Ask Aurora: 80s Make-Up

Hey Zipsters!

If we took a holiday, took some time to celebrate, just one day at out of life, it would be so nice……..

And since we are edging ever to THE Holidays (must be a bit PC these days) I am doing an extra special feature on how I have been and will be continuing to embrace my «inner Madge» with a full face of 80´s make up from none other than Christian Dior. Yes, you read right. I have been shamelessly getting away with having blue, pink, purple and yellow on my eyes all at the same time! Party season is, after all, nothing without the 80s!

First of all I am going to share with you my ULTIMATE mascara for shocking, dramatic lift and volume. This is not for the faint hearted – even the merest sweep can be deadly, but, hands down, Dior Show ‘Pump n Volume‘ has become the air that I breathe. Available in every imaginable colour including black waterproof its creamy, gel-like formula, applied in a zig-zag sweep will have you attracting all sorts of wanted attention!  RRP 30 EUR

Combine with Dior´s ‘On Stage‘ waterproof eyeliners in the very same colour range. Their lightweight felt tip staying power is the perfect complement to the mascara and is guaranteed not to budge without an effective make-up remover. RRP 23 EUR

To accentuate cheekbones, I died and went to heaven for the ‘Rosy Glow‘ blush in Petal. I have never seen anything more pretty or pink in my entire life!


And for a pop-princess pout, look no further than the sinfully delicious Dior Addict ‘Lacquer Plump‘. You will never need fillers again! The orange or purplier the better!

Feel free to send us your best 80s selfies, from now or then!

Get into the groove!

Aurora XX

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