Back To Your Roots

Remember when the lighter-haired amongst us were afraid of leaving the house without touching-up our grown-out dark roots? Well, those days are over.

Madonna, this is not how we do roots.

Everyone from Kate Moss to Kim Kardashian is wearing their roots loud and proud. This is great news for an unnatural blonde, who devotes the best part of an entire day every six weeks, baking in foils and retouching my roots back to gold.

Obviously, some of us start showing our grey before others, so perhaps this isn’t for everyone.

But whether you’re growing out a platinum blonde mane or you simply haven’t had time to see your colourist, the trick is not to hide them. Make your roots an actual feature. Texture, natural curl and a loose undone look give blonde hair a cool edge.

And when worn in the right way, roots can give the illusion of full, voluminous hair.

So spritz that texture spray and rock your roots.