashion designers recently started out in the industry who stand out from the rest. Not long ago I was introduced to couture designer Julia Suzuki. Not only does she have a fabulously exotic name but her range of couture evening dresses, bridal, club dresses, bikinis and lingerie are every bit as fabulous.

I asked Julia a little bit about her background and influences in producing such a glamourous collection of womenswear, to which celebrities are flocking in droves.

JS: “I have always designed – my Mother was a seamstress. I started with dance costumes and moved into business wear and eveningwear as my own clothing needs developed. JS Couture really started with people asking me where I got my clothes from, as I didn’t lean towards high street due to disappointment with fabric quality and/or fit. With more time on my hands as my son grew up, I began designing not just for myself but for friends and beyond.  A Couture team followed and it developed from there.”

Xfactor Liss Jones in JS wedding dress

“After travelling globally in a ‘resort enterprise’ business partnership with the gym legend David Lloyd (which was my formal business career), I decided to go my own route. The focus was now on my own Couture business (having learned much from David about business basics) and being further inspired by the fashion and culture of the world.”

It’s a small world too, as it appears that I have crossed paths with Julia many moons ago in Ibiza when she was a dancer for the infamous Miss Moneypenny’s event on the white isle, performing alongside my husband Jules.

Nick Knowles’ partner in JS evening dress

Ibiza also seems to be an influence for Julia and there is noticeable touch of Balearic flamboyance in her work, derived from those wonderful club days.

The Julia Suzuki range is for women with class, glamour and edge who want that ‘wow’ factor. “I do not design for fashion’s sake, I design dreams” says Julia.



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