… a word from the Editor and Blogger

Welcome to most miserable week of the year – some lost place in January.

It’s certainly not cold by winter standards, but it’s still single digits. You’d expect lots of hats, coats and scarves all over London, but I have seen a disturbing trend in these chilly temperatures amongst 18-40 year old men. Having spotted at least 6 men on the tube this winter’s week, all wearing trainers without socks, plus rolled up jeans, I did a double take. It’s a look we’re used to seeing on the summer beaches of Ibiza and Mallorca. But it was too much of a coincidence and Leicester Square is nowhere near any airports. So I decided to check out this crazy trend, featured in this instalment.

Plus we say Happy Birthday to my style icon, Kate Moss. She and I are the same age, which makes me feel better about myself. Also this time around, if you thought ‘sleeve tattoos’ where hideous and the sole domain of wannabe Beckhams, then check out a massive new trend amongst women – Armpit Tatts. Yes, you read that right. Tattooed armpits.

On a more boring note, those amongst us wanting to look “on point” whilst it’s minus two outside should invest in ultra bright woolies.

Hats and jumpers in red, yellow, green and blue – basically any colour of the primary rainbow, except black, white and grey – appear to be happening right now.

Which is a boo from me.

Enjoy it all in this issue of Amanda Zips It Up.